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Hotmail Email Settings

We all know when we must set up emails on email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, we need some email server settings to be configured correctly in order to send and receive emails successfully. We have two main email settings, one is for incoming mails and the other is for outgoing emails. Incoming email server setting is referred as POP or POP3 and outgoing email server setting is known as SMTP. There are different port numbers to be used as well while configuring these incoming and outgoing server settings. You can find these settings when you search online but if you are not tech savvy then we assume you won`t be able to do much with them and you will need someone to help you with that. Now, is the time when you need to call us as this is what we do on daily basis and we have extensive experience in email configuration on different email clients and we know all the major and minor changes which needs to be done in order to successfully set up and activate your emails. Also, if you are planning to set up your emails on your iPhone or on android device, you need to choose your email app carefully. We recommend using the outlook app as it does not ask you to enter additional server settings as it takes them automatically from Microsoft server. But, if you choose the default mail app, you might be required to put in the incoming and outgoing server settings and that is where things can get complicated for you and if done incorrectly can make the problem worse. Therefore, it is recommended to call us and take the advice of the certified technicians and let them help you in setting up your Hotmail account on your phone.

Why To Make A Strong Hotmail Password

We recommend everyone to create a strong and complex password while setting up your email address as you do not want to create a simple password which might include your first name and some numbers after that. It would be easy to guess by the hackers and for people with technical knowledge whereas creating a strong password does not mean that even you can`t remember it when needed. Therefore, you should always keep your passwords safely noted down in case of emergency when you can`t remember them. The main reason for creating strong passwords is so that no one can easily guess them. If you are an email user, you must have noticed that you do get spam emails or promotional marketing emails everyday from random people or companies whom you do not know. But still they have got your email address and they keep sending you those emails every day. Now, that means they already have your email address which probably includes your first and last name and then some numbers which means they will know your name and can guess your password as well. Therefore, it is never recommended to use your first name with common numbers to set up as your password. Also, when you are browsing the internet and searching for things online, most of the time you will come across to websites asking you to fill up your email address to subscribe to something. We recommend you not to just give up your email address just like that to them until and unless you know what you are doing. As later, your inbox will be full of those junk marketing emails and you will be blaming Hotmail for your mistake.

There could be n number of unconfirmed reasons is that why someone will hack into your email account or what will they get by doing that. We get this question from users on daily basis and they say they have no money or the hackers can`t get any money from their email account. But one thing you should understand that these days, hacking is not about getting money from you every time, hacking is much more than a user can think or know of. Let’s say you email account is hacked and you have no money in your bank account but what if your email account is linked with your Facebook or other social accounts. In that case, the hacker will be able to reset the passwords for your other social accounts using your email address and then can steal your identity and imposter you. They can demand money from your friends or contacts or might mis use your email account to purchase illegal things online. Moreover, if your personal documents such as driving license or passport copy is saved in your emails, they can mis use your documents to open bank accounts and borrow mortgage from the bank and when it will be the time to pay, the bank will send you the notice at your property. There could be an unexplainable mis use of your email account once it is hacked which we can`t even think of or describe. Therefore, call us as soon as possible so that we can check your current account status to recover it. Sometimes, it can get too late and if you call us then, it won`t be even possible for us to help you because the account will be completely taken over by the hacker and no one would be able to get it back for you no matter how much you are ready to pay. Most of the people waste their time in seeking help with local technicians or friends or neighbours, remember they are not email support company, so they can`t help you. Even Microsoft don`t help people in such cases saying it is not something they deal in and it will be your own fault as you did not take the right decision to call a genuine email support helpline. We will try our best to recover your Hotmail account and you will be informed about the services charges applicable if there is any, call us now to get help.           





How To Set Up Hotmail Account

If you are trying to create a new Hotmail account or already have created one but do not know how to set it up on your mobile, computer or tablet then you can call us, and we will help you set up your Hotmail account as per your convenience. There are number of devices these days on which you can set up your Hotmail account such as on iPhones, android phones and tablets, on windows and mac. So, if you are using one of them or all of them then, you need to call us to get your email configured on all those devices. If you are using iPhone or android phones, then we can set up emails using the default mail application which you have in the phone already or we can download outlook app from the app store and configure the email using that. In case, you are using a mac computer then, we can configure your Hotmail account in the mail app which you can find at the bottom of the dock. If you are using windows 10 or previous versions of windows, then we have an inbuilt mail app in windows which we can use to set up your emails. Or if you do not want to use that and have Microsoft Office program installed then, we can set up emails in Microsoft office email clients which you can access from your desktop. If you are using older version of windows, you might be able to use windows live mail as well as your email client application. In case, you are particular about choosing your email client and design you can go for some paid email clients as well such as Mozilla Thunderbird which can give you customized layout and functioning of your email application on your computer.

MICROSOFT HOTMAIL CHANGE PASSWORD ACCOUNT HACKED is quite often required if you have shared your old email password with someone else already. However, at times you get locked out of your own email account and you do not own account recovery options anymore. In those cases, you need to contact MICROSOFT HOTMAIL CHANGE PASSWORD ACCOUNT HACKED team so that we can check all the available recovery options or look for an alternate solution. There are two ways you can contact MICROSOFT HOTMAIL CHANGE PASSWORD ACCOUNT HACKED team, either on this website with chat support option located in the lower right corner or directly call on to get all your Hotmail issues fixed online.

Microsoft Hotmail Change Password

If you are using several Microsoft products and few of them have expired and you are trying to renew them, you will be asked to sign in into your Microsoft account before you can do that. If you know your Microsoft account and password, then it should be fine but in case you have forgotten your Microsoft account or password then you will be stuck in that situation and you will not be able to able to those Microsoft services which requires you to sign in into Microsoft account first. One most important example can be your laptop or computer which is linked to your Microsoft account and you always need to put in your Microsoft account password in your computer in order to login. Now, if you do not know your Microsoft account password which means you will not be able to login into your computer either as it is linked to the same Microsoft account. So, if you are in the same situation and have lost access to your computer or Microsoft account, you need to contact as right away in order to change Microsoft password. Our certified team of technicians will check your Microsoft account details and if recovery options are working, we will be able to reset the password and recover your Microsoft account. In case, if your Microsoft account is hijacked and recovery options are not working anymore then we will need to reset your computer in order to unlink the Microsoft account so that you can log back in into your computer without Microsoft account. Our Microsoft Change Password team is helping people round the clock where you can chat with us and get help with your Microsoft email or other services. If you are using your emails on mobile devices or want to use them on your phone but do not know how to set up, you can contact us so that we can guide you with all the correct setting in order to set up a Microsoft account on mobiles or tablets. If you are using an iPhone or android phone, its recommended to download the outlook app from the app store where you can set up Microsoft email accounts without entering any manual settings. In case, you want to use them on the default mail application, then you will need to call us so that we can guide you all the steps in order to configure your Microsoft emails on iPhones and android phones. We also do not recommend linking your Microsoft account to your computer or laptops as in case if you forgot your Microsoft account password or if your account got hijacked, you will not be able to login into your computer as well. You also need to check that your current mobile number and recovery email address is updated in your Microsoft account. In case, your old mobile number is still linked to your account, you will not be able to reset the password.

Who Uses Hotmail

There are billions of people who are using Hotmail as their primary email address and their main source of communication whether it is for personal use or business. Apart from emails, people also use products and services from Microsoft such as Xbox, play station or skype for chatting and video calling. So, if you are using one of those products, you will need to sign up for a Hotmail or any other email account which you can use as Microsoft account to access those products and services. With all that, there comes few problems as well such as what if you can`t login into your Xbox or play station account and you have your unspent funds still there. It becomes worse when you do not even remember which email address you used to sign up for a Microsoft account to register your Xbox or play station. Also, if you live alone and use skype as a medium to contact and communicate with your loved ones, just imagine if you can`t sign into your skype anymore and you do not know your skype username or email address and password to sign in. There could be n number of issues which you might face on daily basis with your Hotmail or Microsoft account. Now, with every problem there come a solution too but not obviously from Microsoft. Because if you are on this website and reading this right now that means you already have given up on Microsoft as they were not able to help you, or you never found them. But that is not the end of the world as we understand that Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc they do not provide any support to their users and you must have already experience that by now. We understand your frustration and now because you have found us, we will make sure that all the problems which you are facing gets fixed right away. We will discuss the first case where you are not able to log in into your Xbox or play station account anymore. To start with, you need to know the email address which you used to sign up for Xbox and play station account. If you the email address but can`t login into that email account to reset the password, then you need to contact us so that first we can get you back into your email account and then into your Xbox and play station account. Second case is where you are not able to sign into skype anymore and do not remember your skype username. Skype username can be your email address as well which you used while signing up for skype account. If you are not sure which email address you used for skyping, call us and provide us all the email address which you are using so that we can check if any of those email addresses are associated with your skype account as well or not. If we find one of your email addresses is linked with a skype account, then we will need to login into that email account to receive the reset password link from skype. If you can`t login into that email account anymore then we will need to reset the email password first. In all the situations, you will need to contact us first so that we can guide you step by step and only do the logical troubleshooting and not start doing everything.