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Telstra is one of the reputed telecommunication service providers in Australia. And if you are using Telstra then you must have been using a bigpond email address as well. But sometimes your email services might not work as BIGPOND DOWN TODAY OUTAGE can affect your area. So, if you want to check if your area is affected with BIGPOND DOWN TODAY OUTAGE. Then you can call us on 0261003579 and speak with our technicians. We can check if your emails are not working due to BIGPOND DOWN TODAY OUTAGE. Or there is any issue with your email account.


It can be a pain if you are expecting an important email today in your Bigpond account. But all of a sudden you hear that there is an email outage from Telstra affecting your area. Now, it can frustrate you as it might give you an unwanted break from your work. As you will not be able to communicate with anyone or not be able to respond to important emails. Also, you might not know the exact time when your emails will start working again. You can check the service status on Telstra website and it might tell you in how long the outage can be fixed. But that time period can be extended and updated if the work was not done on time. So, if you do not have any idea in how long your emails will start working.

Then it is better to call Drida Infotech so that we can check if the emails are affected due to outage. Or the outage has been fixed already and the emails are not working for some other reasons. We will check if there is any problem with email server settings. Or sometimes your password can be the problem as well due to which your emails are not working. You might have recently changed your password and did not update it in Outlook on your computer or on your phone. Remember, if you change your password then you will need to update the new password in all the devices because as soon you change the password, your email stops working. And will give you an error message to sign in with the new password.

Even though you might not have changed your Bigpond email password, it is still possible that your password was changed by someone else. In other words, your Bigpond account might have been hacked. Hacking is getting very common these days so we are not afraid to use that word to educate our readers. So, if you are not aware of the situation and do not know what to do. Then contact our technicians on 0261003579 or chat with them online. They will check your login activities to find out from which all places your account was accessed recently. And block all the suspicious and unknown devices and IP addresses which you don`t recognize.


Our technicians deal with email problems every day. Whether it is your Bigpond email or Gmail or something else, you can contact us for all email related problems. In your case, if you are affected with a Bigpond email outage or your emails are not working for some other reason. Then we will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it over the phone itself at affordable charges. You can visit the official website of Telstra to check if there are any planned outages in your area due to which your email services might be down. However, if there is no such information on their website then you can contact us. We are humans and provide dedicated email support at nominal charges. So, when people cannot get help from Telstra then they contact us.

So, you do not need to waste time in contacting Telstra first and then get back to us eventually. By doing that, you are just wasting your time and risking your email security. As in case if your emails are working on your phone. But someone has hacked your computer then there is no point of going to Telstra as they can`t do anything about that situation. They will simply say that the emails are working on your phone which means it is not the problem with the emails. And you will have to contact someone to get your computer problems checked and fixed. Most importantly, you need to deal with someone who knows what they are doing. You do not want to go to Telstra and wait in the queue for hours just to find out that they cannot help you.

Instead contact someone who is willing to help you and they know your problem as soon you start talking to them. Technicians at Drida Infotech have years of hard core experience in dealing with email problems. It is just the matter of few seconds for our technicians to find out which problem you are talking about. And when someone knows what you are talking about. That means they have dealt with that situation before. So contacting our technicians means that you are dealing with right people. The time taken to fix a problem mainly depends on the time taken to understand the problem. At Drida Infotech, we understand your problem straightaway which means we start focusing on fixing the problem. This way we can save time for both of us as time is invaluable and can`t be recovered once lost.

Therefore, you should use our premium, professional and paid services when you need an expert advice. We will assign a dedicated phone number where you can call and get help with your email and computer problems. So, if your Bigpond emails are still not working even if the Telstra outage is over. Then you will need to talk to our email experts on 0261003579. They will connect with your computer remotely and fix the problem for you.


When you are facing an email outage from Telstra then it is not in your hands to know when exactly it will get fixed. They might have an expected timing mentioned on their website for resolution. But it might get delayed and timing might keep getting extended. So if you are not able to use your emails for a day or two then don`t be shocked. As we have seen Telstra emails being down even for weeks. However, it depends what kind of outage you are facing with your emails. Sometimes, the outage will affect all the email services which mean your emails will not work anywhere. In some cases, the outage will only affect Telstra webmail and you will still be getting emails on your phone and Outlook on your computer.

If that is the situation with you where your webmail is down and you do not know how to access emails on Outlook or on your phone. Then call our technicians right away. We can help you to set up your Telstra emails on Outlook or Windows mail on your computer. Or in Mac mail in case you are using an Apple computer. So that you can access your emails on email clients until Telstra webmail is fixed. Settings up Bigpond emails on Outlook or smart phone is a complicated process. So if you think you will be able to do it on your own. Then 80% chances are that you won`t be able to set up Bigpond emails on your own on your phone or on Outlook on the computer. The reason why we are saying that is because you will need lot of crucial information to start with.

For example, you need to have a working password for your Bigpond emails. And if your webmail is down then you won`t be able to check if your password is working or not. Or you might be able to reset the password and get a new one if the Telstra website is down. Apart from that the second thing you need to know is the incoming and outgoing mail server settings for Bigpond emails. Once you have a working password and correct email server settings then you need go on Outlook to add a new email account. In case, if you have used Bigpond in Outlook before and it stopped working then you will need to delete that account so that we can add it again with new settings. So if you know everything and can do everything then very good but if you don`t.

Then we will suggest you not to make it a mess so that even another technician can`t help you. In other words, avoid in dealing with something which you do not understand or know about. And contact our professional email support technicians on 0261003579. We have years of experience in dealing with Outlook and other third party email clients. All you need to do is call us.


If your Bigpond emails have been down for couple of days due to outage. And you have been calling Telstra but they do not have an answer for you that when your emails will be fixed. They just keep saying that we are working on it as there was an outage in your area. And they will get back to you a soon they have an update. You must have heard about it 100 times after being a Telstra customer if we are not wrong. So, what are your options now? Just keep waiting and leave it on God`s grace and just hope that your emails will start working next day or after. Or try to investigate and troubleshoot the problem. There could be a situation that the outage was fixed a long time ago and your emails are still not working.

And Telstra people kept asking you to wait for no reason even when there was no outage. The reason for that is first they are not technical enough and do not understand the technical aspects of the problem. Second is that they have lack of interest in helping you. They do not care if your emails are working or not. It is not a big deal for them as you are just one of their broadband users like any other. No matter if you lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in your business. Just because you were relying on Bigpond emails to communicate. And you could not respond to an important email on time to close the deal. It can happen with any email as the services can go down even for Google or Apple. But your first point of contact is crucial in those situations.

When you contact someone who knows nothing about the situation and just ask you to wait. That means you need to do opposite of it and diagnose the problem from your end to validate it. If someone tells you that there is an outage due to which your Bigpond emails are not working. Then you should go on the Telstra website and check if your area is affected with that outage or not. You need to check whether it is a local or national outage and your area is affected with that. If you find your area is being affected as well then sit down relax and have a cup of coffee and enjoy your unplanned holiday. In case your area is not affected then contact Telstra and tell them what you have found on their website.

They will tell you again that the website might not be showing updated information and you just need to wait. But trust us you do not need to wait in that situation because your emails might be good go to go. But the person on the phone just wanted to hang up the phone as he might have got frustrated by answering phone calls all day from hundreds of people like you.


Bigpond emails are one of the most professional emails used in Australia. They are given as a complimentary service when you join Telstra communication services mostly broadband. However, if you are getting an error message while sending an email and do not what is wrong. Then you should call us on 0261003579 and talk to our email experts. There might be a known error on your computer if you are using the emails on Outlook email client. First we will need to check if you are not able to send emails due to any planned outage which might have been affecting your area. And we will also do a testing by sending an email to some other email addresses. In that way we will be able to find out that if you are not able to send email to one particular email address or to no one.

If you are able to send emails to everyone else except to one user. That established that you are not being affected by any Telstra outages. In case, you are not able to send emails to anyone that means your emails are down. Your emails can be down due to any planned outages in your area. Or your emails are not set up correctly on your Outlook on your phone. We can check if there are any outages in your area on Telstra website. And if we don`t find any outages then we will need to take a look at the error message which you are getting. In first scenario where you are not able to send email to one particular person only then you also need to check if you are getting any bounce back email as well in your inbox.

In most cases, you will receive a bounce back email saying mail delivery notification failure. Once you open the email you might see an error message that the email does not exist. Or the recipient’s server rejected your email address. If it says that the email address does not exist then you need to check the spelling of the email address and make sure there is no comma in place of a dot. And there should be no dot at the end of the email address as it needs to end on .com not on .com. If the bounce back email says that the message was rejected by the recipient server that means the IP address you are using on your computer is blacklisted. Therefore, the recipient`s network is blocking your IP address and your emails won`t reach them.You might be wondering that what happened all of a sudden as you were able to send emails to them before without any problems. However, when people use broadband services then they are give a public IP address. It means that your IP address will keep changing from time to time. So, earlier you were using a normal IP address but the one which you are using right now is blacklisted.





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