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If you are looking to get some SEO services for your website or business so that you can get customers online and boost your website rankings then you must first understand that how SEO work and how to choose a legit company who provides genuine SEO services. There might be billions of websites who are offering SEO services on Google however only ten or less than ten websites can show up on the first page of Google. So, to simplify, you should only consider one of those ten websites to get SEO services from however you should do more research before you select one of them. All the websites which shows up on the first page of Google can be considered as genuine however you need to check with them if they understand your business needs and can deliver results in return or not. There are various niches in SEO, few companies might be experts in doing SEO for e commerce websites whereas others might not be that good in that niche. Depending on your niche, you need to look for a SEO company who is specialized in providing SEO services in your niche. SEO used to be differentiated in two parts in the past which was on page and off page SEO however these days’ people differentiate it in two other ways which is fake SEO and legit SEO. There are n number of companies online and offline who claim to provide SEO services in other words fake SEO services as they don`t know much about SEO themselves. On the other end the companies who genuinely provide SEO services can be impacted because of other fake companies which are ruining the SEO industry. As there are lot of fake people and companies online who just want to get some money from you and not provide any results in return which has caused a lot of distrust in customer`s mind as they can`t trust any genuine company so easily as well. We recommend that even if you are dealing with a genuine SEO company like Drida Infotech, you should still confirm with them that how much time they are willing to invest on your project. SEO is not about money as even if you are ready to pay billions to someone still they can`t do any magic with that money and it will still take the same time to get results in case if it was done for free. If anyone is offering you lucrative services which do not seem to be true then contact us and we will verify that information.


If you are planning to get SEO done for your website and have come across a few websites which you have short listed to get SEO services from but not sure which one to choose from then contact Drida Infotech now. If you are reading this that means you are already on our website and Drida Infotech should be your first preference if you are looking to get some SEO services for your website or business. However, we will still inform you about the key points which you should check before getting into any contract with a SEO company. First and the very important factor which you should never forget to notice is that the website or company you have chosen for the SEO services ranks on the first page of Google or not. If it ranks on the first page then you need to check if it is ranking in the top 5 or not and the rankings should be organic meaning that website getting top rankings using Google paid ads should always be ignored in any circumstances. Once you make sure that the website is ranking organically in top 5 then it is a simple logic to open that website which is on number 1 in search engines. For example, if a website xyz dot com is ranking on number 1 position and dridainfotech.com is ranking on 2nd position that means xyz must have done something to beat dridainfotech.com in order to get the number 1 ranking. Either xyz might be older than dridainfotech and it might have more high quality backlinks or the content on xyz website might be of more value than on dridainfotech. There will be a very minute difference as both websites are ranked on number 1 and 2 respectively which means if dridainfotech works a little harder they can get number 1 ranking. On the other end, if xyz takes number 1 ranking for granted and stop doing SEO then its competitors will overtake its rankings. In short, SEO can never be taken for granted and continuous work needs to be done lifelong in order to maintain your search engine rankings. Therefore, if you are looking to get SEO services for your business, you should always look for the top 5 websites which are ranking organically in Google search and then consult your requirements with them. If your requirements can be fulfilled by them within your budget then you should go with the website ranking number 1, if not then you can compare all the options with other 4 websites. There are few other things which you should note down as few companies might offer you free consultation and as the word ``free`` sounds that consultation will be of no use as it will only get you confused. On the other end if you are paying for a service or consultation then they will pay more attention to you as you are already their customer.   


You must have come across with lot of websites which are offering SEO services while doing your own research. Some websites might be offering free SEO consultation and some might be charging for it. So, if you are wondering here that why some websites are offering free consultation and why some are asking money for it then we might be able to tell you the difference in both services. Let`s take an example here and understand how people react when they are asked to do something for free and when they are asked to do something in return of an incentive. We don`t need to be scientists to understand the difference between a free and paid service. We can take examples from our home itself and understand this in a better way. So, let`s say if you are a father or mother and you have a car and you asked your son to wash your car on a Sunday morning and your son gave you a disappointing look and went into his room after smashing the door. This could be understood as an example of a free service in which even your son was not happy about washing the car and he was doing the job forcefully in pressure. On the other end, if you change the situation slightly and ask your son that hey SON why don`t you wash my car this Sunday and I will give you $10 bucks and then you will notice the smile on your son`s face and he will be eagerly waiting for the coming Sunday as he knows that he will get extra $10 bucks from you if he washes your car. So, you simply became a hero for your son whereas if you asked him to do it for free, you might have acted as a villain for a moment. The point here is that if someone is doing something for free for you then there will always be a lack of interest no matter what whereas if you are already paying them in some way or the other then there interest will always be there which is good for you only. So, a free consultation will get you nowhere and will leave you with questions whereas the paid consultation will answer all your queries and you will be in a more suitable situation to make a final decision and start the services. You should always deal with a company or individual who does not look at you as pressure or work instead they should be glad to work for you and that can always be found with their smile. Also, you should remember that the website ranking number one or on the first page of Google does not need you as they know their work instead you need them so that they can get your website ranked on the first page as well.  


There are lot of myths about SEO such as is it too difficult to do Search Engine Optimization or how long does it take for SEO to work etc. We will answer all those questions and explain that how SEO works in detail in next few lines. If we talk about the technical side then we can say that anyone with online knowledge can learn SEO in 3 to 4 months and become SEO experts themselves however we don`t think that everyone will be willing to invest that much of time and money in learning SEO. From time to time, SEO keeps changing which means you need to be updated with all the latest updates in the algorithms. It will not be possible for someone to be updated in case they are not doing SEO on daily basis so there is no point in investing your time and money if you are not going to use it as your career. Even if someone knows about SEO but they might be too busy to perform SEO for their website or business in which case they will be outsourcing their work to someone else. In simple words, we can say that SEO is not difficult to learn if you have enough time and money however SEO is only for those who are patient enough and don`t want to achieve everything within a month. SEO is all about time as you might be able to take care of the technical things from your end within days however for Google to pick up your efforts and work, it will take months. The minimum will take 2 to 3 months to get the results if real hard work has been done on your website. However, if someone has been working only 7 hours a day 5 days a week then it could take 6 to 7 months to start see some rankings in Google. Drida Infotech understands these things and considers time as the main and most important ingredient of every SEO project. We are not lethargic when it comes to hard work and we want to deliver results as quickly as possible and we work 12 hours a day on every project to give them quickest results than any other company. Everyone should know that SEO is not about money or talks, no matter how much you spend or how nice people might talk to you before getting the money from you, all that not helps in achieving rankings on Google. Time management and the quality of work is the main factor of any successful SEO project. The major difference between Drida Infotech and other companies is that we are not selling you services on Facebook or any other paid platforms as we want you to find us organically in Google which will simply make you trust us that if we can rank our website on the first page of Google for most toughest keywords in the industry then we can also help your website to get ranked on the first page as well.


If you have made a list of websites and want to find out the proof of their works so that you can decide which company to go with for SEO services but don`t know how to go about it then contact Drida Infotech. We will discuss here that how you can find out if a particular SEO company can really provide you the required services or not. First and foremost thing to notice is the organic rankings of that website. If the website is not ranking in the top ten on the first page of Google organically and using Google paid ads to promote its services then say thank you very much and come out of their website and ask them to rank their website first in Google search and then offer their services to the world. Most people are being fooled by such websites which are running Google paid ads to promote their websites and then might have a good looking portfolio on their website and claiming to offer their services to several brands already. The question you should ask yourself is that how do you really know if those brands are their real clients or not. Even if they say they are their clients then when you ask for the details, they will clearly say that as per our policy we can`t reveal any of our client details which means you can`t really verify their work. Leaving all that aside, the easiest way to find out if they can provide genuine services or not is by checking their organic rankings in Google or Bing. If they have no organic rankings in Google for the keyword which you are looking for such as ``legit seo services`` and you found them at the top as they are using Google paid ads then you should leave their website instantly. Still, if you want to do some more research then ask them to give you those keywords for which their website ranks on page 1 in Google. If they make any excuse or can`t provide you with such keywords then that means they are fake and will not be able to help you with your website rankings. They might try to trick you by giving few keywords for other websites which are already ranking in Google and might refer them as their clients that they were able to rank their website on first page of Google. But for you, there is no way to cross check their work and they must be lying to you as if someone can rank other`s website then why can`t rank their website first. You can ask them to get back to you once they are able to get their website ranked on first page of Google for main SEO keywords as in the mean time you have found Drida Infotech which is already ranking on the first page of Google.