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passportes.com scam

What will you get in the full article?

1. You will get to read the whole story that how do they convince you in paying them your hard earned life savings. You will get to know        how they operate their scam process and all the recent updates.

2. You will see all those fake documents which they make for you after taking the first payment. However, they are fake documents and        on the basis of those documents you get convinced and pay them the second installment of 12500 Euros. We will show all those              documents in the paid version of this article.

3. You will see the bank details of the scammers and their bank account is located in Slovakia and they do not operate from                          Slovenia at all.

4. You will see the bank account details of Michael Pogacnik and Georg Heing as these are the bank accounts in which they ask                  you to send the money.

5. You will see the national ID card of Saso Ornik who is suppose to be the lawyer working on your case.

6. We will show the proofs and screenshots of the payment which we sent to them and lost 15000 Euros in total.

7. In case, you already have paid them and lost your money then you can chat with us and we will guide you on how and where you can      file a complaint against them. We will provide you all the email addresses of relevant authorities where you can send your complaint        online.

8. The biggest benefit is that these $5 will save you from losing 15000 Euros.

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RED-PASSPORT.COM REVIEWS, SCAM, FRAUD, подделка, мошенник, отзывы


We are going to expose PASSPORTES.COM SCAM, a FRAUD ( афера мошенничества отзывы) company which claims to help people in obtaining European citizenship. In our case, PASSPORTES.COM SCAM (афера мошенничества отзывы) told us that they can get us Slovenian citizenship and passport in Euro 25000 within 8 months. However, 8 months are well over passed now. And I did not hear anything since I paid them Euro 15000 already as PASSPORTES.COM IS SCAM AND FRAUD ( афера мошенничества отзывы)


PASSPORTES.COM SCAM company try to make their website look genuine by putting fake video testimonials and reviews from their own people. So that anyone end up believing that they are the clients who have obtained the Slovenian citizenship using their immigration services. However, they are part of the scam itself. And can get hired for just few bucks to act in the fake videos. They claim to provide Slovenian citizenship on the basis of right of blood or whatever their source of information is. But the point is you will never get anything from them. All you will get is some fake documents so that they can lure you to pay them the second installment of Euro 12500. Once you contact them on Skype, the person who interacts with you names himself ``DAVIT`` the scammer. These days the scammer called himself Martin on whats app.

He will be so polite and patient and...... 
will explain you everything in detail. So that you start believing on what he is saying. But he is actually just scamming you at the same time. He will tell you how the lawyers can get documents ready for you and establish your ancestor’s roots with Slovenia and obtain necessary papers from the old archives. He will not rush into the process and will try to sound so genuinely. That we will go step by step and will ask documents from your end and get them translated into English if they are in a different language.

Once you send him the documents. Then he will get back to you after 2,3 days confirming that their lawyer has found documents which can establish the roots of your Grandfather with Slovenia that he was married to a lady in Slovenia and she is no more. Then he will prepare the contract for you in which the payment of Euro 25000 needs to be paid to them in three steps. First 10%, Euro 2500 before starting the work then 50%, Euro 12500 after they receive a document called vloga which is the proof that government has accepted your application. Fortunately or unfortunately the third step will never come where you need to attend the citizenship ceremony to get the certificate of Slovenian citizenship. As soon these scammers receive the second payment which means in total Euro 15000.

They will not respond to you in proper manner and will start shouting at you or avoid you on skype or block you.

In our case, we did receive those so called documents from them which shows family tree and they found a dead Grandmother and her grave for me as......................... wel
l in Maribor. I will be showing all those documents and everything which I was provided in the whole process which can make anyone believe that they might be genuine and then you end up paying them huge amount of your hard earned money. Our process started in the month of July 2019 and they got those fake documents ready within a month as they had to get the second payment of Euro 12500 from me. Once you make the second payment, that`s it, you will never hear from them again. After 40 days of making the second payment, I realized that it is a scam and my money and time is gone. However, I did not do anything until writing and publishing this article as their website says they can take up to 8 months for the whole process. Now, 8 months are well over passed and they never contacted me in last 5 months from their end after receiving the second payment. PASSPORTES.COM is total SCAM and FRAUD, basically they are Russians living in Europe and you can understand that you can only expect scams from Russians nothing else. So, they are showing their true Russian colors and shaming European countries by being there and running these kind of scams. They are totally scammers and they can make fake documents like rent agreement, death and birth certificates to show you that they have all the legal documents on which basis you can get the citizenship but leave all that aside and the truth is that the third step of citizenship ceremony will never happen as it is all fake. I will upload all the documents here so that you can see what all documents they use to scam you. I repeat do not pay them and report them to Slovenian authorities and get them jailed for good so that they can break stones and earn money inside the jail.


So, today we received a call from passportes.com from this number +3861 6008596 from a guy calling himself Martin Bukovic. Before, we tell you what happened on the call, we need to tell you that we have been only dealing with a guy named Davit on skype and he is offline on skype since March probably he has blocked me on skype. All the messages and calls we had on skype in the past and we never spoke to this person Martin Bukovic who called us today. The point is these people would have never called us today if we did not have exposed them. As now, everyone can see their reviews on the internet and how they scam people so they have started to get worried. Our reviews are making everyone aware on the internet so that they don`t get scammed by these people anymore and we will make sure they get shut down and we are taking legal actions against them as well with the help of Slovenian police department.

Now, coming back to the call, the guy Martin Bukovic tried to convince me that due to covid-19 and all, it might take another couple of months to get the passport so I asked where were you from last 9 months. There was no email, no chat, no calls from you since I paid you the second installment so why are you contacting me now after 9 months. It is not that hard to guess why they are contacting me now, it is just because I have exposed them and their scam business is going to shut down soon. On the call, Martin Bukovic threatened me that if I do not remove this article and review about their company then they will misuse my personal documents and do some illegal things so that I will never get entry into Europe. This statement shows their criminal thinking and behavior but do not worry they are nothing and no one can block your visa or entry if you apply genuinely. In conclusion, they were just trying to force me to delete this review by hook or crook with no success. We told them if you refund our 15000 Euros, we will delete this review but they are scammers, we have no hope that we will get our money back now. Our final suggestion to all those who are reading this is that do not believe these scammers and do not give your life savings to them. If you really have 25000 Euros then get genuine visas and migrate abroad using legal and genuine ways. We have learned our lesson and hope that no one else should become their victim anymore after we have exposed them.


Today, we were contacted by a suspected victim of passportes.com as he fell in the trap of

passportes.com and ended up paying them 2500 Euros. However, after reading our review, he

took quick action and cancelled the transaction so he did not lose the money and he was thankful

to us for saving his money. As soon passportes.com found out that they are not getting the money

from him, they called him and the victim told them about our review. Passportes.com started giving

excuses that we left a negative review because we did not pay them on time. Such cheap and idiot 

scammers think they can justify their scam lol. Also, when this guy said that he wants to pay in the

company bank account, the scammers said no he only can pay in his personal bank account. When 

he did not agree, then they tried to charge his debit card to buy bitcoins in Russian Ruble currency.

You must have understood by now that why they only want you to pay in their personal bank account.

Also, if you say that you want to pay using your credit card or with PayPal, they won`t accept it.

NOTE: Any company which works online, if they don`t accept payments from credit/debit card or from

Paypal and want you to send money in their bank account directly or through Western Union or

Moneygram, they are total scam. 

​Passportes.com also wants you to pay them only in their bank or bitcoins or in other ways which

cannot be disputed later on so that you don`t get your money back after being ripped off.

Also, they have another website which they use to scam people which is https://red-passport.com/.

Red passport are same people from passportes.com. Redpassport.com is also a scam, site operated

by the same people. Red-passport.com scam, reviews, fraud sites are there on the internet, stay alert.

If anyone have any questions, they can contact us and get our suggestions or proofs if they need. 

PASSPORTES.COM афера, мошенничество, обзоры


$5 VS 2500 EUROS.