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TPG emails are one of the best emails provided by your internet service providers. However, in case your TPG emails are not working. And you want to check if there is any TPG EMAIL OUTAGE. Then you can visit the official website of TPG. And check TPG EMAIL OUTAGE under service status. You will be able to find all the TPG services which will be down in your area including TPG EMAIL OUTAGE. However, you can always call Drida Infotech on 0261003579 to check if there is any TPG EMAIL OUTAGE.


You might have been using TPG emails since you have got your internet plugged in. And that means TPG emails are your primary source of professional communication. Whether you are running a business or using it personally, you have been using TPG emails for years. Now, one morning when you get up and you do not see any emails in your inbox. Or you see an error message popping up on the screen and you can`t access your emails. Then that won`t be one of the energetic mornings which you were expecting after completing your sleep. If that is the case and you had this tragedy as soon you woke up. Then calling Drida Infotech can be your instant pain reliever. You can speak to our email experts by calling on 0261003579 or by starting a chat session on this website itself.

There can be several reasons that why your TPG emails have stopped working. First reason could be that there was a planned outage in your area. Due to which your emails will be down for a given period of time. You can check the details about the email outage on the TPG official website. Under service status, you will be able to see if there is any schedule outage in your area during that time. If you find any schedule outage in your area then you don`t need to take any action and just wait for the given time period. Your emails should start working after the outage has been fixed. Most people complain that they still cannot get their emails even after the outage on the TPG website shows is resolved. That happens at times as your emails might not be able to synchronize with TPG server automatically.

In that case, we need to set up your emails again from scratch on your phone and computer. If you do not know how to do that then contact our technicians and book your appointment. Our technicians can help you over the phone and remotely so that you can access your emails as soon as possible. If you are using the emails on your computer then we will connect with your computer remotely and set up the emails on your Outlook or the email client. We will guide you step by step over the phone in case if you want to set up emails on your phone.


Once you have checked on the TPG website that there was a planned outage for your emails then wait for that given time period. If it is more than that time period and still your emails do not work then wait for another few hours up to maximum of 24 hours. However, we recommend calling Drida Infotech immediately no matter if there is any planned outage or not as you might not know the exact reason that why you TPG emails went down. In some cases, it might be the planned outage in your area. But if you area is not affected and your emails are still not working. Then you need to call us immediately to check what the problem with your email account is. The outage might not be affecting your emails at all.

And there might have been some other issues going on such as your email password has been changed or not working. Or your account has been compromised by the hackers. You will need to contact our technicians as soon as possible to know more details. If you are getting a message on the screen asking you to enter the password again and again then that means your existing password is not working. Or it was changed recently by you or someone else. You will need to act immediately so that you can recover your account. If it is too late then the hackers might delete all your emails or the whole account itself. To avoid that situation and get back into your emails as soon as possible, call us now: 0261003579. We will check the recovery options available for your TPG email account.

And send a temporary password to your phone. You might be able to get into your account using that password. But we will need to change it and secure your account immediately. We will update an alternate email address and mobile number so that you can recover the account in the future as well. The whole process is not that simple as it might sound. And lot of technical expertise and experience is needed for this to work on time. The very first trick to get back into your hacked email account is not waiting. You do not need to waste your time in contacting friends or family members thinking that they might be able to help you. If they can help that is good but what if they cannot? Then it is you who is going to pay the price as you will lose your email account for forever.

And you will have no one to blame than to yourself as you took the chance of getting help from family and friends and not from expert technicians who work on these issues on daily basis. Therefore, do not risk your email security in the hands of people who are not professionals. And call Drida Infotech straightaway on 0261003579 or chat with us online.


TPG emails are one of the reputed emails provided by TPG communications in Australia. However, you might face some outage issues in your area every now and then if there is any cabling work going on. You will be able to confirm the outage in your area by checking the service status on the TPG official website. The expected time will also be mentioned that when the problem will be resolved. However, at times the things might not work as per the schedule. In case the official website says that it will take 8 hours to fix the outage. It does not mean that it is certain as their work might get delayed for some reason. And they can extend this time for further few more hours.

So, when you check back the service status after 8 hours, you might see a new resolution timing extended until next morning or day. Therefore, it is recommended that you call us and check if your emails are affected with the outage. Or you are facing a different problem all together. Do not just assume that there might be an outage due to which your emails are not working. As your area might not be affected or the problem in your area might have been fixed hours ago. And your emails are still not working for some other reasons. You need to check if your password is working or it is not accepting your current password. If your emails are not working on your phone then you need to know the correct incoming and outgoing server settings for TPG as well.

As we might need to delete the account from your phone and then add it again using correct password and server settings. If you do not know what is your password or email server settings. Then contact our technicians and they will help you over the phone in setting up your emails on your phone. Emails like TPG, Bigpond or Optus are not open source. In other words not everyone can use these emails and create account. You can only use these email services if you are living in Australia and using their broadband services. So, it is not like Gmail or Yahoo where anyone can go and create an email account for them. Therefore, you cannot get help easily if you are using TPG emails. And won`t be able to find correct settings for your email account.

Or won`t know how to use them or fix your email problems on your own. As not many people can use TPG emails if they are not TPG customers. In other words not many people can help you with your problem as they never have used TPG emails. So, if you do not know what to do in that situation or whom to contact. Then wait not and call Drida Infotech email support helpline now: 0261003579. Our technicians will set up your emails on your phone and computer with correct email settings.


TPG email outage problems are common if you are with TPG communications. And when that happens, you must be eagerly waiting for it to get fixed so that you can start using emails. However, such outages might not have fixed time for resolution. And the expected time for fix can keep getting extended in case there is a cabling work going on in your area. If you do not know what is the real situation with your emails. Or need to know if you are affected with any outage. Then you can give us a call and share your account details so that we can check it for you. If there is a real outage then there is not much in your hands and you can`t do much apart from waiting. But if there is no outage and your emails are still not working then everything is in your hands.

As you need to act and take action right away. You need to call an email expert who can look into the problem for you. Such as you can all Drida Infotech and speak to our technicians about your problem. We will first of all check if your emails are affected by the outage or not. If there is no outage then we will troubleshoot the problem accordingly. There might have been an outage earlier which was fixed few days ago already. But you are still not getting emails because your emails might not be able to synchronize with updated TPG server settings. You need to speak to our technicians so that can set up your emails with the updated settings. We will need to delete the account from your phone and computer first. And then add it again using the correct password and updated incoming and outgoing server settings.

We can assume and understand that you might not know all these technical details which are required to set up the emails. Therefore, you can use our yearly subscription based services so that whenever you need any help with your emails or computer, you can call us. Whether you use TPG, Bigpond, Optus, iinet, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo accounts. We can help with all email problems with any email provider. And provide resolution to your TPG outage problems. Sometimes you might have seen that you are not able sent emails from your TPG account to a particular email address. You might be a getting a bounce back email showing mail delivery notification in the subject line. Once you open that email, it might say that the server rejected your email address and TPG server will try to send it again in next few days.

If you have been getting that error message and want to know if there is anything wrong with your TPG account or it is blocked. Then contact us immediately so that we can check if the problem is associated with your TPG account or with the email address of the recipient.


Sometimes, the IP address which you are using to access your emails can be blacklisted mainly on the computer. When you use such an IP address which was abused before or is blacklisted by the recipient`s server. Then your emails will be rejected by the recipient`s server. And you will either need to change your IP address or send the email from a different non TPG account. The problem could be otherwise as well in which case you might receive emails from someone in particular. And they might receive a bounce back message in their account telling that your TPG server has rejected their email. In that case, they might be using a blacklisted IP address on their network. You need to contact us with that bounce back email message. So that we can look into exact error message and tell you if you need to take any action.

Or the problem is with the recipient and you need to inform them about it so that they can get it fixed. You need to understand how the IP addresses get blacklisted at first place as you might be thinking what I have done wrong. When we say that your IP address is blacklisted that does not necessarily mean that you have done something wrong on the internet. To understand it in more detail, first you need to know what IP address is and how it works. IP address is something which is assigned to your modem by your internet service provider. And if you are using a router then the router assigns a new IP address to your devices. Most of the internet providers give you a public IP address which can be reassigned to anyone randomly.

For example, the public IP address which you are using today might have been used by someone else in the past before you. And the IP address which you are using today would be used by someone else in the future after you. Now, try to understand the whole process in your mind. You might have understood by now that if you are using an IP address which was used by someone else before. And if they have done something wrong to get that IP address blacklisted. Then it means that now you are being affected by their doings. Similarly, if you do something wrong with the IP address which you are using now to get it blacklisted. Then the person who will be using after you will be facing the consequences. We hope things are clear to you now.

If not, no problem, just pick up your phone and call on 0261003579. We will tell you ways how you can still send and receive emails normally even if your IP address are blacklisted. The process involves changing your IP address. We can change and reassign a new IP address to your network using our tricks. So, if you need more information, call us: 0261003579. 


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