We are going to talk about a cloud based software which is used to auto generate videos without you being in front of the camera. FLIIK/FLEEK REVIEW will help you to understand how this software works and who should mainly use it. If you are looking for software which can compare products on the internet and record all the information in a video then FLIIK/FLEEK REVIEW software is for you. Most interesting fact about FLIIK/FLEEK REVIEW is that you do not have to be in front of the camera to record videos. Or you also do not need to make any video slides or edit videos manually. You simple need to type in the keywords of the products in FLIIK/FLEEK REVIEW and the software picks up 2,3 products from the marketplace. This is how FLIIK/FLEEK REVIEW creates those video presentations based on the information found under product details. Using FLIIK/FLEEK REVIEW is quite simple and very user friendly. It can take around 2 minutes for creating a video presentation once you understand the FLIIK/FLEEK REVIEW platform. The videos created from FLIIK/FLEEK REVIEW software can be downloaded and saved on your computer. You can also import those videos directly to your YouTube channels. You can simply integrate your YouTube channel with FLIIK/FLEEK REVIEW and upload as many videos you want with the upgraded software.  In this review I’m going to give you a full walkthrough of fliik what it is and how you can use it to make money online. So make sure to read this entire page as I will not only show you what it is, how it works. But also show you my custom bonuses I put together for you guys. So you can have a better success with fliik if you decide that this is something for you. So I’m right here inside of the member’s area of fliik as you can see. So fliik is a cloud-based income system unlike anything else. Because fliik automates a proven formula enabling anyone to generate income from other people's products through comparison or review videos without you being in front of a camera so don't worry about that. You don't have to record anything yourself. So in a nutshell flick lets you find two to three similar products and create review/comparison videos for youtube offering consumer’s helpful product comparisons. So it does it all for you. It creates videos, it creates landing pages. All done right here inside of fliik. So this is giving viewers visitors who are searching for these products informed options and the best deals. While it also generates affiliate commissions for you regardless of which product the viewer visitor decides to purchase you make money. Either way so basically all you have to do is just activate it in three simple steps right inside of fliik. You choose comparable products for example iphone 12 versus iphone 11 as a keyword for example fliik research and you can select products from top affiliate sites like amazon, ebay and even clickbank. 



So once you know, you search a keyboard for example iphone, bose headphones or whatever you want. And this will actually spit out, it will first show you. Now this is a very pretty broad keyword so it's better to search for like I said iphone something versus Samsung or anything like that. And when you have your api all hooked up. Like I said in the tutorials, it will spit out a lot of products here. And you can simply click on those products. Two or three products and then just hit compare and this will make you a video and a landing page and to see how that all works. I'm highly recommended you check out the demo video on my bonus page where I show you exactly where everything is hooked up. And that's all you have to do and then it uploads to youtube. You fill in the blanks and your video is good to go and will at the same time be syndicated. Now there are also these bonuses like I said before 300 plus dollars per day video profit hack and profit from free stuff. You get these bonuses as well right here inside of the members area. And you can all when you created campaigns you can of course edit your campaign, you can delete the campaign, you can upload or download and you can also share your video to other platforms as well. And not only that you can also make your own videos. So if you want better control, you want another product, you want it to be longer, shorter, you can of course edit the videos and it's all covered right here in this demo video of fliik. So the pricing are going to be a couple of up sells I'm going to talk to you about. But first and the front-end version of this are barely 17. So you can research 100 keywords for amazon, ebay and clickbank and it will also create five landing pages per month hosted and ready. You don't need any hosting of that or website or that stuff. Simply create five videos and upload to youtube or and vimeo so that's all covered in the front-end version. The core version of fliik for 17 now the first oto is fliik big and this is unlimited. So this is unlimited keywords, unlimited product research, unlimited everything and you get 10 landing pages 15 per month. Additional 10 videos which means 15 per month and you can also add your own voiceovers if you like, add watermarks to videos, schedule videos for future upload. So basically you are getting more of everything in the oto one version which is 67 dollars. Highly recommend this one if you have the money then there's the oto2 which is flip compare priced at 47 so fliik.




Second step is let the software create the review/comparison video for you. Including those two three products at a time while also building corresponding product landing pages with your affiliate links. And step three the last one is turn on instant targeted traffic. There's a direct upload to youtube followed by syndication fliik includes built-in syndication for ranking power and instant traffic. All down right inside of fliik. So alright guys now before I show you more about fliik and how it's all been done. I just quickly want to show you my bonuses I’m offering. So if you're watching this here. There's going to be a link below in the description which will take you to my bonus page which looks like this. So on my bonus page you can read more about fliik what it does. And you can of course also check out a demo video right here which will even further show you how it's all done and what it's all about. Make sure to check out this demo video as well. Alright now like I said fliik is making videos for you. All you have to do is type in a keyword something you want to compare product a versus product b and you can and then it lets you upload it directly to youtube. With all the stuff you need to fill in the blanks like good tags good description good headlines. Everything to make sure that it's ranking high on youtube. So people will find it when the search for the products. And then there's also going to generate a link to a landing page where we can where they can purchase which will have your fill of links on it. So with my bonuses I know it can be really hard and tough to rank on youtube to make sure that your video is number one. Or at least in the top three so you so you get visitors. I mean look at this just like this iphone 12 versus iphone 11 full in-depth comparison. This could be your video this was uploaded three days ago and already had over 140 000 visits. So with my bonuses I want to make sure that you will rank and stick those rants kings on youtube. So my bonus number one is all about a very specific gig. Yes it's a paid gig however if you use this gig with the videos done inside of fliik. You will rank high that is a promise because this gig will shoot you to the top of youtube that is my bonus number one. So my bonus number two is a full course how to use youtube without showing your own face. Basically what this bonus does is it shows you even for more ways to use this method. And at the same time use fliik so you can do even more videos and use other tricks and tips as well to rank high and get a lot of eyeballs on your videos. 


They are included as well so guys if you just click on any of these buttons on my review page that will actually take you to the sales page of fliik which looks like this. 40 000 to 80000 hits in 48 hours little guy affiliate system generates massive daily results without cost simple comparison system currently beating corporate giant’s full system reveal below. So yeah I mean I'm not going to show you the whole page this is something you for you guys to check out. But it's like i said you can legally hijack commissions from any product without selling. And that's the main point, you are not selling, you are simply putting out videos that fliik does for you and it's all about comparison. Because people who want to buy something there are most likely to search a product a versus product b because they haven't decided yet which one they like. And the best part and the coolest part about this system is that even if they are ending up buying something else from amazon from ebay or from clickbank. You will get commissions because that's how those platforms work if they have once clicked on your affiliate link. That affiliate link is more of a general link so even if they end up buying something else. You will still get the commission so all you have to do is crank out these videos inside of Fliik. Make them rank let people find them watch them click on your links and whatever they're buying in the next 30 or 60 days. You will get commission and you're not selling as you're just actually helping people to better decide if product a is better than product b. And so on make sure to check out this whole sales page for you and let's go straight back into the dashboard now. I just want to quickly show you that there are tutorials and everything inside of the dashboard. So you don't have to worry about it there's an overview video. There is creating the campaigns and how to create the video using clickbank products and how to get your api keys. Because you will need to connect your amazon account, your youtube account, your ebay account. So this software can pull in the products and do the videos for you. And also upload directly to youtube. Don't worry about it. It's all covered right here inside of the training. So there's a lot of training inside. Everything is taught how to set up everything. And once you set this all up. It's pretty straightforward like I said make sure to check out this demo video right here on my bonus page which will show you more in depth of how it's all working together. So basically you are just you know creating a campaign. You give it a simple name hit create and then you can choose if you want to work with clickbank products or these compare product videos. 


The number three is a complete youtube course which is all about get your videos ranked, get that authority you need. Even if you have a brand new channel on youtube and every trick to use for high rankings and authority and all the tools resources you need is right here inside of bonus number three. So bonus number four is a cool way that I’m using myself which I call a secret youtube comment hack. So it's an automated way of getting traffic from youtube with comments and how you can automate that. So once you uploaded your videos through fliik. If you do this trick like two three minutes per day, you will have even more eyeballs on your specific videos that's bonus number four. Now my bonus number five is a very cool instagram hack. Don't worry you don't have to post anything like that or have a big following. You can have basically a brand new instagram account for this and this is a cool traffic explorer you can get very fast targeted traffic today on instagram if you use this secret hack inside of my bonus number five. The bonus number six is all about backlinks because even though fliik lets you syndicate that video which means it will get you backlinks to get even more rankings. With these three secret backlinks hack, I'm using for my videos. You will not only rank on youtube, you will also rank on Google for even more power. Because think about it, if people are searching for let's say that iphone video again iphone 12 versus iphone 11. They are most likely also searching it on Google right. So if you can have your videos on Google as well then you will have some free targeted traffic not only on youtube but also on Google. So this bonus number six is all about boosting your videos and make sure they also rank on Google as well. Now my bonus number seven is all about youtube ads, how you can get very cheap. As running on youtube because you all you have the videos fliik will create the videos for you. All you need to do is boost those videos with some cool ads and put those ads in front of people that is already searching what your video is all about. So learn how to view two bets cheap I'm talking about five cents per click. And get even more super targeted by your intent traffic straight to your videos. Or to your channel and at the same time also build authority and rank even higher if you sometimes boost those videos that's all about youtube ads in my bonus number seven. Last of course you will also get access to all the vendor bonuses which I will show you are right inside of fliik in the members area. So even if you buy through my link which is any of these buttons on my bonus page, you won't miss out on the vendor bonuses.