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If you are using Telstra as your internet service provider then you must be using Bigpond as an email address as well. However, you need BIGPOND EMAIL SETTINGS OUTLOOK in order to configure them on your phone or computer. If you are trying to set up your emails first time in Outlook then you will need BIGPOND EMAIL SETTINGS OUTLOOK before you can proceed with the email set up. So, if you do not know BIGPOND EMAIL SETTINGS OUTLOOK, call us now to get help with your Bigpond emails.

How To Get Bigpond Email Settings Outlook

The best way to get Bigpond Email Settings is by calling on or by starting a chat session on our website. You should connect with one of our technicians to understand and configure your Bigpond emails on Outlook. You can find Bigpond email settings on the internet as well however just by knowing the settings, your emails won`t starting working as you will need an email expert to configure those settings and set up your email in Outlook to make them work for you. So, even if you have the Bigpond email settings with you but do not know what to do with them or where to use them, you can call our Bigpond and Outlook experts and we can connect with your computer remotely and help you set up your Bigpond emails on Outlook within minutes over the phone itself. Bigpond is a professional email services provided by Telstra and often used for business purpose as well. Therefore, if you are using Bigpond emails for your business as well then you must need to set them up correctly on your phone and computer with correct settings. If you have recently joined Telstra and not familiar on how to use Bigpond emails then simply call our Bigpond technical support team to learn how to set up and use Bigpond emails on your phone and computer. We need to have correct incoming and outgoing server settings for Bigpond and also the correct port number need to be used with right type of encryption. There are different settings to be used for Apple computers and different for windows computers. So, if you have an Apple computer and have the settings for windows computer then your emails won`t work and that is the reason you need to contact us as knowing the settings is not enough as they might not work for your particular device. Similarly, when you are trying to set up emails on your phone, you might need to choose correct exchange server and other details or else you might face problems in sending and receiving emails on your phone. If you are already facing problems in sending or receiving emails on your phone and getting any error message, contact our Bigpond email support team. We will check your email and phone settings to find the exact problem and then reconfigure your emails on your phone with correct settings.

How To Set Up Bigpond Emails In Outlook On Windows

In order to set up Bigpond emails on Outlook, first of all you need a Bigpond email account with a working password. If your email password is not working or you do not remember it then go to Telstra website or call us in order to change it first. Secondly, you need a paid version of MS Office or Office 365 as Outlook is one of its products so you should have it already on your computer. Once you have these two things ready to go, our technicians will connect with your computer and open Outlook to set up your Bigpond emails. We will check if you have any other email account already added in Outlook such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo and if you don`t need them then we can delete them as well. You can tell us which is your primary email address so that we can set that as default in your Outlook as every email account needs to have its own pst file when it is added in Outlook. If we choose incorrect pst file for any email account then Outlook will start giving error messages and you will not be able to send and receive emails. We will go to accounts and then click on add account and then choose to add the account manually after which it will ask you to enter the email and password and click next. After that, we will need to update the incoming and outgoing server settings with correct username and password post which we need to check the port numbers and encryption type in settings and then click on done once everything is added. If everything is done correctly then you will receive a test email in the inbox sent from the Outlook team letting you know that everything is set up correctly. If you did not receive any email then just compose an email to yourself and try to send. If you received the email that means everything is working fine and you can start using your Bigpond emails in Outlook. In case, you did not receive the test email then Outlook must give you the error message which you can note down and contact us so that we can work on the problem accordingly. Similarly, you can add the Bigpond emails on your iPhone by going into the settings and then accounts and password and then choose exchange server and then follow the prompts. If you are having difficulties in fixing the problem on your own as you might not be good with the technology then simply give us a call and one of our technicians will connect with you over the phone and with the computer and will help you to fix the problem step by step. We have expert and certified technicians who are able to fix all the technical problems within an hour or less, so call us now.   

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