The concept of search engine optimization (SEO) is the most popular thing on the internet. And it has been over 15 years since the world knew about SEO. But, if you are wondering that HOW TO DO SEO IN 2020. As things have changed since Google algorithm keeps updating every other month. And it is getting difficult for normal people to understand the developments in SEO. HOW TO DO SEO IN 2020 is going to be a hot topic over the internet this year. As every beginner or expert would like to know more about the policies and algorithms which Google is updating. However, if someone has been doing the SEO by following the white hat practices. And following the basics in the past. Then HOW TO DO SEO IN 2020 won`t be any challenge for them.

Every SEO consultant or expert just needs to stick to the basics. And avoid any short cuts in order to succeed. With our experience in SEO. There is no trick or technique which can be used to get fast track results. Or dominate Google rankings. The only thing anyone can do is that they produce high quality SEO friendly content for their blogs or website. And get high quality backlinks using white hat techniques and then leave rest to Google. The father of the internet (Google) will then decide if the content on your website is of high quality. And will give valuable information to the readers or not and then will start giving rankings to your website accordingly. There is no way that anyone can force Google to rank your site quickly. Or give any sort of preference to your website in any form.

If anyone is claiming that they have insiders working inside Google. And by paying a certain charge, they can get your website ranked at number one position. Then they are scamming you. The only thing which can motivate Google to give you faster rankings is high quality backlinks. And you will need millions of them. Also, just creating backlinks is not the end of the job. As those backlinks needs to get indexed by Google first in order to pass link juice to your website. If you will depend on Google. Then those links probably will take 4 months to get indexed. Or may never get indexed at all. Now, here you need to find a way to get your backlinks indexed faster in Google. And if you search online how to get your backlinks indexed faster in Google.

Then you might see some websites offering to do that at a charge. With experience, we are telling you that none of those sites will ever be able to do anything. And your backlinks will never get indexed by using their service and you will just lose your money. If you want to know how to get your backlinks indexed within a week by following Google policies. Then use our services and see your links getting indexed as soon as possible.


Search engine optimization is the most expensive search term over the internet. And if you have used Google ads then you will understand what I am talking about. There is a lot of money already being made. And yet to be made in this industry. As now SEO is the basic necessity for every business or blogger. Or anyone who owns a website. Your website or business cannot have a stable online presence without SEO. And since everyday millions of businesses are launching their website which has made SEO the most competing industry on the internet. It is not the same era where almost everyone could do SEO on their own. Such as teenagers doing SEO for their blogs on their own. Now, blogging is not a profitable industry anymore. As people do not know how to produce high quality content. Or how to do SEO for it.

As old SEO techniques don`t work in 2020 anymore. Almost every blogger before 2017 could easily apply old SEO techniques and create some cheap backlinks. And will be ready to get ranked in Google. But, in last couple of years. Google has cleaned up all the trash from the internet. And now only reputable websites can rank in top 10 and any website with low quality content. Or with poor backlink profile will not be given priority. In worst cases, Google might penalise those websites by giving a manual penalty which will non index your website out of Google SERP. Once you receive a manual penalty. Google will tell you the reason for it. And you will need to hire a SEO expert to help you to remove that manual penalty.

We don`t recommend doing anything on your own if you have a manual penalty on your site. As if you knew anything about SEO. Then this manual penalty would never have been applied to your site. In other words, you need an expert. Or you can contact us so that we can follow Google guidelines in order to fix the problems on your website. Google is launching algorithm updates almost every month. And every website might get affected by that which can cause some websites to gain rankings or some to lose. In 2019, it has been very common to see that all those websites which were ranking on the first page of Google until 2018 are now vanished. And not even showing up on the second page.

This is what the new algorithm of Google is doing to those low quality websites which were misusing SEO techniques before 2017 in order to gain rankings. After the update, Google has been taking down all those blackhat sites which were using keywords in their domain. So that they can trick the system. Google has been doing coding for tracking such blackhat techniques. So that it can penalize those websites which were hacking the Google rankings.


If you are a webmaster or SEO expert, consultant or a company. And wondering why your websites are not gaining ranking in Google anymore. Then probably it is the time to stop old SEO techniques. And get updated with new Google algorithm updates. We will discuss a list of things here which people are used of doing which used to work as well in SEO until 2017 but not anymore. Search engine optimization starts with on page optimization. And the most important thing in on page optimization is the content. Every website needs to have high quality content in order for Google to consider it for rankings. In the past, no one gave importance to content writing. Except some genuine SEO experts. And rest of them just found a way to trick Google.

They used to copy the content from other websites. And then use article spinner to spin the content to avoid plagiarism and then use that content on their websites. This way they use to trick Google. And were using duplicate content as original and Google algorithms were too weak to catch that in those times. This way they did not have to write new content which means they saved a lot of time. And on the other end never needed to learn the white hat techniques which are causing them their fortunes now. However, after several years, Google did notice this problem. And finally came with new updates in which the content generated from article spinner was considered as duplicate. So, now any website which is using duplicate content. Or low quality content will get no attention from Google at all. Until they change it with original.

This is one thing people should not do anymore in 2020. And get used to write high quality original content for their blogs or website. If you can`t write the content on your own. Then hire someone who can otherwise there is no need to go to the next step in SEO. Until you have the original content on your website. Next thing which people need to avoid in the content is excessive use of keywords which are also known as keyword stuffing. Earlier, every website used to be full of keywords on the page. And that use to give Google a signal that this website is most relevant for those keywords. This technique was abused or rather misused for a long time to get rankings. As Google was considering it as white hat back then.

But, now keyword stuffing works against Google. And if you put too many keywords in a page then it will be considered as spam and your website will be ranked down automatically. In 2020, your headings need to be optimized properly as well. And your main keyword should always be in H1 heading and the secondary keyword in H2. If you need any help in on page optimization for your website. Then you can contact Drida Infotech now.


If you are a teenager or lady or someone looking for part time work. Then everyone must have thought about doing blogging from home. You must have done lot of research online that how to earn from blogging, how much can you earn from blogging or how long does it take to make stable income from blogging. However, in most cases you don`t get the exact information or motivation from the internet which can inspire you to focus on that path. It is not easy to earn from blogging anymore and we don’t suggest anyone to see it as a source of income or living as it is not. If you are passionate about writing then you should go about blogging and if after few years you are able to make money from it then it will be a bonus for you.

But, if you start blogging just because you want to earn then probably it will never work out for you. We will highlight and discuss main reasons here that why not everyone can succeed with blogging as there will be few factors which will not be in your control. In case, you are thinking about blogging so that you can earn some money then you will need a lot of traffic to your blog so that you can run some ads and earn from clicks. Now, in order to get traffic, you will need to know how to do SEO or hire someone to do it for you. In first case, if you decide to do it on your own then you might need to take classes or learn online and might have to pay for it which will not be cheap and could take 3 months to learn SEO.

We don`t think that everyone will have time or money to learn SEO on their own and that will be the main reason to forget about blogging anymore. However, if you are one of those who are willing to learn SEO no matter what it takes then we can proceed further and let`s consider that you know how to do SEO. Now, you will have to write a lot means a lottt and should produce at least 5 articles per week and this should carry on for 1 year at least. So, by calculation you should have around 250 articles in a year which is good but just writing them is not good enough. You will need to get the SEO done for every single article as well every day, every week throughout the year.

Most people might give up their thoughts on blogging after reading all the hard work which is needed continuously for 1 year. Even if someone still decides to crack the nut and follows all the practices for a year, still there is no guarantee that Google adsense will work for you. Google adsense can just stop showing ads any time depending on its mood telling you that your website is getting invalid traffic or your adsense account has been suspended.


More often than not, every webmaster has this question that how long will it take for my website to come on the first page of Google. We have a very simple answer for that as it can take 4 to 6 months depending on the level of competition or never if your website has got low quality content on it. In the past, people have used blackhat techniques to dominate rankings in Google which includes using a domain name including the keyword. Such practice is against Google`s guidelines and is known as blackhat which used to work well for few people in the past. People still try to use such tricks and techniques even in 2020 but Google updates its algorithm every month and all those blackhat sites are being taken down sooner than later.

So, if anyone shares this trick with you and promises that they will give you quicker rankings in Google then that might be true but what they are not telling you is that for how long those ranking will last. Not more than a month for sure as soon Google launches its new algorithm update, it will take down your site and you will lose all the money which you spent on that website. Therefore, this practice does not work anymore in 2020 and there is only one way your website can get stable rankings in Google is with the time. If you have quality content on your site and have done on page optimization then all you need to do is to create high quality backlinks everyday and then give Google 3 to 4 months to award you for your hard work.

Four months is the sufficient time that is when you will definitely get positive results and you will just need to build on that from there on to establish your rankings permanently in SERP. SEO wants time and won`t give you results within a week or ten days. Sometimes, you might see results more quicker in case of local SEO where the competition is not very high and it is easy to get rankings there even within a month. However, traditional SEO is the most difficult and need to be done with expertise as businesses are depending on SEO companies for their fortunes. If a successful business is handled by someone who don`t have any business knowledge then it will be ruined. The same way, if you have a really good looking website.

But if you give it to a newbie or to someone who don`t know how to do SEO in 2020 then they can ruin your online rankings and it will get very difficult for you to stand in the competition. Drida Infotech is the best digital marketing company and if you need to consult with our SEO consultants, you can book an appointment now. 



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