If you are a Yahoo email user and need some help with your Yahoo email account but can`t contact yahoo then you can CONTACT YAHOO MAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA. Our CONTACT YAHOO MAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA team will check your Yahoo account problems and help you recover your Yahoo email and password online. So, if you have tried to contact everyone without getting any help, you should CONTACT YAHOO MAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA.


Recently, Yahoo has been taken over by Oath in United States and you must have been getting emails from Oath to accept the new terms for your yahoo account. Make sure to identify that it is a legitimate email from Oath company itself as there are hackers who are using phishing email tactics and sends you duplicate emails pretending to be from Oath and asking you to click on phishing links in order to hack in to your account. If you are not sure how to identify them, you need call us immediately so that we can take the necessary actions against such phishing emails and secure your yahoo account. Yahoo provides its email services to various companies as well. Companies such as Comcast, ATT and SBC Global uses yahoo platform to provide email services to their customers in United States and if they need help with their email accounts, they contact us. Yahoo is the oldest search engine and email service provider long before Google and Gmail, but Google did take over Bing and Yahoo long time ago being the leader of search engine providers. But still there are millions of Yahoo email users worldwide who need email support on daily basis, but Yahoo do not have a number to call as they do not provide any email support. Understanding that fact, Drida Infotech provides yahoo mail support to all the users globally and help them all round the clock. If you are living in a country from where it is not possible for you to call on our number, you can instead use our chat support option and get your yahoo problems fixed at nominal charges. Most of the time people give up as they can`t find a support number to fix their emails and end up starting a new email account. But you need to understand that getting a new email account does not fix the source of the problem that why your old email address was hacked at first place and there is no guarantee that your new email address won`t be hacked as you never got your main problem fixed. Let’s say you have a browser hijacker or keylogger software on your computer which captures all your keyboard activities and that was the reason your old email was hacked. Now, if you create another email address and start using it on your computer with the keylogger on, it is going to do the same thing with your new email address and you will end up getting it hacked again. The best thing to do in that case would be is to get a technician working on your computer so that we can remove all the browser hijackers and keyloggers and make sure computer is secured to be used for personal things. We also understand that a normal user will not be technical enough to know about these things or understand. Due to the fact we always say, leave the bad work for us and we will get rid of all your technical problems as we are the leaders of the technical support industry. We have extensive experience in working with emails such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo and have helped millions of customers secure and recover their email accounts. Our expertise is not only limited to email support, we also provide technical support for Norton, support for mcafee, support for trend micro, support for panda security, support for avg antivirus etc. We have a dedicated computer technical support and antivirus support helpline where you can call and get your computer cleaned up, optimized and secured with an antivirus program. If you are a windows user, we do not recommend you buy any third-party antivirus program such as Norton, mcafee or Kaspersky. As, windows is a Microsoft product and they give an inbuilt antivirus protection with every windows computer which is called windows defender. Therefore, you do not need any additional antivirus program, all you need is to make sure your windows defender is turned on and updated. If you need more information on windows defender security or how to set up windows defender for protection, you can contact our technical support line and we will set up windows defender protection on your windows computer. We are the best Yahoo Support team available 24*7 on chat and at fixed times over the phone. 

If you do not have two step verification and still cannot get into your yahoo mails, there could be n number of reasons for that. First, you need to check if your password is working or not, if your password is working but it is asking you to verify your account by sending a code to your old phone number which you do not have anymore. In that case, check if there is any alternate recovery email address liked to your account where you can get that verification code sent to. Most of the time, it will be your other email address or your partner`s email address where you can receive the yahoo account key and use that to successfully login into your account. Once you are logged in into the account, go to account settings and remove your old mobile number from there and update the new one. Make sure to check your recovery email addresses as well and you can update them accordingly. Sometimes, you might see that you are able to login into your yahoo account but can`t see your inbox or any emails and it just gives you a white screen. This is not a problem with your yahoo account instead it is the problem with the internet browser which you are using which has been corrupted. We recommend you call our technicians so that we can connect with your computer and fix the browser problem and check your computer from malwares as well. Because if your browser is infected then it will not open several other websites as well and it is not a good idea to login into your emails, Facebook or banking on infected browser. If you are missing emails from your yahoo account or not receiving emails for last few days, you need to call us so that we can check if there are any filters on your account due to which you are not receiving emails or if your account has been hacked. In both the cases, your account has been compromised because you will need to find who got those filters set up due to which your emails were not coming into the inbox or if your emails were being forwarded to some other email address.


If you are in the same situation where you have two step verification enabled on your account and can`t login into your emails anymore. We have few suggestions for you such as you should go to your sim card provider if it is Telstra, optus, tpg or Vodafone and ask them to activate your old phone number on a new sim card which was linked to your yahoo account and once your old number starts working again, you can try to get back into your yahoo account. Also, you can try to look for a device on which you use to access your yahoo emails in the past where you did not have to enter the verification codes. If you can find that computer and are able to login into your emails, then you need to go ahead and disable the two-step verification and delete your mobile number from the recovery options. If you do not know how to do that, call us right away to get rid of useless two step verification and regain access to your yahoo account. Two step verification is a very complicated process for someone who is not very good with technology and hundred percent of the time, it works against your favour. So, even if you are good with technology, we still don`t recommend using two step verification in any situation. However, if you have some security issues with your computer or yahoo account, you can call us, and we will fix them as there are better ways to deal with security issues than two step verification. Most importantly, all these companies like Google, Yahoo etc they promote security and two step verification but when you will be in trouble because of that, you need to know that Google and Yahoo do not provide you any phone number where you can call and get help. So, you will be on your own in this mess and only we can help you here not Google, Microsoft or Yahoo. If you want to check if you have two step verification on your yahoo account or not, call us now and our technicians will help you in giving the right advice.

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