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Microsoft Hotmail is a professional email service used by Australians frequently. However, there can be times when HOTMAIL NOT WORKING problems can frustrate you. You might not be able to login into your Hotmail account when HOTMAIL NOT WORKING. Or your account is blocked due to suspicious activities. If you are travelling overseas and your HOTMAIL NOT WORKING then contact us on 0261003579. Our email support technicians will check why is your HOTMAIL NOT WORKING? The best way to deal with HOTMAIL NOT WORKING problems is by calling us on 0261003579 or by starting a chat session on this website.


If you are using a windows computer such as Windows 8 or 10 and you need help with your Hotmail account. Then you can contact as and get help with your email problems. Mostly, people use windows mail app which is the default mail app in every Windows 10 computer now. However, at times, you might see some account error messages in the windows mail app. And it might ask you to fix account settings in order to get your emails. So, if you have been getting this error message and your emails are not coming through. Then you need to connect with our Hotmail technicians. So that we can connect with your computer remotely and check the windows mail server settings. In most cases, your Hotmail password might have been changed. Due to which your email settings needs to be updated using the new password.

If you do not know what is your Hotmail password. Or think someone might have changed it. Then contact us as soon as possible so that we can block the unauthorized access of your Hotmail account. Often, people miss the trick and they contact us too late. So, if you have been facing problem with your Hotmail account for weeks and you are contacting us now. Then it might be too late in certain cases where your account has been hacked and you have no control over it at all. Therefore, we recommend contacting us the same day or as soon as possible to recover the account. If your account has been compromised recently then we have higher chances of getting it recovered.

But, if you contact us after days and by the time if the hackers have changed all the account details then you will not be able to verify that this account belongs to you. Your mobile number and alternate email address needs to be linked with your primary Hotmail account. So that when something goes wrong, we can send a verification code to your mobile or alternate email to verify that it is you. But, if the hackers remove your mobile number or recovery email address then it will be impossible for you to get back into your Hotmail account. Therefore, taking the first step after your Hotmail account is compromised is very crucial. You need to call us immediately on 0261003579.


We have discussed what to do and how to fix your Hotmail email problems on a Windows computer above. But, if you are an Apple or Mac user and facing some issues in accessing your Hotmail account. Then call us now on 0261003579 and speak to our technicians. There are a couple of ways in which you can access Hotmail account on a Mac computer. First is by using Safari and going to Hotmail or Outlook website and then login using your email address and password. Second is by setting up emails on Mac mail which is the default email application in every Apple computer. Once your emails are successfully set up on Mac mail then you do not need to login again and again using your password.

However, if you use Mac mail then you need to make sure that it is set up correctly with correct incoming and outgoing server settings. Because, if there is any one mistake then your Mac mail will start giving error messages and you will not be able to send or receive emails. If you are getting any such error message on your mail app and do not how to fix it then contact us. We will check the IMAP and SMTP server settings with port numbers to make sure they are correct. If not then we will have to configure the Hotmail account using correct settings and password. You also need to know the working password for your Hotmail account. As without the password there is nothing which can be done. The basic troubleshooting for any email problem starts with knowing or creating a new password for your email account.

And incorrect password is the most common reason for emails not working on Mac computer. Once you give me your Hotmail email address then we will be able to check if your password is working or not. If the password is working then we can connect remotely with your computer to set up emails on Mac mail. In case, the password is not working then we will have to get a new password first. It is your responsibility to make sure that your working mobile number or recovery email address is updated in your Hotmail account. We will send a code to your mobile to verify your account and create a new password. Once we have a working password then only we can proceed to the next step.

If your password cannot be reset as your old mobile number is still linked with your Hotmail account which you cannot access anymore. Then no need to waste your time. As your account might have been compromised already and you will not be able to get it back now. In such cases, talk to our Hotmail support staff and they might be able to provide you an alternate solution. You can book an appointment with our technicians by paying the service charge and get help online.


If you are a Hotmail email user and have been using it on your iPhone but upgraded your iPhone recently. You have been able to transfer everything from your old iPhone to new iPhone except the Hotmail emails. Then contact us on 0261003579 in order to set up your Hotmail emails on your new iPhone. You can also check if your emails are working on your laptop or computer or not. If they are working on computer then we just need to set up emails on your iPhone. In case, your emails are not working on your computer as well. Then we will have to work on your computer remotely to fix the problem. First thing we need is a working password for your Hotmail account in order to set them up on your iPhone.

If you know the password then we can directly go to settings on your iPhone to set up the Hotmail account. In case, you do not know the password then we will need to find it first. If your emails are already logged in the webmail on your computer then we can extract the existing password for your Hotmail account from the password manager. Every browser can store passwords for websites such as Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari. So, if you are using one of these browsers and if your Hotmail account is automatically logged in then we will find the current password. If this password works then we can continue setting up emails on iPhone. In case, the existing password does not work then it means that your account might have been compromised. And your password must have been changed by the hackers.

You need to act immediately in such situations and contact our risk team as soon as possible. If you contact us on time then we will be able to recover the account and block the hackers. But if you contact us too late or your recovery options are not updated with your Hotmail account. Then it is your responsibility as you did not pay attention to your email security and now it is too late. We are assuming in this case that you have a working password for your Hotmail account. Now, you can go to settings on your iPhone and go to passwords and accounts. Click on add account and choose Outlook. Now follow the steps on the screen and click on save on the top right corner. Your Hotmail account should have been added successfully on your iPhone now.

You can check the mail app on your iPhone to see if you are getting emails or not. In case, it did not work for you then you might have missed some steps. But need not to worry as you can give us a call on 0261003579 and speak to our technicians over the phone. We provide premium and professional Hotmail email services at nominal charges in Australia and worldwide.


Hotmail is a widely used email service globally. People use Hotmail on different devices and platforms. Such as it is used on iPhones, Windows phones and mostly on android phones as well. We have discussed how to fix Hotmail emails on iPhone above if they are not working. Here, we will discuss what to do or how to fix Hotmail emails on android phones. We are going to take a Samsung phone as an example of android operating system. So, if you are a Samsung user and have been facing problems with your Hotmail account then this could be the solution to your problem. You might have been getting error messages on your phone and not getting emails. Once you contact us, we will check when the last time you received an email on your phone was and how to fix it.

Most commonly, your email server settings are not able to sync with the Hotmail server. Due to which your email application on the phone is not able to download the emails from the Hotmail server. The reason for this could be an incorrect password or incorrect incoming and outgoing server settings. There are two ways in which you can access or set up your Hotmail emails on your Samsung phone. One is by adding the Hotmail account to the default email client which is already there on the phone. Second option is where we can install the Outlook app from the play store and then set up Hotmail emails in Outlook. We recommend downloading the Outlook app from the play store and use it for accessing Hotmail emails on your android devices.

The default email app is quite complicated and you might have to go to tedious troubleshooting steps in order to make it work. As the default email app can stop talking to Hotmail server and you will get sync errors every now and then. But, if you are using an Outlook app which is officially from Microsoft then that means it will take all the settings directly from the Hotmail server. And you will not see any sync error messages as it updates all the settings automatically in the background. If you still prefer using the default email client to set up the Hotmail account. Then you need to go to settings on your Samsung phone and then go to cloud and accounts. Now click on accounts here and then click on add account. You might need to delete the old Hotmail account if it was previously added.

Once you click on add account then choose Outlook on the screen. After following all the prompts on the screen, you should be able to add the Hotmail account successfully. In case, it does not work or if you need help then you can call us on 0261003579. Our technicians have years of professional and technical experience. And they can guide you step by step and fix the problem on the phone call itself.


Google chrome is the most used internet browser in the world. However, it is also the most corrupted browser at the same time. When we say it is corrupted, it does not mean it is hacked or you have to pay anything to use it. But we mean that Google chrome gets infected or corrupted after a little usage in comparison to other internet browsers. Now, if you have been using Google chrome for accessing your Hotmail account and have been facing some problems. Such as your Hotmail emails are not loading or you are not able to click on emails to open them. But at the same time everything is working fine on your phone. It means that there is problem with your Hotmail account as you are able to check your emails on your phone without any problem.

However when you try to access them on your computer using Google chrome then they are not loading. It simply means that the Google chrome browser is corrupted and needs to be cleaned up or reinstalled. You will need a technician to help you with this process. As Hotmail might not be the only website which you cannot access, there can be many more. Once you call our Hotmail support technicians, they will establish a remote connection with your computer. They will check browsing and cache history of your Google chrome browser and clean it up. It is a good idea to clean up the whole computer at the same time and not just the Google chrome browser. If you just clean up Google chrome then it might get corrupted again. As if the glitch had been there in the computer itself.

It is a normal routine to get the computer cleaned up in every 3 months to make sure it is not full of junk. You will need to buy our yearly services in order to make sure your computer is cleaned up and optimized from time to time. We provide only premium and paid services. So if you are looking for something free then you will have to keep looking as there is no such thing as free service in this world. We are providing premium technical support services at Drida Infotech and give training to our technicians who are helping you. Therefore, we have to charge our customers and most of the time everyone is happy to pay as long as they are not fake people. You can forget about the time where you had to take your computer to a local technician in order to get it fixed.

As now, you do not need waste your time in driving and leaving your computer to a stranger without knowing what they are doing with it. Instead you can pick up your phone and dial 0261003579 and speak with the technicians online. We will work on your computer remotely in front of you so that you can see what we are doing.

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