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Google can be called as the father of the internet. And it is the number one company in the world followed by Apple and Facebook. However, you might have realized that there is no number for GOOGLE CUSTOMER CARE AUSTRALIA. So, if you think you can call GOOGLE CUSTOMER CARE AUSTRALIA just like that. Then you need to wake up from your dreams. And face the reality. Nobody can call GOOGLE CUSTOMER CARE AUSTRALIA. As Google do not exist over the phone.


So now if you are wondering how to contact Google in the matter of life and death. Then the answer is pretty simple that you cannot. No matter if you die or live. Google has got nothing to do with your life. Google is only giving you free services. Such as Gmail, Google Business, Google maps, Google drive etc. You are free to use all those free services. And Google will not come to ask you to pay anything in return. In the similar way, Google does not allow anyone to come to them when someone needs any help with their free services. For example, if you are using Google business to register your business on Google. You can do that for free as there is no charge. But, you cannot expect Google to have customer support number for you where you can call for help.

It is quite straightforward to understand that if you are not paying anything to Google. Then why would Google or any other company will employ people to take your phone calls for free. On the other end, if you are using any paid services of Google. Such as Google Ads or G-Suite. Then you will definitely find a number to call them. As you will be the paid customer of Google in that case. So, with the above example. You can clearly understand that there is no free support. No matter if it is Google or Microsoft. We follow the same concept at Drida Infotech. And provide only premium, professional and paid services to our customers. The only difference between Drida Infotech and other brands is that other brands do not care about you. But at Drida Infotech, we can always find alternate solutions to your problems.

The most common reasons when someone needs to contact Google are: when they can`t access their Google or Gmail account. Or need help in setting up Google maps or Google business accounts. We have our dedicated team of technicians who can help you with Google problems. You can call us on 0261003579 and chat with us online. A technician will be assigned to your case as per the problem. And your problem will be resolved within an hour or less. As soon you have paid the services charges. So, if you need help in setting up your business on Google. Or want to update your business details. Then call us now.


If you have a business online and want it to show up in Google. Then you must register for a Google business account. Google business is a place where you can enter your business details. Such as business address, website, phone number etc. So that people can find your business details by typing your business name in Google search. Whether you are trying to set up your business for the first time. Or your business is already set up on Google. And you need to make some changes to it. Then you can contact our support staff on call 0261003579. Or chat with them on this website as well. We will help you in setting up your new business on Google. As the first time set up can take a month to register your business in Google.

The very common problem which people face is that they do not receive the post card from Google. Now, if you do not understand which post card we are talking about. Then we will have to explain in the detail here. As a first time Google business user. You will need to go through the address verification. So, once you sign up for Google business. And enter all the details about your business. Then Google will physically send you a post card with the security code printed on it to your business address. Google does this to make sure that you are using a real business address. And you are there to receive the post card. This process of sending and receiving the post card can take weeks. Few people don`t get it ever and they give up.

So, we need to be very careful while requesting for address verification in Google business. As if you clicked on verification few times. Then new post cards will be sent from Google. But they will be sent in the gap of 2,3 days. So, the post card which you have with you right now. Its code might not work. As other post cards with new codes are still on the way. But you do not know that. And you go back to Google business account again and request a new post card. By doing that, you just have cancelled those codes which are going to come to your address in next few days. So, you can understand that there is a loop. And just because you do not understand how the verification process.

Due to which you got yourself in this mess. First time business registration on Google can be smooth for people who follow the steps and have patience. But, it can get super complicated if you do not what you are doing. On the other end, if your business is already set up on Google. And your business address is verified. Then you can add as many businesses on the same address instantly. In that case, the security code will be sent to your email address online.


If you are looking to contact Google business helpline in Australia. Then you can call us on 0261003579. Or chat online on this website. We can help you in changing your phone number or address in Google business. Many people contact us who want to change their business location in Google maps. Or want to update their phone number. As they are losing clients. For some, it can be a trouble. As somehow they do not own any business. But their phone number is updated in some other business. And they are receiving unwanted phone calls and enquiries. So, if you are in one of those situations and need help. Then Drida Infotech will be happy to assist you once you have subscribed to our services. It is not easy to get your phone number removed from someone else`s business.

As you will not have any control over their Google business account. In normal circumstances, you can login into Google business account. And update or remove the phone number from there. But in this case, your phone number has been misused. And you do not know who is the account owner of that Google business account. So, no matter how good you are with computers. Or how much IT knowledge you got. In this case, you cannot do anything. And contacting Drida Infotech is your last hope. As there is no Google for anyone. You might also want to change the pin location of your business on Google maps. As it might be showing the pin at the wrong location in the map. And your customers are not able to find your business location easily. Or they are going to the wrong location.

There can be unexpected problems when you are using Google business. And you can only know about them when they have already happened. So, if you are facing similar problems with your Google business account. Then contact our technicians now. And let them handle the situation in a professional manner. We have years of experience in dealing with Google business problems. And can understand that how it feels when things don’t work the way you want. Or as fast as you want. But massive experience of our technicians can help in diagnosing the problem instantly. Speaking with someone who knows what you are talking about is a major advantage. If you speak with a technician who knows what is your problem. Then you can say half of your problem is already solved. In other words, you do not need to waste your time in explaining the whole story.

As we already know which situation you are coming from. All is left for us is to fix the problem and save your time. Once we know your problem and have a solution to it. Then you can pay our service charges online. And your problem will get fixed within an hour or as soon as possible. So, call Google Business now: 0261003579.

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