Drida Infotech offers the BEST LOCAL SEO SERVICES for your local business online so that your customers can enjoy your services from their homes. We have made local businesses grow in recent times by using our BEST LOCAL SEO SERVICES which are available at affordable rates. Our BEST LOCAL SEO SERVICES helps your website to rank quickly in Google so that you can target customers in your city, town or suburbs.


Local SEO is a term used for local businesses operating within a town, suburb, country or suburb and mainly focuses on delivering their product or services within the area. As they can only deliver their product and services within the town, city or suburb only that is why they want customers from within that region. In order to achieve that they need to target those particular regions using local SEO techniques so that their website mainly shows up in Google searches when someone is searching for a product or service within that region only and not in other parts of the world. Local SEO is quite popular among small businesses these days that has specific markets to target. Unlike traditional SEO, local SEO is most useful if you are targeting a particular region as the competition will massively go down and it will be easier to obtain rankings in Google. We will need to understand the products and services your business offers to local people so that we can define a SEO strategy accordingly. Using local SEO techniques, the results can be seen in lesser time than using traditional SEO techniques. Traditional SEO is for global websites, blogs or businesses whose target audience is from all over the world which increases their competition very much. On the other end, local SEO reduces the competition level as you will only be competing with those businesses who offer services in your area only and there won`t be many of them. However, if you are a blogger or a global business then local SEO is not for you as you will want the whole world to read your blogs or buy your product and services from your website. Drida Infotech masters the art of local SEO as well traditional and we help our clients as per their business needs. The time taken for a local SEO project in order to get rankings is much lesser than the time taken for a traditional SEO project. We need to make sure that your website is properly optimized for local SEO if not then we will suggest the changes which you will need to make in your website. Once the on page work on your website is finished then we will start promoting your website which includes getting high quality backlinks for your website, creating Google Business, Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles. So, if you are a local business anywhere in the world and wondering how to get your business online then contact us now.


In case you have an online business or a website and thinking about getting some SEO work done for it however you are not sure if you need to do local SEO or the default SEO then contact Drida Infotech. We will understand your business needs and what your website all about is and what product or services you are offering so that we can suggest the right SEO strategy for you. In case, you are offering your product or service to local customers only and not thinking about scaling your business to the whole country or world then local SEO will be best for you. On the other end, if you are already a well established business and want an online presence worldwide so that everyone can buy your product and services online then you will need to get the typical SEO done for your website. Once we have established your target market then we can apply the correct SEO strategy and start the work. Local SEO can get you results within 2 months where as traditional SEO can take up to 4-6 months as the competition level is always high in that. So, whether you are a local or global business, Drida Infotech has the right SEO strategy for your business needs which will give a jump start to your business. The major difference in local and traditional SEO is the amount of work involved in promoting your website offline which is also known as off page SEO work. The on page optimization on your website, placing correct Meta titles and headings and using alt tags etc is common for both SEO strategies. However, it all depends how many backlinks you are getting for your website and how are you managing its social presence. Local SEO might need only few high quality backlinks to start getting rankings whereas traditional SEO will need hundreds of thousands of quality backlinks to get desired results which increase the work and time as well. You should understand the SEO strategy well enough before getting into any contract with any company as other companies might keep fooling you and looting your money without any results. Drida Infotech explains all the details up front and makes you understand how we will work to get you desired results so that you are aware of each and every step that we took for you to rule over your competitors in search rankings on Google. It is not just enough to be on the first page of Google anymore as if you are on the 7th or 8th position then you won`t get any business and whosoever is ranking on the 1st position will be getting most of the customers. So, we need to make sure that you are not only ranking on the first page of Google but also ranking in top 3 for your keywords so that you can get more focus of the customers which will increase your business opportunities.


If you have just started a real estate business or maybe a cosmetic shop and wondering how you target your customers online to increase your sales then contact us now. We will do research of your particular region and target specific keywords which will target the local audience. In the world of the internet, it is not just enough to get sales within the store as you will be missing those customers who are sitting at home and ordering the product and services online. In order to cover or reach to those customers, first you need to establish an online presence which starts with building a website for promoting your product and services. However, just creating a website means nothing until you can promote your website so that your customers can reach to you. There are two ways of promoting your website using paid advertising or getting search engine optimization (SEO) done. The fastest and instant way to promote your website is by using Google ads, Facebook ads or Bing ads which will mean that you will need to keep paying from your pocket until you want your website to show up in front of the users. As soon you stop running your ads or run out of the budget, your website will stop showing and the customers will never be able to find you again which does not work in favour of the reputation of any online business. In short, paid advertising can be a loss if not done with a flexible budget and it is not a permanent marketing solution for any online business. On the other end, when you decide to do SEO for your website that means you understand the time required for a successful SEO project as you will not get instant results as in case if paid advertising. SEO can take up to 6 months to show its results which mean you need to have a clear strategy and launch your business online well before 6 months to get the expected results on time. The good thing about SEO is that it gives you organic traffic and rankings in Google which means your customers can always find your website in Google and it will establish and increase your online reputation. Once your website gets ranked in Google then you get visitors from all around the world throughout the year round the clock. You will not be paying anything extra for clicks except the charges which you will be paying to SEO Company like in this case to us who will be running and managing the SEO campaign for your website. SEO is a never ending process as you always need to make sure that you are always ahead of your competitors which means regular work needs to be done for your website so that you can keep dominating the rankings in Google. If you want to understand more and get the work started then contact us now.


If you are local businesses providing your product or services from within the store or office only then you are missing all those potential customers who might be interested in your product or services. In order to increase your reach, you need to have an online presence which means you need to have a website for your business. For those, who already have a website for their local business but don`t know how to promote their business online then you can contact us for the correct SEO strategy. We will run local SEO campaign for your website so that you can target your customers locally which mean you will see increase in your sales within few months. Once people will know that they can order your product or services online as well, they will become your regular customers and will recommend others about your website too which will eventually increase your customer database. Every local business needs to have an online presence these days as people are super busy in this world and everyone wants to get things on the go and only internet allows that. So, you need to make most of the internet as it is not only for reading emails or watching movies, it can be a good source of profit for you as well. The future is going to be all about artificial intelligence and internet only and if you have to cope up with the future then you need to follow the best practices of the internet to make sure you are not still in the ice age. Getting your business online is the first step towards your first online success and once you get your first sale from your website, you will understand how easy and time saving is to run and manage a business online. Drida Infotech helps you in every step whether it is helping you in starting a new website or getting the SEO done for an existing one. We understand the simple facts that every business wants to earn profits and grow and want the world to know about their brand and we are the best digital marketing company who can do that for you. We can help you to rank even against Google, Microsoft or Yahoo websites if you are running a technology blog or offering any product or service. All it takes is lot of time, effort, patience and money and every result can be achieved. Nothing is impossible in SEO if done correctly and most of the companies out there are fake and knows nothing about SEO and still charges hefty amount. We work hard to get results as it is not only the money which you are paying; we also want to see the results of all the time and efforts which we are putting in. People get inspired and motivated when they see positive results for their efforts and that is what we are best at.


The most common question every SEO consultant or company gets is that how long does it take for SEO to work or in how long will my website come on the first page of Google. In order to answer that we need to understand the basics about SEO first as SEO is very simple to understand. In other words, the more time you spend the better results or rankings you will get. So, if a SEO company is working 7 hours a day 5 days week on your website then it might take 5 to 6 months in order to get desired rankings. However, if someone is working 12 hours a day 6 days a week on your website then it might take only 3 to 4 months to get the results. Again, SEO is all about knowledge, hard work, patience, time and investment. The more money a client is ready to invest the more time and effort a SEO company will make which will help them to deliver faster results. Also, you need to understand that if someone is charging you more money that does not mean they will deliver you faster results. It is nowhere written neither recommended that you choose the SEO Company depending on how costly or cheap their services are. No matter whatever their charges are, you should test and check their knowledge first that what is their SEO strategy and if they understand your business requirements or not. You will easily find out if they know what you need them for you to do once you chat with them and ask some basic questions like how will you get backlinks for my website by following the guidelines of Google or what is their website domain rating or which keywords does their website rank for. If the company is genuine they might be able to convince you and give you all the details however most of the website are promoting their SEO services using Google ads which means they don`t have any organic rankings at all. They are all just new websites claiming to establish ranking for your websites in Google when they can`t establish rankings for their own website. Any website which you come across on Google which shows Ad underneath that is a website which is using paid advertising and should be avoided until and unless the same website is found in the organic results as well. Google search ranking concept is very simple as there can be only 10 website urls which can show up on the first page of Google organically. The website urls can be of 10 different websites or some websites might have their multiple sub pages ranked in which case there will be less than 10 unique websites. If all this is getting too confusing for you then you can always book 1 hour consultation with our SEO experts in just $100. We will discuss all your business requirements and develop a winning SEO strategy for your website.