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outlook not responding

Outlook is the number one third party email client used by individuals and professionals for accessing their email accounts on the computer. However, you can be in trouble if your OUTLOOK NOT RESPONDING and it might start throwing out nuisance error messages on the screen. It is as comforting to access email account in Outlook as relaxing in the swimming pool. But when OUTLOOK NOT RESPONDING then you might feel like sitting in the swimming pool without water and your whole body is itching. Therefore, OUTLOOK NOT RESPONDING issue needs to be fixed instantly. So, contact our Outlook technicians to fix OUTLOOK NOT RESPONDING problems now.


Outlook email client is mainly and mostly used on Windows computers. There are different versions of Outlook from 2007 until 2020. So, you might be using Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2015 or Outlook 2016 and so on to receive emails on your computer. Before, we understand how you can set up your emails on the computer. You need to know that Outlook is not free and you need to buy yearly subscription from Microsoft to use its services. You can buy Microsoft Office package in which you will get access to Microsoft word, MS Power point, MS Excel along with Outlook email client. Outlook is an external application which you need to install on your Windows computer by downloading and running the executable file. It means that if you format or reset your computer then you will lose Outlook from your computer.

And you will need to reinstall it to get it back. In that case, you might lose all those folders which you might have created in the Outlook which is now uninstalled as you formatted your computer. Also, you need to check your system requirements before downloading any application. You need to have enough memory and hard drive storage for installing a third party application on your computer such as Outlook. If your computer is old and not have enough Random Access Memory (RAM) then the programs on the computer will work slower. Using Outlook email client in that case can give you errors like OUTLOOK NOT RESPONDING. This error message can come for other programs as well. For example, if you are trying to open Google chrome browser then you might have seen the error program not responding message on the top left side of the screen.

This error message is the result of your computer being slow. Or not being capable of multitasking and handling heavy programs. If you are getting OUTLOOK NOT RESPONDING error message on your computer then call us on 0261003579. Our Outlook technicians will connect with your computer online and diagnose the problem. Most of the problems get fixed within an hour once you have paid the service charges. Outlook can get very complicated if you are dealing with it for the first time or have never used it before.


Outlook email client is mainly used on Windows computers and have a very large user database. However, in some cases people using Apple computers also use Outlook on their Mac computers as well. But the percentage of Outlook users on Mac computers is very less. You can still buy Microsoft Office for the Mac version and install it on your Apple computer in order to access the Outlook email client. These will be those users who had been using Outlook on Windows computer. And now they have switched to Mac computer but they still want to use their emails on Outlook. Therefore, they go about buying the MS Office version for Mac. Otherwise, a normal Mac user never uses Outlook to set up emails as they can use Mac mail which is the default email application on Apple computers.

So, if you have just purchased the MS Office subscription for your Mac. And now wondering how to install it on your computer and need help then you can contact our Mac technicians now. You must have received an email from Microsoft giving you all the instructions on how you can download and install Outlook on your computer. Most importantly, you need to know your MS Office product key from that email. Once you have the product key then we can login into your Microsoft account and download the .dmg file for MS Office and install it on your computer. Once MS Office is successfully installed on your Mac computer then you will need to open it and enter the product key to activate your license. Now, you can start using Outlook on Mac computer and set up your emails in that.

Make sure that you have sufficient memory and storage on your computer for running the Outlook application. If you are using an older version of OSX operating system or if your computer is not eligible for the latest operating system then you might get errors like OUTLOOK NOT RESPONDING. You will need to uninstall all the unwanted programs which you do not need or can afford to lose. As you need to free up lot of space on your computer and delete all the junk which has been slowing it down. If you do not know how to clean up your computer and remove junk then you can connect with our technicians online. You can book an appointment and we can fix your computer and Outlook problems at nominal charges. We suggest that people should use Mac mail on Apple computers and not Outlook.

As Mac computer is from Apple and Outlook is from Microsoft. And these two companies have not been very compatible with each other. In other words, programs which you can use on Windows computers cannot be used on Apple computers and vice-versa. It has also been seen that at times if you are using Hotmail emails on iphones and iPads then a whole section of emails might get deleted from your device.


While Outlook could only be used on computers until there were no smart phones but now it can be used in iPhones as well. You can simply go to app store and download Outlook app from there. Most importantly, you do need to buy any subscription from Microsoft to use Outlook on iPhones as it is free. Not like in case of computers where you need to have an active MS Office subscription to use Outlook and pay every year. You can use Outlook on iPhones to set up any email service such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo or your business email address as well. Outlook is one of the most professional email app for iPhones which can be trusted and used without giving a second thought. However, at times you might have notices that Outlook app might crash and won`t open.

You try to tap on it and it opens for a second and then crashed and gets closed. It can happen due to a glitch on your iPhone or in the Outlook app itself. You can try few things to fix this problem. First, you should uninstall and delete the Outlook app from your iPhone. And then install it from the app store again to check if the problem gets fixed or not. If Outlook is still crashing then check the software version of your iPhone. Sometimes, if your iPhone is not updated to the latest version then few programs like Outlook might crash or not respond. You can go to settings and then click on General-Software update to check if there are any new updates ready for install.

If you see the updates then click on download and install and wait for the iPhone to finish the update and restart. Now, once your iPhone is updated then install the Outlook app and it should work without any problems. You also need to check the updates for Outlook app itself. At times, your iPhone might be up to date but your Outlook might have some pending updates. To check if there is any update for Outlook, you need to go to app store and search for Outlook. Once you see Outlook then you will see open or update next to it. If you see open next to outlook that means there are no updates pending and you are using the latest version of the Outlook app.

But, if it says update next to Outlook that means you are using an older version of Outlook and you should click on update to get the latest version. Once the Outlook is updated to the latest version then you should restart your iPhone. Now, you can try to open Outlook and it will definitely work. If you need assistance in performing these troubleshooting steps then contact us on 0261003579. Our technicians are well trained on handling such issues on daily basis. By contacting our technicians from Drida Infotech will save you lot of time, so call us now.


Outlook is the most frequently third party email app used by Hotmail and Outlook email users. Outlook app is most useful if you are using an android phone such as Samsung. It is quite complicated to set up emails in android phones. The default email application which you get in android phones is next to being useless. As first of all you will have troubles in setting up your emails in the default email app. And secondly it will not work for long time and you will have to deal with strange error messages every now and then. Therefore, people need to use third party email apps such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook for this instance. You can download these apps from the play store on android phones. Once you have downloaded the Outlook on your android phone then you can easily access your Hotmail or outlook emails.

As these two emails and the Outlook app is from the same company Microsoft. So, you do not need to know any third party email server settings for setting up those emails on Outlook. Hotmail and Outlook email settings are compatible with Outlook app by default. If you do not know how to install Outlook app on your android phone then you can call our technicians and use our premium paid services at nominal charges. Our technicians will guide you step by step and help you to set up your emails on Outlook app on your phone, tablet and computers. You need to know your email address and password for setting up your emails on Outlook app. If you do not know your password or need to change it then contact our technicians.

We will check if your password can be changed or not depending on the recovery options linked with your email address. Normally, your mobile number or an alternate email address should be linked as recovery for changing the password. In case, if you do not have access to your mobile phone or your number has changed then do not worry as there is no one who can help you then. And you will not be able to get a new password. We will suggest you alternate solutions in that case that might include starting up a new email account and then using it on Outlook app. If you are not able to open the Outlook app on your android phone or it is crashing. Then check the software version of your phone by going into the settings and make sure it is updated to the latest version.

If you find any pending updates then click on download and install it. Once the phone is updated then open Outlook app and you should be able to get into your emails without problems. If you need help in checking and installing the software update on your phone and tablet then give us a call on 0261003579 and get your email problems fixed.


Google chrome is by far the most used internet browser in the world. However, Google chrome is also by far the only browser to get as many problems in comparison to other internet browsers. So, if you are getting an error message that OUTLOOK NOT RESPONDING while using it on Google chrome. Then do not get shocked as Google chrome has a tendency to give not responding error messages for almost every website which you open on Google chrome. There can be few reasons that why Google chrome is showing not responding error message. First is that the Google chrome browser itself is corrupted and infected and has got too much junk, cache and cookies installed on it. Second reason is that your computer itself is full of lot of junk and unwanted program and files. And your computer needs to be cleaned up and optimized.

So that your computer can get some free space and the programs can use more memory to run them. Random Access Memory (RAM) is responsible for the speed of your computer and how fast your programs on the computer will work. Having more RAM means your computer will work faster and there will be less chance of Google chrome showing not responding error messages. So, either you get RAM increased in your computer which is not that common. Or you simply call us and get your computer and Google chrome cleaned up and optimized so that it can work faster in the same RAM. Make sure that your computer is connected to your regular internet which you use on daily basis. In other words, you do not need to take your computer to a local shop to get it cleaned.

As you computer needs to be connected with your own network while it is getting cleaned up. So, that if there will be any problems on your network, they can be checked as well. In other words, local technicians are out of date now and no one has got time to leave their computers for days to a computer shop when you can get the problem fixed online at your home within few hours only. Drida Infotech uses latest remote technology which means we can connect with your computer screen online no matter in which part of the world you are as long your computer is connected to the internet. So, you can call us from your home in your free time and use our affordable and premium services at low charges. We can fix all software and browser issues on your computer.Most of the problems get fixed within an hour while complex problems can take up to 3 hours to get resolved. Problems with Outlook are considered as complex but with our expertise we can fix Outlook problems within 2 hours and get your emails going. So, if you have tried everything already and wasted enough time then it’s time to pick up your phone and call 0261003579.