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Yahoo is the most elegant and professional email service worldwide but if your YAHOO MAIL NOT WORKING PROBLEMS then you need to contact us. There could be various reasons why is your YAHOO MAIL NOT WORKING PROBLEMS which we will check and find out and fix the problem over the phone itself. So, you can contact YAHOO MAIL NOT WORKING PROBLEMS team and talk to our technicians to get help.

What To Do When Yahoo Mail is Not Working

If you have been using your emails without any problems but you wake up next morning and get an error message on your phone saying can`t get mail and since then your yahoo emails have stopped working and you do not know why then you need to call us right away. We will check your account status and activities to find out if any recent changes have been made to your yahoo account or if the password has been changed. Your emails would stop working if there is any network connectivity problem or if the password is changed. We will check both the situations and inform you if the problem is with the password or with your network. If the password has been changed which you did not do then it could be an alarming situation where we need to take prompt security actions in order to recover the account as most likely your account has been hacked. If you delay the situation for longer times and do not take necessary actions to recover your account then your account might get deleted permanently by the hackers. If it is a network connectivity issue and your emails still works on the other devices except on your phone then contact us and our technicians will check all the network settings on your phone and help you to configure your emails once again. We also do not recommend using two-step authentication or enabling the account key notification for mobile apps for yahoo accounts as in cases where you lose your phone and need to set up emails on new mobile then you will never be able to login into your yahoo account again. Two-step authentication is the worst feature by every email service provider being it Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail which always gets the user of the account kicked out and lose the account for forever. Therefore, when you are stuck in a situation where you do not have your old mobile and can`t set up yahoo email on your new phone then you got no one to blame than to yourself. Yahoo does not have a phone support line and do not care about their email users same as Gmail or Hotmail so you get no support at all from them and lose your emails forever. We as a legitimate third party Yahoo email support helpline provide genuine help and guidance and help you in recovering your Yahoo account. So, if you need more help, call us now.

Yahoo Mail Not Loading

If you are using a laptop or a computer and trying to login into your Yahoo account to check your emails but all you see is a white screen after login and no emails. It could be the problem with the particular browser which you are using or it might be a network connectivity issue. To narrow down the problem, first try to login into your emails on any other devices such as on another laptop, mobile or tablet. If your emails are working normally on other devices then it means it is a problem with your particular device specifically with your current browser. You can call us now and our technicians will fix your computer and browser issues over the phone itself and you will be able to use your emails again. If the same problem is happening on your phone where you are not able to load yahoo mails and getting any error message, then contact us with the error message which you are getting and we will check the problem. We will remove your old yahoo email settings from the phone and set up the emails once again with the new settings. You should also know that Yahoo has the slowest email server in comparison to Gmail or Hotmail and takes more time to send and receive emails therefore it will take more time to load all the emails. If you are in one of those situations where your emails are not working on your computer or on phone then you need to call our technicians now and get the technical assistance needed in order to set up your Yahoo emails. Our technicians will check your email settings and reset the Yahoo email password if needed for which a text message will be sent on your mobile with an account key. You need to make sure your working mobile number is linked to your Yahoo account as if your old mobile number is still linked to the account then the password won`t be changed and you will not be able to login into your emails. If you want to set up emails on your phone but do not know the password however you can still login into your emails on your computer. We can use your computer to find the current password from your browser settings and then update your current mobile number after removing the old one from the account settings. We are available to help you over the phone if you find it difficult to perform all those steps on your own. Our technicians will walk you through step by step and can work on your computer remotely to fix the problems without any hassle. There might be other technical difficulties such as you are not able to download the attachments from your email or not able to print. For all such issues you can call our Yahoo support helpline and speak to our technicians.

Not Able To Download Attachments in Yahoo Mail

If you have been using Yahoo emails for years, you must have seen or faced few problems as well. One of them is being not able to download attachments sent to you in Yahoo mail. Now, there can be several reasons for not being able to download the attachments such the attached file could be corrupted or infected and your security software is deleting it instead of downloading it. Other reason could be the problem with your laptop or computer and the particular browser is malfunctioned and not working properly. To check if it is the problem with your device, try downloading the same attachment on any other laptop and computer and if it works there then it means it is the problem with your device in particular. You need to call us and get your computer and browser cleaned up, optimized and fixed so that you can download and print attachments. In other cases, if you are still not able to download or open the attachment then check the email carefully and find out if the file is password protected or not. In case, it is password protected then look for the password instructions in the email copy. If you do not find any information regarding the password then contact the sender of the email directly asking them to send you the password of the attached file so that you can download and open it. If you are not sure how to troubleshoot the problem logically, in other words what to do first the need not worry. You can simply call our technicians and we will check all the possibilities one by one and if the problem is at your end then we will fix it over the phone itself or will let you know the next plan of action. This is a very common and critical problem when someone is not able to download the emails or attachments and most of the time it is the problem with that particular device which you are using. If the problem is vice-versa such as you are able to download the attachments on your computer but not on the phone then you need to check if you are getting any error message on your phone. Normally, it will tell you the reason if the file is not compatible with your phone or if you need to download any additional software or app to download and view the file as per your phone model. However, most of the smart phones these days come with all the latest and compatible technologies so you should not face any problems in downloading attachments in your phone until and unless they are password protected. But, it remains a common problem in case of the computers as the browsers can get infected from time to time and need to be cleaned up on regular basis. To fix all the yahoo email and computer problems, call now.

How To Reset Yahoo Mail Password

If your emails have stopped working and you can`t remember your Yahoo password and trying to reset it but do not know how to do it then call us now. There are several ways we can reset the Yahoo password for all of them to work we will need to check your recovery options available. Firstly, we can reset the Yahoo password by sending a verification code via text message on your mobile but that option is not going to work if your old number is still updated with Yahoo. Secondly, we can reset the password by sending a verification code to your recovery email address via email but that option is also not going to work if you do not have access to your recovery email address. Thirdly, we can send an account key with push notification in your Yahoo mail app on your phone which can be used to reset the password but that won`t work in case you have lost your old phone. These are the three ways to reset your Yahoo password and we expect you will have at least one of those options available with you. In case, your old mobile number is still linked to your Yahoo account and you can`t access your recovery email address and also you have lost your old phone as well then no one can help you and you got no one to blame other than yourself. You can give us a call so that we will check if there is any alternate solution available to your problem or we will let you know the steps on how to avoid this happening again in the future. Email password is critical information and we understand that you might not be able to remember them all the times but we expect you to be a responsible user and write your password in your diary or in your notes so that you can find them when needed. Also, you need to understand that Email companies or technical support companies do not owe you anything; it is not their responsibility if you do not remember your password or do not know how to keep your emails safe and secure from hackers. We welcome all the email users who need technical assistance with their email passwords and in recovering email accounts. We understand emails are the most essential way to communicate professionally around the world and no one would like to lose their email account if they have been using it for years. So, to avoid that situation you need to take prompt actions and call us if you find something suspicious so that we can check your account and avoid it from being hacked. In case you are using emails in iPhone as apple id or in Android phone as a Google account then your phone might be blocked as well if your emails are hacked. Therefore, to avoid any more trouble, connect with us now.

How To Use Yahoo Emails For Apple Id

In case you are using Yahoo emails on an iPhone or trying to set up the iPhone for the first time then you will need to set up an apple id or iCloud account. You can use the same Yahoo email address to create an apple id account to set up your iPhone. Once your apple id is set up, you can download and buy apps, movies, pictures etc from the app store by adding your credit card details. Now, we need to understand how apple id account works and how Yahoo emails can play a crucial role in your apple id account. Once you login into your iClod account, from there you can go to find my iPhone option and then locate your iPhone, ring your iPhone and even lock the iPhone with a passcode. However, if your Yahoo account gets hacked and if you used the same email address for your iCloud account as well then the hacker can reset the password for your iCloud account by logging into your Yahoo account. In that situation, they can login into your iCloud account from where they can access your contacts, pictures, mails and find my iPhone. They will also have the authority to delete your iCloud mails, contacts, pictures, notes and reminders. Most importantly, they can lock your iPhone and restore it without physically accessing it just from the iCloud itself. Therefore, you need to think very carefully as this is not the problem with your email account only. Your email might be linked with several other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, Apple id, Instagram etc which means if someone get into your emails then they can easily reset the password for other accounts. Now, as you can understand that the problem has multiplied itself and you need to look after all your other accounts not just the email. That is the reason, taking prompt action is very critical if you find something suspicious with your email account. We also understand that as being a normal email user you would not be aware of all the possibilities which might be there causing you more trouble. Therefore, it is the right time to call us and get your Yahoo account checked and diagnosed so that we can take prompt actions to secure your email account and avoid any further damage. We can add an extra layer of security by adding security question and answers to your Yahoo and Apple id account so that if someone tries to change the password they will not be able to do so without knowing your security answers. However, that does not mean that you do not have to take any actions when your email stops working. You need to call us immediately to get your account activities checked so that our technicians can take prompt actions to secure your account as hackers won`t stop doing what they do, so call now.






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