This is then Green, so guys you can go for all of this in your own time, once his life and once it's finished. Automation empire that's the name of this new product, he goes through the steps he has testimonials. You know we have a little demo right here and that's essentially obviously going to get some bonuses with then. On the main sales page, you'll get my bonuses on top of it and we have a 30 days money back guarantee. So absolutely no risk on your part. That's it let's check out the inside of the members area okay. So this is how it looks like. As you can see I already created my art of marketing elite site okay so normally when you log in. This is not here and it says you have to add your site to start okay. So this is the general members area. We have the home, we have account settings, we have custom domains, and we have upgrade account. And we will talk about the upgrades in a second. We have all the video tutorials, we have support, and we have the bonuses. So once you're going to click on a home, you will have a screen. Well all you have to add is your title then your affiliate id from clickbank. So in my case it's the same and then you pick a niche and you can just go one by one. Literally does this in a matter of seconds, click ok and you are done. You just created 12 automated click bank size okay. And by the way if you just want one or two, that's fine. You can create just one or two and you can create up to 12 okay. So as you can see I just created one just to show you how this entire works. And you can edit the site name, you can edit the logo. If you have the theme options so again I just kept it all on default. We have site background footer, privacy. You can add your social links so facebook, twitter linkedin, seo options, seo meta description, meta keywords. We have the embed code; you have all the normal stuff when it comes to a website. So guys let me go back here and show you what else is included. First of all let me just tell you that all the tutorials are included. So all the videos on how to create your site, how to run it, how to create the post, how to create the pages, everything else is included right here. And on the bottom left right here as you can see, you will be adding all of the posts reviews, blog content sourcing, content spinning and everything else. So let's click on blog posts and as you can see we can just click right here, create a post, we have title description content. We can do this automatically. Next up we have reviews so the same exact thing with a review. 


Face on vid builder press play image and video commenter social auto parser slick pop. And guys on top of all this, you will get my mega bonus. My mega bonus is a total of 116. Now we solve the day in product of the day awarded products and this means that the total value of this package is 5797. You would have to spend this much money if you'd get all these separately. Some of these obviously are not available for sale any longer. Or like with the custom bonuses, you just can't get them. You can only get them as a part of this bonus package. So guys all of this is yours for free again all you have to do to get all of these bonuses is just use my link. Click on one of these green links from my blog to pick up your copy of Automation Empire. Guys do check out my full written review, I do put a ton of work into these written reviews for you guys. And right now let's sum up this automation empire review. First of all you're getting done for your site creation okay. So with just one click you'll be creating not one site but up to 12 websites all fully automated clickbank affiliate sites. I really like this because normally with software like this you just get one done for you 100% original content. So you're pulling information from the internet, the software is spinning it and it gives you content that you can actually rank in Google down fo  your monetization with reviews of top converting clickbank products. Every day down for your search traffic that's the Google traffic that you're going to be ranking for all of this is 100%.  You'll be friendly no complicated setup and you're getting a money back guarantee so no risk on your partner. What I don't like about Automation Empire first of all it is connected to clickbank only. So you do have to work with clickbank. You can work with jvzoo or warrior plus or any other platform and this looks and feels and acts like a normal website. But it's not so in the long run, I would like you to own your own websites okay. So I own my own website, I probably have like seven or eight websites and the long run as a professional marker this is what you have to do. But with that being said it is a perfect way to start if you are a beginner. If you don't know what you're doing and if you don't want to be dealing with hosting and domains and wordpress and updates and all the technical things okay. So all of that is taking care for you and you just focus on the profits and on traffic.

automation empire review


Just click on create a review; we have a title bonus url buy button url, video url. This is the body. Next up we have blog content sourcing. So this is where Automation Empire will take the content from to create your entire content. Let's just click on new source and as you can see we can add any youtube channel url. And click on create next up, we have content spinning so this is for spinning your content to make sure that your content is original and can actually rank inside Google. Then we have site pages so these are all the pages like contact, about us. It says so we have the title, photo and the content right here. Next up us have advertisements. So actually on your site, you can create different advertisements, have different banners etc. You just click on create advert or opt-in form so you can do an image link advert, javascript advert or opt-in form. And as you can see it can be a page or predefined slot. So this is how you create it. You just add the image and the url and you are done. And then in the end we can view our site or we can go to the site settings again and again. Move things around at your social media or add anything else that you want. So guys again this will actually create 12 up to 12 websites and this can be for different niches so one website can be about making money online. The second one about arts and crafts, the third one about software, the fourth one about photography etc, so top 12 clickbank niches totally up to you which ones you're going to pick. And this way you can start running an empire of affiliate sites so it's not like you have to stick to one niche. You can choose up to 12 so I really like it. This is all automated obviously. In the long run it's great. If you would have your own websites but this is a great way to start because most of it is already automated for you. And you can actually get traffic from Google with all the articles spinning. So this is the inside of the members area. Let me show you all of the up sells and the actual pricing. So guys the main version is 17 everything. I just showed you is included in the main version. Then we have six onetime offers, auto number one is forty seven dollars. But your number two, twenty seven per month, number three, 197.  Number four 67, number five, number six 297. If you want to know what these are as always on my blog I have a full written review with a full breakdown. So number one to Automation Empire is the pro version so you get one a clickbank affiliate id for 12 websites with the main version. With the pro version, you're getting unlimited. 

We are going to talk about latest software launched in October 2020 which is known as AUTOMATION EMPIRE REVIEWS. AUTOMATION EMPIRE REVIEWS is mainly software which helps you generate a maximum of 12 websites hosted on their sub domains. The websites posts are also pre linked with your clickbank affiliate id so that your post gets redirected to clickbank offers. AUTOMATION EMPIRE REVIEWS can generate up to 12 websites within seconds. In other words, anyone can get websites with automatic content generated on daily basis with the help of AUTOMATION EMPIRE REVIEWS. The AUTOMATION EMPIRE REVIEWS lets you integrate your click bank id in the settings for your posts and reviews. AUTOMATION EMPIRE REVIEWS can help any newbie to launch a website related to any niche with full unique content. You can also add your own content or content from other YouTube channels as well within AUTOMATION EMPIRE REVIEWS. The concept of generating unique content by AUTOMATION EMPIRE REVIEWS is technically scraping transcripts from YouTube videos and using them as blog posts on your website. It can be a unique way to generate website and content within minutes using AUTOMATION EMPIRE REVIEWS. But you still need to promote your websites and get traffic in order to get sales. This is a brand new product released by Dan Green and it will automate your empire of affiliate sites. And we are not talking about one website. You're going to get a total of 12 automated affiliate sites and different niches. All you have to do is add your clickbank affiliate id and you can create these sites in seconds. So I’ll show you exactly how we'll do a little demo. I do have a huge almost six thousand dollars bonus to it and as always before I'm going to share my views. The sales page says as you can see automation empire, we make easy clickbank commissions 24 7. No needs to do any boring manual work. Software creates 12 fully automated clickbank affiliate sites and just one click. So guys this might seem exaggerated but it is not okay I just went through the members area. And I created my own websites. It does really take one click okay. So let's continue scrolling preloaded sites with new daily reviews of top converting clickbank products videos, bonuses, everything done for you to profit with no work. And auto transcribes original content to rank your site on Google. So guys this actually explains exactly what this is okay. So you're getting all the reviews of these products and you are getting a content to rank on seo. Be able to rank on Google to actually get traffic to your site. So let's keep on scrolling guys the sales page is not ready. As you can see we have some placeholder’s right here but I just wanted to hit on some key points so as you can see this is the proof from Dan Green. We have 153000 in yearly income as an affiliate so you have a clickbank check right here to confirm it. 




So you can add unlimited clickbank ids and create unlimited number of these affiliate sites. Again you're getting 12 with the main version, unlimited that's the pro version automation empire. Number two does the 27 dollars per month. This is daily profits more ways for you to make money. Automation empire number three 197 done for you so a massive gun for your pack for affiliate marketing advanced training that will be the one for 67 agency license for 197 this allows you to use automation empire and create these sites for other people for your clients. And you can charge those hundreds of dollars if you want to and that your number six to Automation Empire is the white label license which allows you to launch this product as your own. And keep 100 of the profits to yourself so that's 297 a little bit more expensive. But this is for vendors out there okay so guys let me show you the bonus I have in store for you. Because I do have the biggest bonus to automation empire from all the athletes that will be promoting it. So first of all let me just tell you that Automation Empire goes live at 11 a.m eastern on October 22nd. To get my bonus, all you have to do is just pick it up for my link. To pick it up for my link just click on one of these green links if you are on my blog or description. Will take you to my blog so guys first of all, you're going to get a total of free three custom-made bonuses. These are three different ways you can generate traffic for your affiliate size okay. So free separate traffic sources, very very useful for Automation Empire. Next up I'm going to give you a bundle I got from Dan Green himself. These are all w's of the day awarded software's okay. So these are exclusive for my subscribers, only you will get instant guru instant success site wp auto ranker, phone automator, pay member video, profiteer, social traffic machine and wp video ace plug-in. The basic version, the pro version and the reseller. These are all w's of the day awarded software’s and plug-in. From then again this is for my subscribers only. But I'm not done because you're also getting flipping magic pro software. Flip me income booster arbitrage, sugar daddy make 497 over and over again, affiliate rebirth, title wave traffic, urgent arbitrage cash, easy arbitrage profits, blaze 2 traffic avalanche, case study on free traffic, additional plugins, affiliate advantage, plugin giant, plugin with sales page, writing software, squeeze page creator, true tags is pokebox sales bar, shortcut call to action, responsive slider, youtube video gallery, pinterest portfolio. Post grid, post widget courses plugin, client extractor image grab viral suite action simulator, facebook audience builder instant publisher, pen book social tracker traffic cover facebook traffic engine. Facebook photo contest authority traffic masters, facebook live reaction asian press.