When you decide to get some backlinks for your website then you must make sure that you are getting those backlinks using white hat techniques only. In other words, all the backlinks which are manually created and indexed by Google can be considered as white hat backlinks. Whenever you decide to hire an agency or SEO consultant to create backlinks for your website, you always need to make sure that they only create those backlinks for you manually and not use any spam software. As, if your website get spam backlinks then it can negatively affect on your SEO strategy and push your rankings further down. Link building involves money and time and it is a never ending process as you can keep creating backlinks for all your life as there is no upper limit for getting backlinks. Therefore, you should only hire someone who is worth and affordable and can give you quality services in return. You should never fall for the brand of any established company as you need someone to dedicatedly work for you and where you are not treated just another project. At Drida Infotech, we give every client a personalized attention to understand their business requirements and most importantly we are the quickest when it comes to execute and deliver SEO results. Other companies will just keep telling you that you will see results in few months and those months might turn into years. However, after you use our link building services then your website will start getting ranks within a month if on page optimization is properly don on your site. We provide best digital marketing services on the internet and know how important is for any online business to get rankings in Google SERP. Even though, we have extensive knowledge of SEO but we don`t confuse our clients with such information which they might not need. For example, if a client is looking for backlink building services then probably they already have a running website with SEO friendly content on it and now they want to get some links to increase the authority of their website. In that case, other companies might bombard you with terms like keyword research, on page optimization, content writing, blog writing etc and will try to overcharge you for the services which you might not need. Drida Infotech does not mislead you and only suggest what is necessary to be done in order to save time and money for you and yet get the high quality results.


If you are hiring someone to create backlinks for you and wondering how many backlinks do you need or for how long do you need to keep creating backlinks or how much you will need to pay then the answer varies. The simple answer will be it all depends on the competition level of your business. If you are running a local business within a town or suburb then you might not need the whole city, country or world to know about you until and unless you really can serve and want customers from all over the world. In that case, all businesses operating locally can get search ranking with few high quality backlinks whereas in cases where you are competing with the whole, city, country or world then you will need to get hundreds of thousands of backlinks and keep getting them lifelong. So, you can contact us and discuss your business plan and we will implement the correct backlink strategy for you so that you can get results in a month or as soon as possible. Link building once started should carry on as long you are in business as other competitors will always try to rank you down by creating more high quality backlinks. Therefore, you need to be always ahead of your competitors and outrank them all the times. SEO is a very competitive industry and if done correctly can make you millionaire and if done incorrectly can leave you in debt. You should always hire a company who know the work they are claiming to offer and not just offering. We have three link building packages as per your SEO needs namely trial, centurion and Drida Blaster. In trial package, you can buy 10 high quality backlinks from domain rating 50 and above and in centurion package, you can buy 100 backlinks where each backlink cost you $10. Drida blaster package is for businesses with higher budgets that need unlimited high quality backlinks. We suggest going for centurion package if you are on a budget or else with Drida blaster if you are looking for long term stability and have no issues with the budget. You also need to make sure that you do not deal with any company which is offering SEO services on auto pilot as there is no such thing in SEO. SEO is a work of dedication and need to be done every day as long you want your business to sustain online. If you put SEO work on auto pilot that simply means the work is paused and any company who charges you for doing SEO work on auto pilot is just looting your money. Also, you should never pay any one time set up cost in SEO as there is nothing to set up. SEO is very simple and can be too complicated if you don’t know how it works so for clarifications, you can always contact us.


As wise people said, quality is always rated above quantity which is also true when it comes to link building in SEO. SEO has changed a lot in last 2 years and it is not as same and easy as it used to be until 2017 which means the companies providing SEO and link building services in the past will not be used to work hard as they were getting results and money from clients easily. But now everything has changed drastically and all those shady SEO companies which have fooled people until 2017 when anybody could do spam link building and get rankings have no idea how to do SEO now. Google has made so many changes in their algorithm and every month it gets updated which means you need to keep changing things in your website accordingly on a monthly basis as per Google algorithm. SEO is not going to be any easy in the future as Google have decided that they only want to display high quality content which can provide value to the user and as a result it is not easy to get rankings on the first page of Google at all. So gone are the days when you can get thousands of software generated links and get rankings in Google. Now, all the links should be only from high domain authority websites in order to get a boost in Google rankings. This also gives the user to choose from best SEO companies to get services from as all shady websites will be ranked down by Google. In conclusion, link quantity does not matter anymore and it is only the quality of the backlink which is of importance as few hundreds of high quality backlinks can do the job which thousands of low quality backlinks won`t be able to do for you. We are not sure if you already have this question in your mind but you should notice that now if we can`t get backlinks from low quality sites then the number of high quality sites might not be enough to get enough backlinks for your website. This is where our work starts as not many will know from which high quality websites you need to get the link from and whether those sites will be willing to link back to you or not. This is where your investment is worth as we get this stressful work done with ease and you can relax and watch your website ranking step by step. Get in touch with us today in order to discuss the best package which suits your needs so that we can get started from today itself. SEO projects can be considered as slowest projects in the world but here at Drida Infotech we deliver SEO results faster than any other company out there. If you are a new business and need to consult with us then you can book an appointment for 1 hour in just $100 to jump start your business.


When it comes to backlinks in SEO, there can be various types such no follow, do follow, active backlinks, expired backlinks and lost backlinks. Here, we will discuss all of the types in detail for your better understanding as no other company will tell you the insights of link building as they might want to fool you only and want you to know as less as possible so that you can`t question their work. No follow backlinks are those which tells Google not to follow any links on that page which means when Google bots crawls your website they don`t follow that url/link on your website and as a result your website does not get any link juice from that no follow link. On the other hand, do follow backlinks does the opposite and they are followed and crawled by Google bots and pass link juice to your website which increase your website authority as well and those are the only links you should normally buy or pay for. Any company or individual charging you for no follow backlinks is doing scam with you as no follow backlinks gets auto generated as soon your website starts getting some reputation in search engines. While someone creating do follow backlinks for your website automatically results in getting no follow backlinks from the web without the need of manually creating them and that is why you should never pay for no follow backlinks. All the links which are passing link juice and authority to your website currently are known as active backlinks whereas all the backlinks which were only valid for a period of time such as for a week or month are called expired backlinks. All backlinks which were removed by you or by the website owner or by Google or by any technical reason are considered as lost backlinks as we did not have control over them. We mainly need to focus on keep creating new active backlinks so that in the future if you lose some backlinks or they get expired then it should not affect your rankings. We are sure that you will not find this valuable information on other websites as they are only trying to get money from you and not provide you quality service. At Drida Infotech, we want you to know the work we are doing for you and with everything explained above, you will be ready to cross check our work and question as well. This is what we love in our work as we want you to be engaged and enthusiastic about the work as SEO can get boring for most of the people but if planned correctly it can be fun as well. You can contact us now if you like and understand the way we work and handle your project. We are open to all the questions you need to ask before we start your order so get in touch with us now.


Any SEO project can be completed in two steps and they are called on page and off page respectively. All the work which we do online on your website such as SEO friendly content writing, placing Meta titles, H1, H2 headings, adding alt tags etc comes under on page optimization. In other words, any changes made in your website online for SEO purposes is called on page optimization and that is the first part which needs to be perfectly executed before we can start off page SEO work. Once we make sure that your website is fully SEO optimized then we can start the off page SEO work. Off page SEO mainly involves all the work done for promoting your website on the internet using various signals. Mainly, we need to create high quality backlinks for your website which is a continuous process from high authority sites. On the other end, we can use other social media platforms such as Facebook to create a Facebook business page and promote it online. We also need to create Pinterest, Linkedin and other business profiles and add your business and website there. Therefore, all the work which we did to promote your website offline without making any changes to your site is known as off page SEO work. To differentiate, we can say that on page optimization is not something which needs to be done on daily basis however off page SEO work needs to be done on daily basis as long you want your business to survive online. Now, as you must have understood that you need a genuine SEO company which can help your business in long run and Drida Infotech is the best choice for you. We will boost your off page SEO work and drive high quality traffic to your website so that you can grow your business with us. If you have any questions regarding our packages, you can chat with us or drop us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Our link building services are cost effective and transparent and we don`t lie to you like others as we understand that your business is important to you and you are serious about it and we will not regret you. We have ranked our website against Microsoft, Google and Yahoo which means if we can rank our website above Google, Microsoft and Yahoo then we think we can help you outrank your competitors as well. If you have enough dedication, hard work, time, patience and budget then you can achieve your desired results. All you need to do is to place the order now and wait for the magic to take place in a month or so. You will be provided weekly report to check the progress of your work and you will see the increase in domain rating of your website as long the backlinks are generated and indexed in Google.  






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If you are a business or a website owner and want to increase your rankings in Google then you must do SEO for your website and in the process you might be looking for LINK BUILDING SERVICES. Drida Infotech provides high quality LINK BUILDING SERVICES for your website using white hat techniques only. You can contact us to find out how you can get your LINK BUILDING SERVICES activated in order to gain quality traffic to your website.






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