If you have come across a new product called PASSIVE PROFIT FUNNELS REVIEW and looking to know more about it then keep reading. We will be giving a complete PASSIVE PROFIT FUNNELS REVIEW to make you understand if this product is good for you or not. PASSIVE PROFIT FUNNELS REVIEW helps new affiliates to start with the right approach without wasting time. This course guides on all the necessary steps which an affiliate need to take in order to promote their product using correct funnels. PASSIVE PROFIT FUNNELS REVIEW will help you to understand about the traffic requirements which you need to bring to your affiliate offers. Traffic is the backbone of digital or affiliate marketing industry. PASSIVE PROFIT FUNNELS REVIEW focuses on getting free traffic to your affiliate offers. In this course, you will get training on how to get free traffic from quora and other websites. PASSIVE PROFIT FUNNELS REVIEW will give you step by step instruction on how to build a profitable and high converting sales funnel. Most importantly, everything is done for you within the dashboard. PASSIVE PROFIT FUNNELS REVIEW makes sure that you do not have to go through any technical stuff. Therefore, you will find video training and done for you funnels within PASSIVE PROFIT FUNNELS REVIEW. All you need to do is to access the member’s area and go through all the steps one by one. PASSIVE PROFIT FUNNELS REVIEW will teach you how you can start getting free unlimited traffic with hard work within 30 days and become a successful online marketer. Inside the dashboard of passive profit funnels this new product by Glenn and Lee Koski and during this review I’m going to show you around the software show you the different features inside the dashboard right here. I will also have a closer look at the sales page that you can see on my screen right now so that's the page where you can go to buy passive profit funnels and that is all available through the link below this article. Because if you purchase through that link I will also give you access to all of my custom and exclusive bonuses that I have spent the last few hours putting together for you. So that you can make the most out of passive profit funnels with my bonuses so to get your hands on these bonuses. Like I said click the link below this page you'll come to this page on my website where you can then find out more information about passive profit funnels. The product the pricing and the up sells which we will cover in more detail later during this review. But first let's have a quick look at my bonuses before we jump into the dashboard for a demo of the software. These bonuses are exclusive to me meaning they're not going to be available anywhere else. But by purchasing through the link below this page because like I said I have personally put these bonuses together from my own knowledge and experience with internet marketing to help you make the most out of passive profit funnels.

passive profit funnels review


Bonus number one is going to show you the seven best ways to drive traffic to your passive profit funnels. Now of course once you have your funnel set up using passive profit funnels. You want to make sure that you actually get visitors to those funnels that are going to be interested in subscribing to your mailing list and buying the affiliate products that you are promoting. Because that's what passive profit funnels does. It creates affiliate funnels for you so that you can start promoting affiliate products through those funnels. And in bonus number one I’m going to show you exactly how to drive traffic to those funnels so that you actually can get sales and leads from that traffic. Then bonus number two is going to show you how to find the best offers to promote using passive profit funnels. Now obviously to promote affiliate offers you have to make sure that first of all you find the right affiliate offers. Make sure they are high converting offers and also make sure that you get your affiliate link approved for those offers. Because in some cases for some offers you actually have to make sure that the creator of the product approves you as an affiliate to promote that product. Now in bonus number two I’m going to go through all of those steps. First of all I’m going to go to different affiliate networks. I’m going to show you around on those networks and show you how you actually can find the offers on those networks that are going to work really well for you. Then I’m also going to show you how to get approved for those offers. When you need to go through an approval process so for example on the warrior plus and jvzoo platforms. You need to get approval for the different affiliate offers that you can promote there. This can be a little bit tricky if you're a complete beginner but using my method you're actually going to get approved 99 of the time. So that's bonus number two and then finally bonus number three is going to show you everything you need to actually become good at email marketing using passive profit funnels because with passive profit funnels you're going to be building your email list. Now once you have starting to collect email leads how do you actually go about sending emails to that list. What kind of software should you be using, how do you write follow-up sequences, how do you write good broadcast emails on a daily basis to promote your list. All of that is going to be covered inside bonus number three. So this is basically everything you need to become good at email marketing with passive profit funnels. Now those three bonuses will be delivered to you as along with all of the vendor bonuses when you purchase passive profit funnels through the link below this page. 


Instead of the one that is included in passive profit funnels. Here you connect to your autoresponder either through raw html form which will basically work with any autoresponder out there. Or directly by api through any of these autoresponders that you can see listed here. Like the big ones like aweber and getresponse but also any others here you can connect through api directly. You can change the squeeze page content, the headline, the sub headline, the button text which lead magnet you're actually giving away. And also a few other things right here some of this is part of the upgrades. Like exit popups and facebook code that is part of the upgrades. But we'll talk about that later. Also bonus redemption email so you can actually put your own email address here. So people can email you there when they have purchased the product so that you can go and give them the bonuses so that is the customization of the campaign so you can customize all of this for the done for you campaigns now. If you want to create campaigns from scratch, you will go to your campaigns where you can then find the campaigns that you have already created. If you have any and you can click on create a campaign then you can just use any of their built-in templates. Or just completely create pages from scratch squeeze pages download pages bonus pages and all of that is the kind of pages that you can create right here. As you can see you can start with the content again you can choose any of these themes, choose any of the backgrounds. You can still use the done for you stuff here by using the backgrounds that are included. But then you can completely start from scratch with no headline, no sub headline etc. So you can put in your own headline, sub headline, button text. You can choose any of the included products as a lead magnet; you can see there are hundreds of products in here that you can use as a lead magnet in different niches as well. So that makes it very easy for you to start getting or start using a lead magnet that's very relevant to the offer that you are promoting as an affiliate. So yeah that's it in a nutshell. Now with social and social shares etc, you can just blast your campaigns out to social media and also there's a free traffic section here which allows you to become a member of their traffic platform which is going to give you free traffic. There's more details about that in the videos here they include this with all of their products. So this is something I’ve covered before. But you can simply just go through this two-minute video register for affiliate traffic lab viral news checker tube traffic machine.



Like I said click that link come to this page, click any of the green buttons on this page to go to the sales page for passive profit funnels which is going to look like this one. Then you just scroll down click on the click here to get started now button. Go through the checkout process on the warrior plus platform and in your purchase receipt you will then find my bonuses. Now warrior plus is going to send you an email with a link to your purchase receipt. So once you made your purchase click on the link in that email and come to the receipt which is going to look like this one right here. Scroll down to the bottom of that receipt and you will find an extra button that says access affiliate bonus. So click on that button and that is where all of my bonuses will be waiting for you free of charge. After your purchase now let me jump into the dashboard for passive profit funnel so I can give you a demo of how this works. So this is the dashboard right here and you can see some details a welcome video and just in general the welcome to this product. Then you have the different sections of the dashboard right here so you can go to tutorials to find the videos on how this product works. So there you can find the step-by-step tutorial videos on how to get set up with this product how to start your campaigns etc. So overview of the system how to use the done for you campaigns integration so there you can integrate this with your autoresponder to actually start collecting email leads. How to create campaigns for any product so the done for you campaigns are for specific affiliate products they have created done for you campaigns to promote those products. But if you want to promote any other product then you will have to go and create campaigns using this video right here. And then how to actually publish the funnels once you are done with the creation process. How to share them on social media and then some more about the the upgrades which we'll cover later so I’m not going to go over that right now. Now you can go to your campaigns to create campaigns from scratch. But what I’m going to show you right now is actually the done for you campaigns. Because I think most of you will actually be starting over there. So when you click on done for you, you will see five different done for your products. These are products on clickbank so clickbank university, scribble these are clickbank products. Some of these may be on warrior plus but I think most of these are actually on clickbank. So you can pick any of these products to promote. Let's say you want to promote clickbank university. Now you can edit the funnel or you can immediately start publishing it.


You can have a look when you click on publish to see what the different pages actually look like so you can see the squeeze page, you click on view and it will open the squeeze page in a new tab. Then it shows the squeeze page so this is the page that you'll be driving traffic to. People will enter their email address and once they do so they will go to the bonus page which is this one right here which is where first of all they get the ability to download the lead magnet that you're going to be giving to them. And this of course is all included with passive profit funnels the squeeze page the lead magnet all of it even the bonuses for buying this product are going to be included with passive profit funnels. So here you can see the video to actually present the what is it called cb passive clickbank university that's one clickbank university product. So that is and then of course this will be your affiliate link any of these buttons will be your affiliate link. These are the bonuses which you will be able to give away when people purchase that product. And like I said those bonuses are going to be included with passive profit funnels so you can give away those bonuses. And they'll be there waiting for your buyers and then again and this is your affiliate link. Then also you have the lead magnet page url. So this is once they click on the download button. They get another chance first of all to click your affiliate link which will be this one. And then here the actual lead magnet will be waiting for them and then download page url is for the download of their bonuses. So this is the url you will be giving them when they purchase the product through your link. You'll give them this url and that is where they can then go and download their bonuses. And now to actually customize any of these pages you can just click on the edit button and then you'll be able to go into the edit mode of the pages where you can make any changes you want to any of these pages as you wish. So I’ll show you that in a minute once this is loaded up so you can change the theme settings so you can change the color theme here. You can also change the background these are some done for you back backgrounds here. Or you can click on I want to upload my own image for your own background. You can change the headline the affiliate url. But this of course you have to change. Make sure you do otherwise you're not going to get any commissions for the sales you make. You can change the video. So if you create your own video review of the product you can put that here.