So this is essential if you want to make money online. Email marketing is the best way to do it. It's the easiest way to do it. But in order to do it, you need to have some kind of funnel builder and this is coming at a one-time price. And it's obviously a lot cheaper than the rest of the competition as well. So I'm going to go into more detail on this inside this review. I've also put together a ton of custom bonuses which I know you're going to love. And you can check those out by clicking on the link down below in the description of this page. That's going to bring you through to my bonus page that looks like this. And you may already be on this page. If you come through from my email that's fine, if you want to pick up these funnels and get all my bonuses. All you need to do is get yourself to this page, scroll down, and click on any of these green buttons. As of 9 a.m Eastern Standard Time on the 22nd of July that's going to bring you through to the sales page which is going to look like this where you can go ahead and purchase this. Let me just make sure I've got the date right. Yeah 22nd of July right so that's when these buttons will be live on my bonus page. That'll take you through to the sales page you can go ahead and pick this up. Now you'll need to do that obviously before the countdown timer on my bonus page here hits zero. Because when it does, all of my bonuses that I’m about to tell you about will expire. And that's obviously something I don't want you to miss out on because I've put a ton of value together for this bonus package and you're not going to find these bonuses anywhere else. Because they're exclusive to me so bonus number one I’m going to give you access to the hottest done for you auto funnel of 2020 which is obviously my own funnel. And this funnel is responsible for generating me. Let me just show you is responsible for generating me over the over the past four weeks. Sorry 9 000 pounds which is around 115000 over the past four weeks. So this is the exact same funnel that you're going to get access to you. I'm also going to give you access to my traffic as well because what you'll be able to do as part of this deal is you'll be able to put your pixels on my sales pages. So either your facebook pixel or your adwords pixel put them on my sales pages, take advantage of tens of thousands of visitors retarget ads that I've made for you to these visitors that sends them into this mega auto funnel. And then what happen once they get into this mega auto funnel is they attend a recorded webinar that's running 24 7 where I do some free training. 



All you need to do is simply click on the link down below if you're reading this.  Go through to my bonus page here, scroll down click on any of these green buttons to go through to the sales page here. As of 9 am Eastern Standard Time on July the 23rd scroll down and purchase beast funnels there now. As soon as you've done that you would simply to go through to your warrior plus account and in the top right inside, you're going to see your username. Just click on purchase history, click on beast funnels and that will take you through to your receipt page that will look something like this where you'll find a green button on that receipt page that says access affiliate bonus. When you click on that button, you'll get instant free access to every single one of these bonuses even if you just buy the front end like I said for 12.95. So a massive no-brainer bonus package right there right. So let's have a look at the sales page here and it says never seen before profit funnel creates free traffic instantly and generates you a hundred percent hands-free business 100 beginners friendly. Anyone can do this money back guarantee check out the sales video right here as we scroll through you're going to see a big picture of Brendan here who's the guy behind this launch. And you're going to see a ton of income proof right here that is straight out of Brendan's account more here and you're going to see some testimonials. You're going to see all the regular stuff so come and check out this sales page in your own time. I'm going to jump into the software now and show you how this works. So this is the dashboard right here and here you've got access to all the campaigns that you've created in the past. They're going to be saved right here but basically to create a campaign, you simply click on add campaign. You go through and select the template that you want to use so. Let's go ahead and use this one, customize your funnel. So I'm just going to call this demo the url so you could put your affiliate link in there. How many subscribers before a referral can change their affiliate links? So this is something that will be able to get you free traffic because people will need to refer this funnel in order for them to be able to unlock it for themselves. But I'm just going to put two in there, your name so I'm going to put you and your photo url. I don't actually have a photo url. So I'm just going to select one of these photos and then this is an interesting thing you can put push notification scripts in here. So I don't know if you already know what a push notification is.

If you are planning to buy software for creating best funnels for your sales page then you should read this BEAST FUNNELS REVIEW. BEAST FUNNELS REVIEW is software which creates high converting sales funnel landing pages for your affiliate offers. It is crucial to have the best converting landing page with high quality sales funnel. BEAST FUNNELS REVIEW is an alternative to clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is the known platform widely used in digital and affiliate marketing. However, it seems to be costly than other software. You can consider BEAST FUNNELS REVIEW as an alternative of clickfunnels for creating your sales funnel and landing pages. We will discuss all the features of the software BEAST FUNNELS REVIEW and review everything within the dashboard. BEAST FUNNELS REVIEW is a very good alternative to clickfunnels as it is not very costly and it gives all the necessary features which you need. A high converting sales funnels is the backbone for any affiliate offer. Your traffic will not convert if it is not being directed to the right sales funnel. This is where BEAST FUNNELS REVIEW is best when it comes to creating high converting sales funnel. BEAST FUNNELS REVIEW is fully automated software which means you do not need any technical expertise to use this software. Continue reading further about BEAST FUNNELS REVIEW and see if this is what you want to get for designing your landing pages and sales funnels. Now I'm here inside of the members area of beast funnels. During this review I'm going to give you a full demo and a full run through exactly what this is and how it works in a nutshell. This is kind of a light version of click funnels. It's going to allow you to create squeeze pages and they come with templates as well. So you don't need to design anything yourself. It's very easy to use it’s self-hosted by these guys. So you don't need your own website and it will also create thank you pages for you as well. With the idea that you would run traffic to these squeeze pages which automatically integrate with your autoresponder as well. So you'll be able to build up your list and make money at the same time. Now beast funnels obviously has a couple of other competitors including click funnels which is costing me 297 dollars a month. The most basic package that they have I believe is 97 a month and it's very restrictive. Also there is leadpages.net which I also believe is around 27 a month which pretty much does the same thing. So if you are looking to make some good money online, you obviously need to be building up your email list. And in order to build up your email list, you need to be using funnels. So that you can capture people with a squeeze page, send it to us; send them to a thank you page. And make money from the thank you pages right from your from your affiliate offers. 



But in case you don't, let me show you right here because I use push notifications on some of my promotions. In fact the two-minute video that I sent out to you if you're on my email list of me walking my dog just before you that would have had a push notification on there. So it's basically you just bring it over here. Wait for this; there you go this push notification. So if I click on get notified what will happen is whenever you do a promotion in the future. It will pop up on the lower right hand side of your customer’s computer. So they don't even need to be online for this to happen and this really helps you to get some good sales so that will allow you to put a push notification script. There you can also put a manychat script which is actually for a chat bot and I know that Brendan's having some really good success using chat bots to sell. A chat bot is basically a bot that integrates with your customer’s facebook accounts. And it will show you and you'll be able to integrate, you'll be able to communicate with them directly inside of their facebook. So whenever you have a new promotion, you would just be able to send them a message inside of their facebook so you need to have that manychat script inside of there. And then you can go in and connect this with your autoresponder. So I'm using getresponse, I would select here but if you don't have an autoresponder, you can save all of your leads locally which are what I’m going to do here. And then just simply click on save and publish so then where is mine right here. So if I just view this, this is going to be the the squeeze page so people enter their email address in here. They'll click on here to get free access and you can see it's got all of this scarcity on here as well. And click to get free access, it will take them through my affiliate link right here that I plugged in before and it would take them through to that offer that I added in there right. And then it will automatically redirect them to the thank you page where they can get their money maker website completely for free. So they would need to refer people and every single person that they refer, goes through your autoresponder right. So that's pretty good and then they can collect a free gift which will add them onto your manychat chatbot list as well so everything's done for you. You don't need to be technical about this you, don't need to set up everything on your own. It's all just done with a few clicks of a button okay. 


And I also sell those people that are interested onto my coaching program which if you are using this funnel. If you get access to this bonus gives you 650 commissions every time. This sells it's by far the easiest way to make money online right now in 2020 because you're using my ads using my audience. I'm doing the selling through the alter webinar. All you need to do is connect the dots and that's what I'm giving to you inside of this bonus number one here. All you need to do is connect the dots super super easy. Now I'm usually selling this for 197 on my launches. So you're going to get access to this free of charge. But obviously you would need to pick up the front end of beast funnels at least which is going to cost 12.95. So you're basically getting this for a fraction of the price right. It's less than 10 of the price that you would otherwise pay. Bonus number two I'm going to give you access to javascript commission bot. This is a traffic tool that you will load up into your browser as so and it will start following people on instagram which will get you free targeted traffic to go into your beast funnels. That's the idea so if you can't afford to spend money on traffic, you can always use this and get traffic for free. So I know this is going to help you out. Bonus number three I'm going to give you access to insurgency license rights now. The reason why I'm giving you this bonus is because you can sell insurgency in your beast funnels. And you can get a hundred percent commission throughout the whole funnel of insurgency which amounts to around three hundred dollars per customer right. So all you need to do is plug in this insurgency with the license rights into your thank you page of your beast funnels which I'll show you in a second. And instead of you just getting 50 commissions on regular affiliate offers you can use this one and get a hundred percent commissions on every single price point in the funnel and make a ton of money. Well at least double up on the money that you would otherwise make so I know that this is going to help you out as well. Bonus number four I'm going to give you access to 2 of javascript commission bot which is a bunch of case studies showing you how me and my partner made some money with javascript commission bot. So I'm sure you're going to find that helpful. And then finally bonus, excuse me bonus number five, you're going to get all the bonuses that the vendor is offering as well. So to claim all of these bonuses 100 free of charge and instantly delivered to you. Even if you just pick up the front end which is going to cost 12.95 right for all of this value. 

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