Daniel Levis is known as the email alchemist he's very similar to a guy like matt basak with this system that I’m promoting but Daniel has been just killing it with email marketing and training guys like matt to be frank and other gurus about email marketing and then this he talks about what he calls the sod pc formula where you can get over ten dollars per month per subscriber. So if you have a, if you have just do the math if you have a thousand email subscribers on your list. With this method and his strategy that list ought to be generating you ten thousand dollars per month okay. So this is how to write amazing emails that subscribers will love and they'll look for your emails in their inbox. This is an important strategy you have to learn this bonus number eight. Bonus number nine is just kind of a warning bonus right now spam filters and all of the email marketing tools that are out there that they know about this because they're getting more and more sophisticated about how to look at spam inside of people's inboxes and you need to learn that you you're going to have to be careful. Because you don't want to just say a bunch of words like you might even remember like in certain email subjects subject lines or email bodies you might see something like this instead of saying money watch this they say this right here m o n e y for example. Or they might I do this a lot instead of the word money simply. Because money is being flagged more and more as potentially spammy believe it or not. So is so are things like the dollar sign or capitalizing free like things like this. There are a lot of these that you're going to need to know about because if you get into email marketing the worst thing that you can do is not learn how to get into people's inbox this is called in boxing is very important. Hold on a second, I wanted to show you the word in boxing very very important strategy that really good email marketers know about. You can't just build a list and send an email. You have to learn about inboxing and how to get into people's inboxes because a lot of times they go to spam. So if you don't understand that you're going to be in trouble that's this bonus right here bonus number nine avoids these 474 spam keywords. And you'll learn how to like increase your deliverability rate and all that stuff so okay that's my exclusive bonuses. But I also have even more bonuses for you I’ve got all these bonuses on a lot of different things you can check all that out beneath this article on my review page.      


Bonus number two is a training that i go through personally it's more than one video. I think its two videos if i remember right it's been a little bit since I’ve written this but this training is still very valuable and I’m going to teach you the timeless secrets of buyer segmentation I don't want to get nerdy on you and throw a bunch of jargon around but this one's all about email marketing shocking funnel truth it's all about how internet uh modern funnel builder software like click funnels builder all groove pages I can go on and on there's a long list of builder page builder software that people get they think that's going to solve their problems and make them rich not true. Either you need to have the one marketing principle that'll fix your business and your bank account if you don't understand up here. The big idea of your marketing campaign you're going to be in trouble. I’m going to share with you a very important kind of state of the internet marketing industry. In this bonus number four and number five we're all about sms and rvm super funnels. This is a really cool way to look at sms traffic and rpm traffic I go over a specific system that I break down for you and how to really do well with this traffic source bonus number six is paid traffic light bulb i talk about why you need to be thinking about how to buy traffic instead of waiting around for free traffic because free traffic might take you six months or a year or even longer. If you have the resilience to go through all that you have to do to do that and the patience to do that. When you can go and pay for traffic if you put a dollar into an ad campaign and pull out five dollars. Because you understand email marketing like matt's going to teach you then you have a business that you can repeat over and over again and you can basically have a cash machine a golden goose that lays golden eggs for you people think that you know money on facebook ads is a waste of money. Often times they think they're just flushing their money down the toilet and truthfully they are because they don't have a clue what they're doing but they also don't understand what scaling customer acquisition means. I’m going to go over that in this training. I’m talking too much I feel like I’m preaching too much I apologize. Bonus number seven is an organic method so you don't if you don't have the income or the money right now to pay for traffic. You can get a lot of great free traffic from facebook I talk about that in this one with an organic method there. Bonus number eight is called the sod pc formula this is awesome guys this is an interview with Daniel Levis. 


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The businesses that are not going backwards and not you know declining or online businesses for better or for worse Amazon is doing way better than they've ever done you know recently apple I think they basically doubled their cash their cap value their cap market value that they are now like a trillion dollar company it's crazy of course they sell other things they're not completely online but obviously they're in the tech space but my point is that online business right now is proven to be the future it is the way of the future and if you can learn how to be an internet entrepreneur then you will be successful that's the way the future and right now if you're working in classic you know classical conventional traditional jobs those are unfortunately more risky to be in so I encourage you to learn about online business that's what my blog is all about on the super affiliate I’m all about affiliate marketing specifically and that's what matt that's how he's primarily made his income with email marketing promoting other people's products and services as an affiliate he wakes up in the morning he brews some coffee and he goes to the coffee pot or whatever he gets his cup of coffee goes to his computer and he types one email it takes him about 15 to 20 minutes and then he's done he can go about his day doing whatever the heck else he wants to do and then he might write one more that evening another 15 to 20 minutes or something he may send out a couple of emails and that's it but he literally types out one email hits send and then he makes money in his business so I want to for a moment again just remind you if you're reading this then click beneath this review page of secret email system I’m going to include a more in-depth review of but you're going to get all these bonuses when you get through me as I’m offering you some very valuable bonuses this one bonus number one is on quora. It is a really stealthy hack that gets you loads of free traffic one of the things obviously that he's going to teach you about in here is building an email list and learning how to do that but you have to have traffic in order to grow an email list and so what my bonuses are going to entail for the most part are all about traffic now bonus number two is list building 101 this is really the big idea of what it means to build an email list and why having a regular email list like what a lot of people teach they say the money's in the list and that's not true the money's not in the list. It's wrong the money is in your relationship with the list and this bonus right here.




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