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If you are a Hotmail/Outlook user and FORGOT HOTMAIL PASSWORD. And looking to get some help to recover your Hotmail/Outlook account. You can call our FORGOT HOTMAIL PASSWORD recovery team. And they will be able to assist you with your Hotmail/Outlook email problems over the phone or chat. In case, you have any queries or concerns. Contact FORGOT HOTMAIL PASSWORD team now on 0261003579.

How To Reset Forgot Hotmail Password

You need to follow certain steps if you are looking to reset Forgot Hotmail password. There are few ways you can reset your Forgot Hotmail password. Such as online or over the phone. You can visit Outlook website and follow the options to change your password online. It will show you the recovery options available as per your account. Normally, your mobile number or recovery email address should be linked to your Hotmail account. And you can choose one of them to receive a verification code from Microsoft. You can use that verification code to reset the password. And log back into your account then. The situation becomes very different and unpleasant. When you see the mobile number linked to your Hotmail account is not the same phone number which you are using right now

In those cases, it is almost impossible to get a new password. As you will not be able to prove your identity which is needed in order to reset the password or reclaim the account. Also, Microsoft does not help you in such cases. And only gives you an option to fill up a form with your details and they will get back to you every time saying. That we were not able to recover your account because the information provided by you was not sufficient. So, if anything happens with your Hotmail account. Then do not think that you will get any help from Microsoft which is a truth. Now, if that is the case. Then you need to start looking for your options in order to recover your Forgot Hotmail Password. And if you are already on our website. Then that might be the problem to your solution.

You need to call our technicians to get your account checked and validated. We will check all the recovery options. And inform you if your account can be recovered. Or if there is any alternate solution to the problem. In case, you can still use the account on your phone. But do not know the password to use it on any computer. And your mobile number has changed which means you can`t get a new password. In that case, we would recommend you to open a new email account. And then transfer all the important emails from your phone to the new email account. Then quit that account and start using the new as a last scenario. If you do not know how to do that. You can call us and get all the professional and technical help over the phone or chat.

How To Set Up Hotmail In Outlook 2016

If you are using Hotmail email address and want to set it up on Outlook 2016 email client. But not sure how to configure all the settings. Then you need to get in touch with our technicians to troubleshoot the issue. We will connect with your computer remotely. And check the Outlook settings if they are correct or not. We need to make sure that we are using correct settings. For incoming and outgoing server in Outlook for your email account. Outlook will start showing error messages if the settings are not correct or wrong. In order to configure the emails in Outlook, you need to go to the account option in Outlook 2016. And then click on add account. After following all the prompts. You should be able to add your email account successfully however the job is not done yet.

You need to go to settings. And then update the incoming and outgoing server settings with relevant port numbers and encryption settings. If everything is set up correctly then you will receive a test email from Outlook itself saying that everything is set up correctly. If you have not received that email. Then click on send and receive tab. And wait to check if you are getting any error message in Outlook. The error message will tell you if there is a problem with incoming or outgoing mails. And then you will need to check your incoming and outgoing server settings accordingly. If you find this process difficult or you already have tried that with no success. Then it is a good idea to give us a call. And let the experts handle the situation.

We will fix the problem as less as within an hour over the phone itself which means you do not have to take your computer anywhere. Our technicians are well trained on Outlook and configure emails in Outlook 2016 on daily basis. They know the in and outs and all the settings of Outlook. So they will be able to set up your Hotmail account correctly on your Windows or Apple computer. Setting up the emails on Apple computers can be little trickier than on Windows computers. And you might get irrelevant error messages as well which might confuse you. In those situation when you are not sure what is the exact problem. Or what should be done. It`s better to call us and get your problem resolved.

Sometimes people try to set up their emails on Outlook by themselves. And in the process check the relevant steps and settings online. However at times you might be using Windows Outlook settings to configure the emails on an Apple computer. Or vice-versa which is not going to work. Therefore, it is crucial to use correct server settings for different operating systems. Such as IMAP should be used for Apple computer and POP should be used for windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

How To Set Up Microsoft Account For Xbox

If you have got a new play station or Xbox console for yourself or for your children. Then you need to login into your Microsoft account as well. You will be asked to login into your existing Microsoft account. Or set up a new one in order to set up the device. If you already have a play station or Xbox account. Then you can use that login. In case you are using them for the first time. Then you will need to set up a Microsoft account using your email address. You can use Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo or any of the emails to set up a Microsoft account. And also the play station or Xbox accounts online. In case you already have a Microsoft account which you used for your Xbox or play station to login. But do not remember its password now.

You need to contact us so that we can check the available recovery options for your Microsoft account. You will need to provide us the email address which you used to sign up for the Microsoft or play station or Xbox account. We will validate that email address. And let you know the possible recovery options available. In case if you do not know which email address you used to sign up for a Microsoft account. Then you will not be able to get back into that account. And you will have to create a new account with the new email address which means you will lose all the points or credits from the old account. Therefore, coming up with the correct email address is crucial and necessary part of Microsoft account recovery process.

Also, it is next to impossible to get any support directly from Microsoft. As you will hardly find a number to call them. And they do not know how to fix the problem and will ask you only to fill up a form which is only a waste of time. Most often people use the same email address for several other accounts. Such as Microsoft account, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal or Instagram. So, if you lose your email address that means you will not be able to reset the passwords for any other account as well. We understand your situation very well. As we are not emotionless big brands. Such as Microsoft or Google who do not even have a direct number for their users. Therefore, we listen to your problem first. And then tell you exactly how it can be fixed. Or if it can`t be fixed at all.

We do not ask you to provide irrelevant information. Or ask you to do things which will not help you. As a legitimate company, we value your and our time. And we always work on genuine issues and provide world class technical support online and over the phone. So, if you need any help with your emails or computers. Call us now.

How To Forward Emails In Hotmail

If you are using one or more email accounts for personal or business purposes. But want all the emails to come through in one inbox. Then you can use the email forwarding feature in Hotmail. You need to go to settings in Hotmail to enable forwarding. And then type in the email address where you want to forward all the emails and then click save. You can also choose if you want to leave a copy of the email in Hotmail or not. The email forwarding features comes in very handy if you are a business person. And need to deal with multiple email accounts. You can use this feature to check all the emails in one inbox. And avoid logging in into different email accounts.

Email forwarding in Hotmail is a pretty straight forward process which can be done in few simple steps only by going in to the settings. If you do not know how to set up email forwarding in Hotmail. You can call our technical support helpline at. We will connect with your computer remotely. And help you forward your Hotmail emails to another email account over the phone itself. All you need to do is to call us. Or chat with our support staff to arrange an appointment with one of our technicians online. In case you want to disable email forwarding. As you have closed one of the email accounts or not using them anymore then it can be done from the settings itself. However, we need to remember that this feature is only available in the desktop version of Outlook website.

So it can`t be done from the mail app in mobile phones. Therefore, it is recommended to use a laptop or computer when you want to set up email forwarding in your Hotmail account. You must also be aware that Hotmail and Outlook is the same thing which means that the steps will work for forwarding emails in Outlook as well. So, whether you are using Hotmail or Outlook. You can call us to get the email forwarding set up on your email accounts in no time. If you are an international traveller and use email accounts from multiple countries. Then it is a good idea to have email forwarding enabled. As at times you might be blocked from using emails when you travel abroad because of the change in IP address.

In that case, you will be able to access your emails to the local email account of that country because of email forwarding. There are other reasons why your email address could be blocked while you travel. Such as change of devices or change of ISP`s causes the email service provider to block your account. And initiate a verification process. So, if you are not carrying your local mobile number with you in order to receive the verification text message. You will not be able to unblock the account online.

How To Stop Junk Emails In Hotmail

Like every other email providers. You must have also noticed that there is an option of junk emails in Hotmail where you receive all the irrelevant, promotional and marketing emails which you don`t like. You must have tried to get rid of them or delete them. But the more you try, more of those emails starts coming in. First we need to understand who sends those emails to you. And how do they get to know your email address at first place. Now, if you have ever noticed that when you go online and search for something. And then land on a website and fill up your details online on that website including your name, phone and email address. This is how they get your email address. And then they start sending you all the offers and promotions which apparently comes into your junk folder.

So, you need to be very careful and decisive that on which websites you want to leave your name, mobile and phone number. Otherwise you will start getting marketing calls and lot of junk emails. Therefore, you got no one else to blame for that. As you were the one visiting websites and filling up the information randomly and your mistake might be causing you frustration now in the form of junk emails. However, there could be a solution to this problem as well if done correctly. There are two things which can be done which might stop the flow of the junk emails. First is, you need to unsubscribe from as many emails every day and the other is to block those email addresses one by one.

This won`t stop the junk emails in one day as it is a long process which needs to be done regularly and on daily basis which most users don`t do as it is not a convenient way for anyone. For the same reason, those emails are considered as spam and put into the junk folder instead of going into the inbox. If you need more information on junk emails or how to control them or how to prevent yourself from junk then you can see our online videos or contact our support helpline at. We will do our best to place unique efforts to minimize the flow of junk emails and check if your email account comes under the list of compromised email accounts or not.

If the database shows that your email address falls under the list of compromised email accounts then we need to secure your account first before doing anything. We will have to change your password and update your current mobile number and another recovery email address to make sure you are the only user of your email account. In cases where your email account has been compromised, it can be misused for online marketing and promotions which will invite lot of junk in return. So, if you need help with such problems, call now.