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Yahoo is one of the free email service providers globally. Like any other email providers such as Gmail or Hotmail. Yahoo also does not have any phone number to call for help. So, if you are looking to call YAHOO CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER AUSTRALIA. Then there is no number to call Yahoo directly. However, Drida Infotech does provide a third party YAHOO CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER AUSTRALIA to get help with your Yahoo account. So, if you are in trouble. And there is no one to help you. Then you can contact YAHOO CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER AUSTRALIA on 0261003579.


Emails are mostly used for professional communication purposes. However, there is more than one usage of your email accounts. You can use your Yahoo account to sign up for other services as well. Such as Facebook, Paypal, Google or Apple id account. In case, you are using an android phone. Then you must link you phone with a Google account. Most of the time a Google account is a Gmail address. But, if you are with Yahoo. And do not have a Gmail address. Then you can also use Yahoo email address to sign up for a Google account. And then use it to set up your android device. In case, if you are using an Apple device. Such as Apple computers, iPhones, iPads or iPods. Then you will need to register for an Apple id account.

You can use the Yahoo email address to sign up for the Apple id account here as well. So, if you have got a new iPhone or a Samsung. And want to set up an Apple id or Google account. But do not know how. Then contact our Yahoo Support technicians online. And they will help you to register you Yahoo email address as Apple id and Google account. Or if you already have an Apple id or Google account linked with your Yahoo email address. But forgot their password. And are not able to login into your Apple or android devices. Then it is crucial to cal us as soon as possible. Because if someone else has hacked into your Google or Apple id account. Then they can lock you devices from nowhere. And you will not be able to use your phones or iPads etc.

Or if you are already locked out from your phones and tablets. And it is asking you to enter the Apple id or Google password. Then you must contact us immediately. As we will need to check all the recovery options available for your Google and Apple id account. In normal circumstances, your mobile number should be linked with the Google account. We can send a verification code to your mobile. And then reset the password for your Google on the phone. Similarly, we can verify your date of birth and security questions for your Apple account. And get a new password.


If you have been using Yahoo emails on your old iPhone. But now you just got a new iPhone for yourself. You must have noticed that when you set up your new iPhone. Then all your contacts and pictures gets transferred to your new phone. But your emails do not start working automatically. As you manually need to set them up on your new iPhone using the password. Most people think that emails get transferred automatically when they buy a new phone. Of course they are technical enough to know how it works. But that is just an assumption they have in mind when they are buying a new device. So, after you got your new iPhone set up. You see everything else working on your phone. Except the Yahoo emails. And then you look for help and try to call someone online.

In such cases, when you do not know what to do. Or how to contact Yahoo support. Then you can call Drida Infotech helpline at 0261003579. And our technicians will help you to set up your Yahoo emails on your new iPhone. However, you must know the credentials of your account first. Such as you need to know the complete Yahoo email address and a working password. First, you should try to login into emails on the Yahoo website on the computer. To confirm that if your password is working or not. If the password is working on the computer. Then we can proceed to set up the emails on your new iPhone. In case, you are not able to login into the Yahoo emails on the computer. And it says the password is wrong.

Then first of all you will need to reset the password and get a new one. Once we have a working password. Then we can move on to setting up emails on your iPhone. You can set up Yahoo emails on the iPhone in two ways. First is directly by going into the settings. And then adding the account there. Or you can also download the Yahoo mail app from the app store. In order to download anything from the app store. You need to make sure that your Apple id account is set up on the iPhone. If you decide to set up the email in the Yahoo mail app. Then the process is quite simple. All you need to do is to open the Yahoo Mail app. And then enter your email address and password. Then click next to finish the mail set up.

Now, you have your Yahoo mail app ready to show you all the emails. In case, you want to use the default mail application in the iPhone for Yahoo emails. Then go to settings. And scroll down until password and accounts. Now click on it and then click on add account. Then choose Yahoo and enter the details. Now click save on the top right corner.