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IINET emails are used by the customers who are using IINET broadband services. And you can use IINET emails on your phone, computer or tablets. But you need to know certain email settings to do that. So, if you are looking for IINET EMAIL SETTINGS to set up your emails. Then you can contact us on 0261003579 or chat with us. We will set up your emails using correct IINET EMAIL SETTINGS on your phone, laptop and tablets. If you need professional help in dealing with IINET EMAIL SETTINGS then call us now.


If you are trying to set up your iinet emails on your Windows 10 computer then you can do it in few ways. You can use the default Mail app which comes with the computer or you can install Outlook as well. In this case, we will discuss about how you can set up iinet emails on mail app. First, you need to open the mail app from the start menu. You can click on the blue envelope icon at the bottom of the screen. Or click on the start menu at the bottom left of the screen and type in mail in the search box. You will see the mail app at the top where you can click and open it. It will ask you to set up your account once it is open. Now, click on add account and enter your information.

If you know your email address and incoming and outgoing server settings of your iinet account then enter them and click on next. If you did everything correctly then you your emails should be up and running on the screen. But if you got any error message or do not know how to set up your emails. Then stay on that same screen and simply call our technicians on 0261003579. Setting up third party emails such as iinet on email clients is not a simple process. So, you really need to know what you are doing. If you are not technical enough then it is always recommended to take help from the professional email experts. Our email support staff is well trained on all type of email issues.

In other words, you do not need to go over your story and explain everything to the technicians because they already know what to do. We will connect with your computer remotely to share the screen. Once we are able to work on your computer then it will take less than hour to get everything fixed in normal circumstances. Normal circumstances are where you know your iinet email password and server settings. In case, you do not know what is your email password then it can take more time. First of all you need to have a working password for your emails. As without the password we cannot go to the next step. So, if you need help with your password then call us now: 0261003579.


If you are using an Apple computer then the process of setting up your iinet emails is going to be completely different than the Windows mail app. In case of Windows, you can set up emails using POP server settings. But, in case of Mac, you can only use IMAP server settings. Therefore, you need to know both POP and IMAP settings for your iinet email. If you don`t then call Drida Infotech on 0261003579 and get help. Once you have the IMAP settings and a working password then we can proceed towards setting up emails on Mac mail on your computer. It is your responsibility to know your password as without the password you cannot access your emails in anyway. If you do not know your password or need to get a new one then consult with our technicians online.

Our technicians will help you in resetting your iinet email password online. In case the password cannot be changed online then as a last case scenario you will need to go to iinet and get a new password from there. Once you have a working password then call us back and we will help you further. You can call us any business day to get help once you have paid and subscribed to our professional and premium email support services. We will set up emails on your Mac mail using the correct IMAP settings in less than an hour. You might be using the same email address for other Apple services as well such as for icloud or Apple id. So if you forget your Apple id password then it will be sent to your iinet email account.

You need to have access to iinet emails all the time in order to make sure you can access your Apple services at all times. So, if you are getting an error popping on the top right corner of your computer screen asking you to enter your Apple id or email password. Then you need to change your email and Apple id passwords and update them correctly. If you know all the details correctly then the process of setting up emails on Mac mail can be easy and fast. But if you have no idea what is your password and server settings then it might take an hour or so to get everything set up from scratch. Considering that you know all the details then you need to open Mac mail and click on Mail at the top left corner of the screen.

Now, hit add account in the drop down and click on the plus sign at the bottom left of that window. Choose other at the bottom and click next. Enter your name, email address, password and description and press next. If you do everything correctly and type in all the correct information then you will see save option on the top right cornet. Now hit save and your account will be added.


Outlook is the most widely used third party email client by Windows users. So, if you are using a Windows computer then it is very common that you are using Outlook as well. You can set up all kinds of emails on Outlook no matter whether it is Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, iinet or Bigpond. In your case if you are using iinet emails then you can set them up on Outlook to get instant access. You can avoid the hassle of logging into webmail every time in order to check your emails once the Outlook is set up. There is no need to enter your email password in Outlook every time for checking emails. However, make sure that no one else should have access to your computer if you do not want them to see your emails.

As Outlook will show emails without the need of the password once successfully set up. So, you need to maintain your privacy and make sure no one else has access to Outlook on your computer if you don`t want them to see your emails. If you are new to Outlook and do not know the process of setting up iinet emails. Then call our technicians on 0261003579 and use our premium and paid email support services. Our technicians have years of experience in dealing with Outlook problems. They might have fixed the issue millions of times which you might be facing for the first time. In other words, it might take less than an hour to fix the problem for a technician which you might not have been able to fix from last few weeks. So first thing is that you need to know what you are doing.

And if you don`t then you need to know someone who knows what to do. Therefore, once you speak with our technicians then you do not have to explain your problem over and over again. As the technicians know what you are talking about and how to fix the problem. All is required from your end is to make the payment and subscribe to our services to make the process smoother for you. We only provide premium and paid services. So in case if you are looking for free services then go get married enjoy your life and have grand kids. As even then you will never get free services anywhere. So, kindly avoid calling us in order to save your and our time if you are looking for free services. We are running a business here so that we can provide resolution to the technical problems over the phone.

And it involves costs in running the business and giving training to our technicians. Therefore anyone can understand that you will get no free support anywhere in the world. Even if you are running a business then you know that it won`t be free. So, if you are looking for premium, professional and paid support then call us now: 0261003579.


If you are trying to set up your iinet emails on your iPhone but do not know how to do that. Then call technicians at Drida Infotech and use our premium paid services. We can help you in setting up your emails in less than half an hour on your iPhone. Whether you have bought a new iPhone and trying to transfer emails from old phone to new one or trying to set up emails for the first time, our technicians can help you. All you need to know is that you have a working password for your iinet emails. If you do not know what is your password then reset it online. If you cannot reset it online then go to iinet store and get a new password from there. Once you have a new password then login into webmail using that password to make sure it works.

You can also change the password to something of your own from my account online. Now, go to the settings on your iPhone and click on passwords and accounts. Click on add account under password and accounts. Choose other at the bottom here and type in your name, email, password and description. Press next once all the details are filled in. You will need to type in your incoming and outgoing mail server settings on the next screen with port number. If you do everything correctly then you will get save option on the top right corner. Now click on save and your account will be added. You can go to the home screen now and open your email app to check your emails. If you are not getting the emails or got some error message then you might have missed some information.

Contact our technicians on 0261003579 and get professional help without making the situation worse. It is wise not to make the problem more complicated if you can`t fix it on your own. There is no shame in paying and taking professional help for something which is not your expertise. It can save lot of time and frustration if you use professional and paid services. You will only waste time and get frustrated if you are looking for free support. There is no magic on the internet which you can find for free which can help you. And if you call different numbers and think you will get free support. Then you are only wasting your and their time as there is no such thing as free support. We give priority and value to your and time and can help you on the go.

You can stop your car on the roadside and call us. We will guide you how to make the payment using your phone and then set up iinet emails on your iPhone as well. You do not need to wait to get back home as everything can be fixed on the go. So pick up your phone and call us on 0261003579.


If you have just got a new Samsung or android phone and trying to set up your iinet emails but have no idea what to do. Then call us on 0261003579 and talk to our technicians over the phone. Our technicians are trained on setting up iinet emails on android devices such as Samsung smart phones and tablets. However, setting up any email not just iinet can be a complicated process on android phones. Using emails on android phones is not as smooth as in case of iPhones. There are two ways in which you can set up iinet emails on your Samsung or android phone. You can use the default mail app which is already there on the phone. Or download a third party email app from play store such as Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo.

We prefer and recommend not using emails on the default mail app which is already there on the phone. Instead download some other email app from the play store and add your iinet emails on that. If you still want to use the default mail app and add your iinet account on that then follow these steps. Go to settings and then click on cloud and accounts. Hit accounts and then click on add account. Now follow the complicated process of setting up emails here on this screen. If you have used iinet emails before and have experience in setting up the emails on phone then you can follow the instructions. If this is the first time and you have no idea what you have got yourself into. Then call Drida Infotech on 0261003579 to take you out of this mess and save you from getting nightmares.

You will have someone to help you and share your burden once you call us. We will get on the work as soon you have opted in and paid for our premium services. Our technicians will guide you step by step so that you will find the process of adding iinet emails on your phone very simple. In the end, you will realize that you would not have been able to do this on your own. And you will agree that you were happy to speak to someone who knew what they are doing. You need to decide what is important to you. Whether you are comfortable in being frustrated and without emails for weeks or pay and use professional services of Drida Infotech. We are experts in dealing with email problems. So whether you are using iinet or some other email account, feel free to give us a call.We can set up your emails on any phone, computer or tablet. All you need to know is the password of your email account and our phone number which is 0261003579. We are the most trusted email support company in Australia and globally. You can call us directly if you are in Australia. Or chat with us online if you are overseas.