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Gmail is the world`s number one email service used by billions of users. However, people also face billions of problems as well while using a Gmail account. The most common problem is when GMAIL NOT RECEIVING EMAILS. There can be several reasons that why GMAIL NOT RECEIVING EMAILS. Such as the Gmail password is incorrect or there might be a connectivity issue. So, if your GMAIL NOT RECEIVING EMAILS as well then contact our technicians now on 0261003579. We will check that why your GMAIL NOT RECEIVING EMAILS on your phone or computer and fix the problem online.


Windows mail is the default email application on every windows 10 computer these days. People use windows mail to check their emails on windows computers without logging into the webmail. Whether you are a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo email user, you must have used this email client at some point. In this particular case, if you are a Gmail user and have been using Gmail on windows mail app for a while but now it is not working. Then you must connect with our Gmail technicians online to get the problem checked. There are two types of server settings which can be used while setting up Gmail on email clients. One is called IMAP which is mainly used on Apple computers and the other is POP which can be used on windows computers. However, you can use both servers on windows computers but only IMAP if it is Apple.

IMAP is mainly used nowadays both in windows and Mac computers. If you have not been receiving emails in your Gmail account. Then the windows mail app must have been giving you an error message as well. We can understand the problem in a better way if you know which error message you have been getting. In normal circumstances, you might be getting an error message saying that your settings are out of date. It happens when you have changed your Gmail password recently and forgot to update it in the mail app on the computer. Or you did not change the password and your password might have been changed by someone else if your account has been compromised. If you have changed your Gmail password recently then we can set up your emails in windows mail app using the new password again to make it work.

In case, you did not change your Gmail password then you should be concerned as your account might have got hacked. You need to call us immediately so that our technicians can check your Gmail account activities. We will check from which all places your Gmail account was accessed recently. And if we find anything suspicious then block those activities and recover your Gmail account as soon as possible. Gmail security system is very sensitivity which means if you do not take prompt action to recover your account. Then someone else can become the primary owner of your Gmail account. In which case, you will never be able to get back into your Gmail account.


If you are a Mac user then you must be familiar with Mac mail email client. Mac mail is the default email application on every Apple computer. You can set up any email on Mac mail and access your emails without going to Safari. If you have been using Mac mail to access your Gmail account but recently your Gmail stopped working. Then you can take help from our Gmail technicians and they can look into the problem. Mac mails can give your real trouble if you do not know what you are doing. Or what you are dealing with. You might be getting error messages all over your computer screen or in the corner. Apple computers can be quite confusing at times. As you would not know which passwords are they asking you to enter? Sometimes, you might need to enter the computer login password or apple id password.

And other times you might need to enter your Gmail password to validate your account settings in Mac mail. If you are confused and do not know which password to use and where then it is best to call a technician and get help. Our technicians are trained on such issues and have years of experience behind them. In other words, it might take you 15 minutes to find out what is the problem. But, it might take only 2 minutes for them to understand and diagnose the problem. And that is only because they have lot of experience and they work on these issues on daily basis. So, contacting us immediately is recommended which can save you lot of time. Our technicians can work on windows computer as well as on Apple and fix email problems as soon as possible.

We will connect with your computer using Goto Assist remote software and check Mac mail settings. Most of the time, we will need to reconfigure your Gmail account using correct incoming and outgoing server settings. You should also know the working password of your Gmail account. We need to make sure that IMAP is on under Gmail settings in the webmail. If IMAP is not on then your emails will not work on Mac mail and you will keep getting error messages. In other words, you should have access to your Gmail account on the webmail with a working password. If you can`t access your emails on the webmail in order to check all the settings. Then it can get very difficult to set up your emails on Mac mail as well.

If you do not know how to turn on IMAP from settings in the webmail then give us a call on 0261003579. We will show you how you can go to settings and turn on POP and IMAP from the settings in Gmail. So, call us now.


Gmail is the most used email service on iOS and android devices. iOS operating system is mainly and only found in Apple devices. So, if you are using an iPhone, iPad or iPod that means you are using iOS to check your Gmail emails. But, if you are not receiving emails on your iPhone and need some help then contact us now. The most common reasons why Gmail is not receiving emails are incorrect password or server settings. You will see some error message on your iPhone. It might be saying cannot connect to network or authentication failed. If you good in understanding error messages that means half of the job is done. As error message in itself tells you what is going to be the solution. For example, if you receive an error message saying that authentication failed.

It simply means that you are not able to authenticate your Gmail account with the correct password. You will need to check if your Gmail password works on the webmail to cross check if the error is valid. If the password does not work that means it is a password issue and the error message is correct. Now, you will have to get a new password if you want to receive emails on your iPhone. You can click on forgot password on the Gmail website and follow the instructions to create a new password. Your mobile number or alternate email address should be updated with Gmail as recovery. If it is not updated or you see your old mobile number still linked with your Gmail account and you do not know the password as well.

Then you are screwed as in that case no one on the planet can get you a new password or update your mobile number with Gmail now. First you need to understand how the recovery process of Gmail works. You will need to log in into Gmail account in order to change/remove phone numbers or email addresses. And that means you need to have a working password to log in first. Secondly, if you cannot login and need to get a new password but that is also not possible. As your password verification code is being sent to your old mobile number which you cannot change in Gmail now because you are not logged in. So in short, you can just pull your hair from both of your hands in frustration. As it is no one else`s fault if you did not update your mobile number in Gmail on time.

Or if you do not know what is your password. As it is not something which someone else will know or will do on your behalf. We can understand your frustration until this point as we get lot of calls for such issues. In such situations, you might not be able to get your Gmail account back. But, we can definitely look for some alternate solutions depending on your case.


Android operating system was launched by Google in competition with Apple. All these smart phones like Samsung, Motorola etc uses android operating system. As android operating system is owned by Google, therefore, Google makes people to use Google/Gmail account to sign up for android phones. In case, if you buy a new Samsung phone then you must have seen that it asks you to login with Google account. Google account is your email address and password which you need to use to back up things on cloud. Most of the time people use a Gmail account to sign up for android devices. However, you can use a third party email address as well to sign up for a Google account. This is a very risky step by Google as if you lose access to your Gmail or Google account.

Or do not what is the password and if you reset your phone. Then you will never be able to log back into your phone without logging into that Google account. Also, it is a complicated process to set up emails on android devices in comparison to iPhones. Therefore, we recommend downloading the Gmail app from the play store and set up Gmail emails there instead of using the default email app. Gmail is a very user friendly email app and can be set up easily without complications. While setting up the default email client can be a nightmare if you are not a technician and do not understand the technology very well. If you are having trouble in setting up your Gmail account on your phone then call us now 0261003579.

Our trained Gmail support staff will guide you step by step over the phone and help you to get your emails as soon as possible. If you do not know what is your Google account. Or which email address did you use to sign up for Google account then take help of our technicians right away. It is possible that at times you only use a secondary email address to sign up for a Google account just so that you can login into your new android phone. And then you completely forget about that email address. Now, when you need to login into that account for resetting your phone or for something else then you might not what is your Google account email address. In certain situations, we will need to go to settings on your phone and then check which email addresses show up under accounts.

If you see an email address and can recognize then it could be your Google account. Now once you know what is your email address then you also need to know its password. We are guessing that you will have no idea about the password as well. So, wait no more and talk to us. We will check the recovery options available for that account and will help to reset the password so that you can login.


Gmail and Google chrome are the products from the same company Google. However, at times you might have seen that you are having problems in accessing your Gmail emails on Google chrome. Your emails will be working fine on your phone but not on the computer while using Google chrome. There can be two types of situations with Google chrome. One is in which Google chrome just keeps saying loading and your emails will never open. Second is when you will see your emails on the screen. But you will not be able to click on certain things. Such as you might not be able to click on settings, archive or delete options. This happens if your Google chrome browser is infected or corrupted. In this case, you need stop wasting time in thinking that it is a problem with you Gmail account.

As your Gmail account is working fine on your phone. And if you try to login into your Gmail account on a different computer then it will work for sure. It means that the problem is with that particular computer and you need a technician from here to fix it for you. You can book an appointment with our Gmail technicians by paying the service charges. And we will fix your computer and Google chrome issues within an hour. This is one of the solutions if your Gmail is not working on Google chrome. In a different situation where everything is opening and working as normal but you are not receiving any new emails. Then we will need to check settings of your Gmail account. If you are free Gmail account user then you can go to settings and check if you have any filters or rules created.

You would need to remove such filters and rules so that you can start receiving emails. In case there are no filters and you are not receiving emails from a particular emails but receiving other emails. It means there could be a problem with the email address of that person who is sending you that email. You can contact them directly and ask them if they are getting any bounce back messages while sending you an email. If they are getting a bounce back message then you can ask them to whats app you that screenshot. So that you can email that error message to us in order to find the actual problem. In case, you are using paid G-suite services for your business email then call us on 0261003579. Business emails can be more complicated than just regular Gmail addresses.

If you are not able to send or receive emails in your business account then you need to make sure you have login access to your admin console. We will need to check some MX record and point DNS to your website IP address so that you can start getting emails. Call us now to get help with your Gmail account.