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Every webmaster or business or a blogger and whosoever owns a website for any purpose always dreams about getting lot of visitors to their website for various reasons. Few will want to increase awareness, most of them would want to increase their customer database and scale their business online. No matter what the motive is behind launching a website but the recipe of success of an online business lies in hardcore Search Engine Optimization. We are only discussing link building here so we will not discuss on page optimization which is done in the starting while writing content on your website. We are assuming that on page optimization has been already done on your website and now you are looking to get some backlinks to get a boost in the rankings. The work which is not done on your website however which helps your website to get better rankings in search engines is called as off page SEO. In other words, any work which is not being done online on your website and rather being done offline to promote your website is known as off page SEO. Considering that you already have taken care of on page SEO, we can start link building which is the main work in off page SEO. In case, you want us to help you in on page optimization as well then you can book one hour appointment with our SEO consultant by paying the fees. We will let you know the suggestion and changes which might be needed to be done in your website such as keywords, meta titles, heading etc. On page optimization is very crucial as if not done properly then all off page SEO work will be of no use and it won`t be able to push the website higher in the rankings. Link building should be started very carefully after having a full strategy and knowledge. You should not start creating backlinks just like that from any random site on the internet. There are lot of things to consider before getting a backlink from a site such as domain rating, number of referring domains, spam score, age of the domain etc. Someone who does not have the knowledge of all these facts should not get into creating backlinks as if you create some low quality and spam backlinks then your website might get poor spam score in the beginning which will be difficult to reduce later on. Therefore, always outsource the link building services to Drida Infotech as we have mastered the art of backlink building services.


Every online business who is thinking about establishing themselves for long run needs to establish their permanent online presence as well which means they need to have a website. There are billions of websites over the internet but only 10 of them can show up on the first page of Google. So, you must have understood that how tough the job is for every new website owner to get their rankings on the first page of Google especially if you are from a competitive niche. In order to boost your rankings in the SERP, one must get lot of backlinks from high authority sites to their website which is a never ending job meaning that you can keep creating backlinks for your website as long you are alive and even until your generations. So, it totally depends on what is the nature of your business and which industry you are competing with as low competitive industry can get rankings in few hundred backlinks only where as high competitive niches might need hundreds of thousands backlinks to improve a new website rank. In other words, every website needs lot of backlinks to push their rankings up to the top. We will check you niche and suggest that how many backlinks you might need or for how long you should keep getting backlinks. We work in two ways when it comes to provide backlinking services as for few businesses only hundreds of links can do the needful whereas for others it can be an ongoing project. For those who need only few backlinks, we have a default charge of $10 per link and for those who want to avail our monthly link building services can contact us for custom pricing. We provide only high quality link building services which are totally safe and spam free and boost your web rankings within a month. A website value is calculated based on the number of visitors it gets every month or the revenue generated by the website annually. In order to increase your website value, you will need to obtain first page rankings for different keywords so that you can start receiving organic traffic and generate revenue from your business. SEO is a very confusing concept for those who don`t know much about it and that is why we don`t create confusions as we know that the work of professionals should be left to professionals only. So, don`t get yourself into wrong hands and contact us to start your link building services with us. Our team of professional s will start your work in no time as we understand that SEO is a time taking process and we don`t want any delay in starting the work. Once we have received your order, we will give you a full report with the urls of the links created by us for you to check. If you would like us to get those backlinks indexed then we will help you with that as well.


Whether you are creating backlinks on your own or hiring someone to create them for you or buying them online, you must check few things before you invest your money. You should always get backlinks from high domain authority websites only and we suggest using ahrefs to check domain rating for any website and not MOZ as MOZ does not update its data for months whereas ahrefs updates its data after every 4 to 5 hours giving you accurate information. You should always get backlinks from websites with domain rating 40 and above. Domain rating is not the only factor to consider as there is one other major factor which is spam score which needs to be checked. There are websites whose domain rating would be higher so as spam score but you need to focus on getting backlinks from websites whose domain rating is high and spam score is less usually under 10% and not from websites having spam score more than 25%. No other company will discuss these major and minute details and won`t explain you all this and will just provide you spam backlinks and your money and time will be wasted. We have massive experience in link building and know the ins and outs of backlink process therefore instead of being fooled by good looking websites on the internet you should get classic backlinking services offered by Drida Infotech. We also understand that even though we have explained all those things above but still someone who does not belong to this industry will not be able to check their work. So, if you got a list of your old backlinks, you can give it to us and we can let you know if they are of high quality or low and would be helping your website to rank or not. Link building is an ongoing project and needs to be done until you start getting ranked on first page and even more after that to make sure you get top 3 rankings and never stop link building to make sure your competitors don`t out rank you. It becomes the game of cat and mouse when your website starts ranking on first page of Google but that is not all you want. You want your website to rank in top 3 in order to receive maximum visitors and that is where our main expertise would be required. All the work which has been done to get your website on the first page of Google needs to be doubled now in order to get your website from number 7 or 8 to the top 2 positions. You cannot rest or leave the work just by seeing your website on first page of Google as you need to make sure that your website stays on the first page for forever now. If you want your website to show on the first page of Google every day then contact us now.


Drida Infotech is the only digital marketing company on the internet which does not do false advertising. We believe in real quality work and not in fiction as other companies might have good looking and attractive websites but they might be poor in delivering the quality work or service to you. The number one rule in SEO is to keep things very simple as if you have too many images or videos or flash content on your website, it is not considered as SEO friendly and there are ways to deal with it. Any website which uses Google Ads to offer and promote their SEO or backlinking services should never be contacted as they themselves can`t get their website ranked in Google organically and are using paid services to advertise their new website whereas Drida Infotech generates all its traffic and leads organically as we rank on first page of Google. We have never used Google ads to promote our website and only have relied on SEO which proves the extensive work we have been doing for years. You can check domain rating of Drida Infotech and of other websites which are using Google ads using ahrefs and you will find the difference that other websites do not have strong domain rating as Drida Infotech. Drida Infotech has very simple pricing for SEO services for everyone and do not overcharge customers and there are no hidden charges like any other SEO company. We treat all businesses as ours and work accordingly so that we can get them ranked in Google as soon as possible. No other company will be focusing on delivering results quicker than Drida Infotech as others would see customers as a hen giving golden eggs every month but we are not after your money as we don’t want single time customers only but we want repeated and happy customers. Drida Infotech provides quality services at affordable charges whereas other companies might only want few bucks from you and never give you the quality of work needed for your website. Such companies, who do not understand the work of SEO, yet provide such professional services just to get some money ruins the reputation of those hardworking and genuine companies which are actually professional in their work. Drida Infotech will help you to stay away from those fraud companies and you can consult with us and we can investigate in detail if that website is genuine or not. It is always better to consult with a professional in just $100 rather than investing thousands of dollars in a fake SEO company. Drida Infotech is the best digital marketing company having its root in India and operates and provides its services globally. Drida Infotech is best for its own reasons and any business or person who is limited in boundaries or in borders can never grow if they don`t understand the importance of dealing with international companies. So, if you are looking to grow your business internationally, Drida Infotech is the right choice for you.


Before, we get into the pricing details, we would like to inform everyone that not to start any SEO or link building project if you are on a budget. SEO and link building is a never ending process which means you need to keep investing in order to get returns later on. For few businesses, the investment can be for few months but for few it can go for years as well. Therefore, we recommend that you consult your business industry and business plans with us so that we can implement the best SEO and link building strategy for you at minimal costs. If we don`t know how much you are ready to spend on your website or if you are on a budget, it will be impossible for us to give a quote of the services depending on your needs. Mainly, we have two types of pricing out of which one we called prepaid package and other is monthly package which is paid in advance to activate the monthly service. In prepaid package, you can order a number of backlinks, minimum 10 to start with and each backlink will cost you $10 whereas in monthly package, you will be paying monthly fees to us and we will assign a dedicated SEO consultant who will be creating unlimited backlinks for your website the whole month. So, it will all depend on your budget and priorities as the more you are willing to invest, the sooner your website will start gaining ranks in Google. On the other hand, never go for cheap backlinking services on other websites such as Fiverr, Freelancer or SEO Clerk as everyone on those websites is just spreading spam for the sake of few bucks. Fiverr, freelancer etc, all these freelancing websites are saturated now and neither anyone can not find any work for them to earn money nor they know the work anyway. The major difference is that any individual can sign up on those freelancing websites and create a profile and become an SEO expert however they can`t register a business or create their own website and get it ranked in Google so that you can read about them the way you are reading about Drida Infotech right now. So, by now you must have understood that in less cost you can only get cheap or no services at all. As there is no short cut to success, the same way you don`t get anything for free or high quality services at low charges in this world as it is all myth. We keep our self up to dated with all the changes made by Google every month. Drida Infotech is always transparent about its services and charges and our goal is to get every business of the world online and help them to grow internationally and establish their online presence within 4 months after getting services from us. 





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