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Guide To Change Hotmail Password On iPhone

Here, you will find step by step guide on how to change Hotmail password on iPhone. And even if you are not able to successfully set up your Hotmail account on your iPhone. You can call us on. Before we tell you the steps to set up your emails on your iPhone. Make sure you know your correct email address and password. And if you do not know the password. Contact our support team. Assuming that you have all the details. The first thing you need to do is to open settings on your iPhone. And then scroll down to account & passwords. Under accounts & passwords. Click on add account and then choose And then enter your email address and password and click next. Then click on save on the top right corner to add the account.

You should see that your Hotmail account must have been added by now under the name outlook. You can access your emails now by coming back to the home screen. And then by opening the default mail application of your phone. If you do not want to use the mail app. And want to use the outlook app instead to set up your Hotmail account. Call us now and we will help you further. Also, if you are not able to follow the steps mentioned above and need help. You can speak to one of our technicians and get help over the phone. You can repeat the same steps in case you are using an iPad or iPod in order to set up your Hotmail account on those devices.

Even after trying all the steps above. You are confused or need to talk to someone over the phone. Call us so that it will be easier for you to work with us. And get your emails up and running on your iPhone. You can use your Hotmail account in default mail application which comes with the iPhone. Or you can also download an Outlook app from app store in which we can set up your Hotmail account. In both the cases, we need to make sure the software on your iPhone is up to date. As cases have been seen where mail app has not been working fine with Hotmail if the software is not updated to the latest version. If you do not know how to update your software, you can contact us.

And we will guide you how to do that and will also set up your Hotmail account on your iPhone. We also need to know which iPhone you are using as iPhones 5 and lower does not support the latest operating system. Which means you will not be able to use certain features and apps on those iPhones. If you are using iPhone 6 and above. We can check the software version by going into the General option in Settings. And then update it to the latest version of iOS. Once the software is up to date. We can go ahead and change Hotmail password and configure your Hotmail account in settings with the new password. Now, you will be able to check your Hotmail emails in the mail app on your iPhone where you will be able to send and receive your emails.

In case, your emails are still not showing up in the mail app. You might need to restart your iPhone. And make sure you are connected to the internet in order to download all the emails. Once done, you will see your emails will start showing up in the mail app. And the same steps needs to be done for setting up Hotmail emails in the Outlook app. As Hotmail is a Microsoft product. Due to which when you go to the Apple store. They will not help you and ask you to call Hotmail for help. As it is not their email service. Therefore, we recommend not to waste time in going to the Apple store. As they won`t or can`t help you at first place. And you will end up wasting your time and money there. If you have more than one Apple device.

We recommend getting our one- or two-year technical support plans where we can help you with all technical issues no matter with Microsoft, Apple or Google. We provide complete third-party technical support for all brands for which you can`t get a proper service from the manufacturer. You can call us today and talk to one of our technicians in order to resolve your Hotmail problems.     

What To Do If Your Hotmail Account is Your Apple Id as Well

In case, you are using your email address as your apple id as well. And you are locked from you Apple account and not able to get into your Hotmail. That is a double blow for you. First, if your Hotmail account is hacked. That means the hacker can get into your apple id as well. And lock or reset your iPhone and iPads. You need to be very careful in that situation. As most of the time your credit card is linked to your apple account. And if someone gets in into your apple id. Then they can purchase things online from iTunes and app store. And your credit card will be billed for that. Call us urgently so that we can check if your Hotmail account can be recovered in order to unlock your apple id.

Even if your Hotmail account is hacked and cannot be recovered anymore. We might still be able to recover your apple id by verifying your date of birth and security questions linked with your apple account. Once we can log in into your apple account. Then we can change your apple id by removing the hijacked Hotmail account with a new email address which you are able to access. If you do not purchase things online from iTunes or app store. We suggest that you remove your credit card details from your account to avoid any mis use in the future. If you have received any security email from Hotmail or Apple. Call us now so that we can check your security info and help you secure your accounts right away. 

How to Avoid Being Hacked

In order to avoid being hacked. First you need to understand the ways you can get hacked. Most common ways you can get hacked these days is with phishing emails pretending to be coming from Amazon, Google or using any other brand name. Once you open those emails. You will be asked to click on a link and provide your account information in order to verify your account. And avoid it getting shut down which is a phishing trick used by the hackers. Other way to get hacked is through Facebook where you can receive such phishing links in your inbox. And if you click on them, your information gets hacked. Even if you avoid such things happening to you. There are still very high chances that you might get a browser hijacker coming into your computer with some keyloggers.

Keylogger is a software which works silently in the background on your computer without being noticed. And its main job is to capture your keyboard activities. Remember, once you have a keylogger working on your computer. It will start recording all your keyboard activities such as browsing history, email addresses, passwords, chats. And basically every single word which you type which is nothing more than someone invading your privacy. Or it is like having CCTV camera in your bedroom where someone can watch you all the time. But you can`t see them. As mentioned earlier that these keyloggers work silently in the background. And you won`t see any icon on your desktop screen. Or in the corner of the screen. The only way to find them is with the help of the technician who are trained in dealing with these types of complex software on daily basis.

Call our certified technicians now to check if your email or computer has got the same problems. You should also follow some best practices while accessing your emails on someone else`s computer. Such as always log out or sign out from your emails from those devices which are not yours. Always shut down your laptop from the power if you do not need to use it. Do not just close the screen. 

​At times, people call us knowing the fact that their email has been hacked by someone. And they even know that person who is most likely their ex wife. Or husband or partner who is using their account now. They know it`s their partner`s phone number which is linked to the email account now. We kindly want to advise in those cases. You need to either contact that person whom you know. And settle things mutually. If that is not possible. Then file a complaint with the local police. And they will need to take the necessary actions against the culprit. We get lot of calls for this issue where your partner is the hacker of your email account. We want to suggest you not to share your email passwords. Or email access to anyone no matter if he or she is your partner or wife.

Because if you separate in the future. You can have situations like this that your email is getting accessed by your ex-partner. And you cannot do anything about it until and unless you sort it out mutually.   

If you have been using your emails on your phone all this time. And now you have got a new laptop and want to access your Hotmail account on that. But do not know how to do that. We will help you to change hotmail password on iPhone. You can call us. And we can help you set up your emails on your new laptop. You can access emails in two ways on your laptop:

By setting up windows mail app. Or by configuring Hotmail account with Microsoft Outlook. You can directly open Hotmail website on your browser. And then type in your email address and password and login to check your emails. Once you are signed in. Make sure to update your phone number and recovery email address in order to avoid your account getting locked in the future. Also, if you are using windows 10. You will be asked to link your Microsoft account with your laptop. And your email password will be the login password of your laptop as well. Choose this option only if you are confident that you will never forget your email password. Otherwise you will be locked from your laptop as well or if your email password gets changed by the hacker. Your computer password will no longer work.

If you do not want to link your Microsoft account with your laptop. And want a separate login or no login password for your laptop. Contact one of our technicians. And we will connect with your laptop remotely to set up your user accounts on your laptop. So that you do not have to worry about Microsoft account anymore.

If your emails have stopped working on your iPhone. And you do not have a computer. Then call us to check the problem. As sometimes there might be a problem with the iOS update on your iPhone. We have also seen cases where a section of emails gets deleted from your iPhone. And you cannot recover them anymore. It is a known issue with Apple devices. But Apple has never accepted it. Therefore, if you see a section of emails missing from your iPhone. Or have not been receiving emails recently, contact us now so that one of our technicians can investigate the problem and get it fixed. If you are using an Apple computer. And your mail app keeps popping up with the error message regarding server authentication failure and you can`t load your emails anymore.

That mean your email password has been changed or has not been correctly updated. To update the password and configure the mail app correctly. Give us a call and we will connect with your Apple computer. And set up your mail app and check the relevant error messages.

You might have encountered problems while resetting your iPhone. As it asks you to enter your apple id password which you do not know. Most common situations where you will need your apple id password is when you are trying to reset your iPhone. Or while setting it up after resetting it. In first case, either there are some bugs in your phone. And you have been advised to reset it or you are selling your phone to someone. Or giving it away and want to delete all your information from there. In both the cases, you will need a working password for your apple id before you can reset your iPhone. If you do not know the password. Or do not even know what your apple id is. You can call us.

And we can guide you the steps on how to find your apple id from the settings on the iPhone itself. Once we have found your apple id which is an email address. Then we can login into that email account to reset your apple id password. Apple id password can be set in two ways only, one is through your email account. And other is by verifying your date of birth and security question and answers and the information should match with the apple records. If your date of birth or security answers do not match. Then even Apple can`t help you. And that means your email account and apple id was hacked and your date of birth and security answers were changed by the hackers. We recommend everyone to call us. If they notice any unusual activity with their email address.

Or apple id as if you don`t take proper actions. Your email, apple id and phone will end up getting locked. We do not recommend you going to Telstra, Optus or to Apple store if you are using Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo as your email address or apple id. As they will send you back to us saying that they can`t help you with these email addresses as they are not provided by them. Moreover, you will end up wasting your time and fuel without any support at all. We recommend you to do the best thing and call us online and get all the help you need at nominal charges.     

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