If you are using Norton antivirus or having some issues with it and trying to call NORTON SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA then you should call us on. We are a third party technical support company and provide only premium paid services so you can call NORTON SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA now. For those looking for a number to call Norton or seeking free services will have to keep looking as we are the premium paid NORTON SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA and do not provide free services.

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The best and direct way to contact Norton Support in Australia is by calling or on chat on our website. We are the premium paid third party technical support for Norton antivirus. So, if you have just purchased a new Norton antivirus security subscription or just renewed it but don`t know how to install the latest Norton on your computer then contact our technical support helpline. We will connect with your computer remotely and check the possible error messages if any during installation occurs. We need to make sure that we remove and uninstall your expired Norton software from the computer before trying to install the latest one. In case, this is the first time you are trying to install Norton on your computer then make sure your computer hardware is compatible with Norton software requirements. If you do not know how to do it then contact us and our technicians will help you to get the problem resolved over the phone remotely after you pay the fees. We will check if there are any leftover files of previous software which might be conflicting with the installation and remove them. Also, we will check if your online Norton account is activated and product key is registered or not. Once we see your registered product then we will download and install it using the licensed product key for which you must have paid to Norton separately. If you have been trying to install Norton and it is stuck for hours during installation and you do not know what to do then contact our Norton technical support helpline and we will connect with your computer to check the exact problem. We can understand as it is not easy to get hold of Norton and we don`t claim to work for them or on their behalf though we provide premium paid technical support services and we are easy to be found on Google to get quick support without you wasting your time.


So, have you successfully installed Norton security on your computer and now clicking on it to open it but nothing happens? You have been waiting and waiting but it is not opening on your computer screen and wondering what to do now. If that is the case and if you already have wasted hours or few days and not able to use the product even after paying for it then you should call our Norton premium paid third party technical support helpline. Sometimes, it is possible that due to some bugs or glitches in your computer the Norton Security was not installed successfully and few of its files might be missing. We will check what might be causing the problem in your computer as it could be a software conflict as well. We don`t recommend using two antivirus programs in one computer at the same time and by default every Windows computer comes with an inbuilt antivirus which is called Windows Defender. In some cases, we might have to turn off Windows Defender before you can install Norton Security. However, nowadays we don`t recommend anyone to buy or use Norton on their computers as there is no need for it as your Windows Defender program will take care of the virus problems and when it comes to hacking, it would still be possible no matter whether you use Norton or Windows Defender. Furthermore, we will check your Windows start up programs and will enable Norton Security to open on start up after restarting the computer. Norton is a very heavy software and it slows down the computer and its programs massively so be ready to experience a slow speed issue in your computer after you have installed Norton Security. It can take hours to install if your computer is slow and not compatible with Norton requirements and the same when you try to uninstall it from your computer. Sometimes, it might be giving you some error message while opening the software and that normally is the result of an unsuccessful installation or a glitch in the computer. If you are not able to diagnose and fix the problem then you should call our technicians and use our premium paid support as professionals know how to handle these kinds of complex and time taking issues. Our certified technicians will fix the problem over the phone remotely within one to two hours or as soon as possible. After we have fixed everything, we will reinstall Norton Security on your computer and will open it so that you can see it is all working. However, if you are using Windows computer, we don`t recommend that you buy Norton as Windows Defender is already there in your computer which is protecting you from the virus issues. To get more information on Windows Security, you can book an appointment with one of our tech consultants.


Did you receive any notification about updating your Norton Security and clicked on it but you are stuck on the update screen for hours and nothing is happening? Then contact our Norton Support helpline. We will check the exact problem that why your software is not getting updated properly as there can be several technical reasons for that. Sometimes, the update can get interrupted in between if your internet connection was dropped or if it was slow. The Norton software might have been corrupted and the latest updates won`t get successful on a corrupted software. After establishing the reason of updates failure, we will try to update the software again or reinstall using the necessary tools and software. We understand that you might not be technical enough to understand or perform all these things on your own and will be looking for help. We are here to give you premium paid services as we value your time as well as ours. It is better to leave the job to experts who knows what they are doing as it is not something which everyone does on daily basis apart from our technicians. Once we connect with the computer, we will check if your Windows is up to date or not, if not then we will try to update your Windows first. Once the Windows is updated then we will check your internet connection using ping command to check how much data is lost if any. Once we make sure that we have a stable internet connection and not intermittent then we will start updating the Norton software which should be done within few minutes and you should be able to see the Norton dashboard on your screen once it is open. We will also check if you have any other security program on your computer which might be conflicting with Norton as you are not suppose to have multiple security programs in one computer at the same time. After performing the steps above, everything should work as normal however in complex situations we might have to reinstall the whole software from scratch in which case you should know your Norton account details if you have purchased it online. As before reinstalling the Norton antivirus, you need to make sure that you have the registered product key with you. The antivirus programs can sometimes become complex to deal with and you might get lost in the complexity of which technical steps to follow to resolve the problem. Therefore, leave the complexity to our expert technicians and enjoy our premium paid services at the comfort of sitting at your home with a cup of coffee. We will fix the problem over the phone which saves your invaluable time as you do not need to take your computer to anywhere and waste your extra time and fuel. So, just book an appointment now.


Are you using Norton antivirus but your computer or emails or Facebook still got hacked? Yes, that is quite possible as Norton is just an antivirus programs which only fight against the viruses but if someone is hacking into your emails, Facebook, PayPal etc, Norton or any other antivirus programs can`t do anything about that. Everyone here should understand the difference between a virus problem and hacking issues. A virus problem can be fixed by running any antivirus program however the hacking is where someone already got into your personal accounts and changed your passwords etc. We never recommend anyone buying any antivirus program as it does not do any good to you in 2019 and hacking would still happen if it is suppose to. So, if you are thinking that Norton would help you from being hacked then you are wrong as it is only a virus protection program which is useless in 2019. You can be hacked in several ways such as if you receive a link in an email, Facebook message or in a text message and once you click on that link, your details get compromised. As, you clicked on that link manually there was nothing Norton could have done and you just did a mistake and got hacked which establishes how Norton can`t stop or fix hacking issues. Now let`s consider a situation where your emails have been hacked and now you can`t login and you need some help with your emails to get back into it. You tried to contact Norton support and they told you that this is not a problem with Norton and you have to contact your email provider to get it fixed. Then the question you will be asking to yourself is that what and why am I paying for Norton and what is it helping me with. So, before you get into that situation we are confirming you here that Norton, Apple, Telstra, Optus or any other company will not be able to do anything for you and will be sending you here and there. However, that is where people come to us as we provide support with all the technical problems whether it is your antivirus program or email, internet or phones. We have trained and professional technicians who know that you need help and get the problem resolved rather than being sent from one place to another. Once someone can understand your requirement, it becomes easy for both the parties to work on the problem and get a resolution in the shortest time possible. So, whether you need help with your Norton antivirus today or need help with your emails later on, we are the one stop solution for all the technical support you would need now or in the future. Call our premium paid technical support helpline to find more about the services and the best subscription as per your needs which will give you unlimited technical support.


If you are on our website and reading this that means you are on the website of Drida Infotech which is a third party technical support company we do not work for Norton as we do not have to. We are the premium paid technical support helpline so free help seekers should not waste their time here. Now, if you are wondering what is the difference between a third party and actual Norton Company and why you need to pay then you should know these facts.Norton is a company who develops and sells Norton antivirus and security programs on their website and you pay a charge to buy them. Now, after you buy the software, you might need help in installing it or with something else in the future. In all those cases, you might not be able to find a phone number to call Norton directly on their website as these big brands such as Norton, Mcafee, Kaspersky, Trend Micro, Microsoft, Apple etc give you big time frustration to find their actual number on their respective websites and their number don`t show up in Google search either. The main reason for them to hide their phone number or make it so complicated so that you give up on contacting them and they don`t have to deal with you or face less number of calls. By default, every call centre or customer service is located in India mainly so get used to it as India is world`s 5th largest economy and not Australia. Now, so far you have understood that why is it difficult to contact actual Norton as they have made everything so complex starting with the Norton program which is not working for you and then making it impossible for you to find their number to call? On the other hand, we have made it very easy so that you can search our number in Google directly or find it on our website straightaway. As every issue with Norton antivirus could take hours to resolve and that is why actual Norton wants to avoid the number of calls and that is why they don`t display their number on their website homepage. Unlike Norton, you can find our number on the top right corner of our website and as said earlier that it takes hours to solve the problem therefore we can`t afford to fix it for free as we value the time and that is the main reason to provide the paid services. Also, when you use our premium one or two year’s services, you do not need to use any third software like Norton in the name of computer protection as you will have a phone number to call directly to our technicians without any hassle. We will be giving you manual human technical assistance throughout the year which is the major difference as you get to speak to us while Norton is just a software and can`t work on its own.



AUSTRALIA: +61 261003579


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